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Title: Looking after a donkey
Author: Dorothy Morris
Published: Brighton, Ontario : Diamond Farm book publishers , c1988, 2000

Summary: This book contains information on choosing, accomodating, training, and health care for donkeys

ISBN: 0905483669
Call Number: 72.58 MOR
Subjects: Donkeys , Livestock, disease prevention , Livestock, feeding and nutrition , Livestock, housing and equipment

Title: Training mules and donkeys : a logical approach to longears
Author: Meredith Hodges
Published: c1988, 2000

Summary: This book is intended for both beginners and experts. The bulk of chapters are devoted to detailed training exercises for loading, driving and riding.

ISBN: 0931866588
Call Number: 72.58 HOD
Subjects: Donkeys , Mules


Donkey Breeds (Oklahoma State University)

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