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Title: ACEnet replication manual
Author: Linda Morris
Second Author: Shari Nogrady
Published: Athens, OH : ACEnet , 1999?

Summary: This manual is a blueprint for adapting the Appalachian Center for Economic Networks (ACEnet) cooperative economic development strategies to fight poverty and support local economic empowerment, including how to set up a "community kitchen incubator" to serve as a communication focal point and a shared production facility for microenterprises.

Call Number: 80.11 ACE
Subjects: Activism , Alternative enterprises , Community development , Food processing , Rural development , Small business

Title: Backyard market gardening : the entrepreneur's guide to selling what you grow
Author: Andrew W. Lee
Published: Columbus, NC : Good Earth Publications , c1993

Summary: This book provides information on how to grow and sell vegetables, fruits, flowers, herbs and small livestock from a backyard market garden. Chapters cover sites and soils, tools, marketing strategies, business planning, production techniques and ecofarming.

ISBN: 0962464805
Call Number: 85.2 LEE
Subjects: Fruits, marketing , Market gardening , Marketing , New business management , New businesses planning , Small business , Sustainable agriculture , Truck farms , Vegetables, marketing

Title: Customer loyalty : how to earn it, how to keep it
Author: Jill Griffin
Published: San Francisco, CA : Jossey-Bass , c1995

Summary: Your customers are your most powerful asset- leatn how to get them and how to keep them.

ISBN: 0787908606
Call Number: 84.2 GRI
Subjects: Small business

Title: Customer winback : how to recapture lost customers and keep them loyal
Author: Jill Griffin
Contributors: foreward by Don Peppers and Marth Rogers
Second Author: Michael Lowenstein
Published: San Francisco, CA : Jossey-Bass , c2001

Summary: This book provides you with step-by-step strategies for keeping your customers and winning abck lost customers.

ISBN: 0787946672
Call Number: 84.2 GRI
Subjects: Marketing , Small business

Title: Do-it-yourself direct marketing : secrets for small business
Author: Mark S. Bacon
Published: New York, NY : John Wiley & Sons , c1997 2nd ed.

Summary: Topics include defining direct marketing, use of the Internet, reaching specific target groups, use of all types of media, dealing with the postal service, time and money saving tips, many examples of direct marketing packages, letters, forms, and checklists, and strategies for identifying market niches, tracking responses, and creating a direct mail database.

ISBN: 0471163848
Call Number: 84.75 BAC
Subjects: Marketing , Marketing direct to consumers , Small business

Title: Entrepreneur magazine : successful advertising for small businesses
Author: Conrad Berke
Published: New York, NY : John Wiley & Sons , c1996
Series: Entrepreneur Magazine small-business series

Summary: Topics include how to plan, write, and design retail and small business advertising, the benefits of advertising, planning for an increase in sales and profit, advertising budget planning, how to get ads to produce good results, how to write effectve advertising copy, ad design, typography, ad production, media strategy, and use of direct mail, mail order, postcards, classifieds, billboards and other media.

ISBN: 047114083X
Subjects: Advertising , Management , Small business

Title: Grassroots marketing : getting noticed in a noisy world
Author: Shel Horowitz
Published: White River Junction, VT : Chelsea Green Publishing Co. , 2000

Summary: Intended for use by small businesses, non-profit organizations, and self-employed individuals, this book includes information on creating marketing plans, free publicity, stretching marketing dollars, Internet resources, and evaluating the effectiveness of marketing activities.

ISBN: 1890132683
Call Number: 84 HOR
Subjects: Management , Marketing , Nonprofit organizations management , Small business

Title: Guerilla marketing : secrets for making big profits from your small business
Author: Jay Conrad Levinson
Published: Boston, : Houghton Mifflin , c1993

Summary: Completely revised and updated for the nineties. Chapters include discussions of marketing strategies that are appropriate for small businesses and include developing a marketing plan, developing a marketing program, selecting marketing methods, saving marketing money, obtaining free research, canvassing, personal letters, telephone marketing, circulars and brochures, classifieds, signs, yellow pages, advertising via newspapers and magazines, radio, television, direct mail, outdoor signs, seminars and demonstrations, trade shows, exhibits and fairs, public relations and other marketing tools.

ISBN: 0395644968
Call Number: 84 LEV
Subjects: Advertising , Management , Marketing , Small business

Title: The guerrilla marketing handbook
Author: Jay Conrad Levinson
Second Author: Seth Godin
Published: Boston, MA : Houghton Mifflin , c1994

Summary: The introductory deals with creating a marketing plan. Part I consists of 73 low-cost high impact ways to send your marketing message including traditional advertising, business cards, circulars, newsletters and other "mini-media," inserts, direct mail postcards, customer mailing lists, catalogs, database marketing, promotion techniques, telephone marketing, pricing, word of mouth, logo, choosing a business name and other marketing techniques. Part II is an appendix of resources including sample newspaper ad rates and CPMs, directories for radio, television and cable networks and a bibliography.

ISBN: 0395700132
Call Number: 84 LEV
Subjects: Advertising , Marketing , Small business

Title: Marketing without advertising
Author: Michael Phillips
Second Author: Salli Rasberry
Published: Berkeley, CA : Nolo Press , 1997 2nd ed.

Summary: The authors outline high-impact, low cost marketing strategies to encourage customer word-of-mouth about your business, attract new customers, improve your business' appearance and accessibility, turn dissatisfied customers into loyal supporters, list your products or services widely and inexpensively, plan marketing events that will keep customers involved, help the media comment positively on your business, and use of the World Wide Web for marketing.

ISBN: 0873373693
Call Number: 84 PHI
Subjects: Management , Marketing , Small business

Title: Relationship marketing : new strategies, techniques, and technologies to win the customer you want and keep them forever
Author: Ian H. Gordon
Published: Etobicoke, Ontario : John Wiley & sons , c1998

Summary: Relationship marketing focuses on the ultimate market segment- the individual customer- effectively and efficiently. It enables your company to improve profits , customer by customer, by focusing on the ones who receive, and return, the best value.

ISBN: 0471641731
Call Number: 84.2 GOR
Subjects: Marketing , Small business

Title: The small business financial resource guide
Published: Herndon, VA : Braddock Communications, Inc. , c2000 6th ed.

Summary: The sections of this guide provide an introduction to business planning and financial success, available public and private sources of lending and financial assistance, how to obtain financing, resources for women business owners, and how to implement an e-commerce strategy.

Call Number: 83.2 SMA
Subjects: Electronic commerce , Finance , Small business , Women in business

Title: Small-time operator : how to start your business, keep your books, pay your taxes and stay out of trouble!
Author: Bernard B. Kamoroff
Published: Laytonville, CA : Bell Springs Publishing , 1997 22nd ed.

Summary: This book is a technical manual written in everyday English that provides advice on starting a business. It also serves as a workbook that includes bookkeeping instructions and ledgers designed for small businesses. Major sections cover getting started, bookkeeping, growth, and taxes.

ISBN: 0917510143
Call Number: 83.2 KAM
Subjects: New business management , New businesses planning , Small business

Title: What customers value most : how to achieve business transformation by focusing on processes that touch your customers
Author: Stanley A. Brown
Published: Etobicoke, Ontario : John Wiley & sons , c1995

Summary: satisfied customers; increased revenue; improved profitability

ISBN: 0471641235
Call Number: 84.2 BRO
Subjects: Marketing , Small business


Title: Business management and marketing : organizations & records
Author: Greg K. Yarrow
Contributors: Editors, William N. Grafton, Anthony Ferrise
Second Author: James J. Grippo
Published: Morgantown, WV : West Virgina University Extension Service , 1990?
Series: Natural resources management and income opportunity series

Summary: This publication consists of two papers, "Forms of business organizations with emphasis on landowner cooperatives for natural resources" and "Taxes, records and accounting for small businesses." The first paper outlines several forms of business organizations for landowner cooperatives. R.D. issue no. 763.

Call Number: 83.1 YAR
Subjects: Accounting , Business, rural , Cooperatives and cooperation , Management , Record keeping , Small business

Title: Making the connection : Appalachian Center for Economic Networks (ACEnet)
Author: Mary McVay
Second Author: Madi Hirschland
Published: Washington, D.C. : FIELD, Aspen Institute , 2000
Series: Access to market case study series case study no. 1

Summary: This case study profiles ACEnet, a community development corporation located in rural Ohio, as an example of an organization that helps low-income entrepreneurs gain access to more lucrative or high-value markets.

Call Number: 80.11 MACV
Subjects: Community development , Entrepreneurship , Natural foods, marketing , Rural development , Small business

Title: Personnel decisions in the family farm business
Author: Amy R. Lyman
Published: Berkeley, CA : Agricultural Personnel Management Program, University of California

Summary: The six case studies in this booklet show how family history, tradition and interpersonal issues between family members can influence decision making and business results in family owned and operated farms and agricultural enterprises. The booklet is designed to help families recognize and deal with such influences and problems.

Call Number: 81.85 LYM
Subjects: Family farms , Family life , Farm labor , Farm management and decision making , Small business , Small farms

Title: Selling food products : a business in your home
Author: Jim Huss
Published: Ames, IA : Iowa State University , 1987
Series: North Central Regional publication no. 259

Summary: This brief publication presents an overview of factors to consider in preparing for a home food business, such as expenses, insurance, equipment, licensing, labor, and pricing and preventing food-born illnesses.

Call Number: 86.1 HUS
Subjects: Food processing , Home based businesses , Sales , Small business

Title: Sources of assistance for tourism development : a planning aid for extension personnel and community planners
Author: Glen D. Weaver
Second Author:
Published: Columbia, MO : Dept. of Parks, Recreation and Tourism, University of Missouri-Columbia , 1989

Summary: This publication is an attempt to identify and describe resources for anyone interested in starting, developing or promoting a tourist-related business in Missouri, including lists of state agencies and associations, extension services and small business development centers.

Call Number: 83.6 WEA
Subjects: Outdoor recreation , Small business


Title: 2001 Missouri small business start-up kit
Contributors: Developed and produced in partnership by Outreach & Extension, University of Missouri, Lincoln University, Missouri Department of Economic Development, Missouri Small Business Development Center
Published: St. Louis, MO : College of Business Administration, University of Missouri-St. Louis , 2001 3rd ed.

Call Number: 83.1 TWO
Subjects: New business management , New businesses planning , Small business

Title: 2002- Missouri small business start-up kit
Contributors: University of Missouri outreach and extension
Published: Columbia, MO : University of Missouri , c2002

Summary: provides entrepeneures and small business owners with acces to information, checklists, publications, and links to on-line resources for starting and managing a business in Missouri

Call Number: 83.1 MIS
Subjects: Entrepreneurship , New businesses planning , Small business

Title: 2003-Missouri small business start-up kit
Published: MO : University of Missouri Outreach and Extension , 2003 5th

Call Number: 10.86 MIS
Subjects: Small business

Title: Small business resource guide : what you need to know about taxes and other topics
Published: Washington, D.C. : Internal Revenue Service ; Small Business Administration , 1999

Summary: This CD-ROM includes sections on assessing your business idea, starting the business and implementing the business plan, federal tax information, hiring employees, and expanding the business. There is an index of business forms and publications.

Publishers Number: 3207
Call Number: 83.2 SMA
Subjects: New business management , New businesses planning , Small business

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