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Title: "Identifying Disease of Vegetables"
Origin of Information: University
Publication Date: 1994
Author: A.A. MacNab, A.F. Sherf, J.K. Springer
Notes: Accurate disease identification is the first step in planning an effective and efficient disease-control program. Literally hundreds of specific vegetable diseases exist. Although a vegetable grower will encounter only a few during any one season, he must be able to distinguish significant and potentially serious diseases from those of lesser importance.
How to Find: vegetables*rot*disease*blight*roots*leaf spot*mildew*mosaic*mold*rust*deficiencies*scab*nematodes*edema*bacteria*anthracnose*wilt*smut*smudge*sunscald*viruses*asparagus*beans*beets*carrots*celery*crucifers*cucurbits*eggplant*lettuce*onions*parsnips*peas*peppers*radishes*spinach*sweetcorn*sweetpotato*tomatoes
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