Marketing research

Additional Resources Found in the Sustainable Small Farm Information Network

  • Choosing Your Market -- A Direct Marketing Decision Tool [ View ]
  • Merchants', Manufacturers', Itinerant Vendors' and Peddlers' [ View ]
  • Missouri Dept of Ag - Ag Innovation Center [ View ]
  • National Farmers Market Manager Survey [ View ]
  • North American Farmers' Direct Marketing Association [ View ]
  • On-line Business Registration/Tax Number [ View ]
  • Scaling-Up Connections Between Regional Ohio Specialty Crop Producers and Local Markets: Distribution as the Missing Link [ View ]
  • Small Farm Today [ View ]
  • The New Farmers' Market [ View ]
  • Truman State University Pastured Poultry Research [ View ]

    Additional Resources Found in the MAC Resource Collection

  • The  family farm and direct marketing: adapting to an urbanizing environment [ View ]
  • Income distribution comparison of farms with innovative activities: a probabilistic approach [ View ]
  • The natural foods market: a national survey of strategies for growth [ View ]
  • A risk assessment of selected fresh market vegetables [ View ]
  • Successful marketing research: the complete guide to getting and using essential information about your customers and competitors [ View ]

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