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Title: "Missouri Dept of Ag - Integrated Pest Management Program"
Origin of Information: USDA
Notes: Integrated Pest Management (IPM) employs all available tools - cultural, biological, chemical and regulatory control methods - in keeping pests below the economic injury level. An IPM program will use control methods in a compatible manor which are also economically feasible and environmentally sound. The Missouri Department of Agriculture created the IPM program in 1995 to support IPM strategies and uses the position for educational and demonstration purposes. Current IPM projects include cooperative efforts with the IPM Program at the University of Missouri - Columbia, University of Missouri - Delta Center, Meramec State Park and USDA-ARS, Japanese Beetle Lab, Wooster, Ohio.
How to Find: Missouri Department of Agriculture Plant Industries Division Integrated Pest Management Coordinator P.O. Box 630 Jefferson City, MO 65102 Phone: 573-751-5505 Fax: 573-751-0005
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