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Title: 50 simple things you can do to save the earth
Author: Javnarama
Published: Berkeley, CA : Earthworks Press , c1989 1st ed.

Summary: This book shows what individuals can do personally to help clean up the environment. Examples of tips include stopping junk mail, keeping tires inflated, turning down water heaters, using unbleached coffee filters and so on.

ISBN: 0929634063
Call Number: 20 FIF
Subjects: Environmental protection , Sustainable living

Title: Agriculture fact book 1998
Published: Washington, D.C. : USDA, Office of Communications , 1998

Summary: A quick reference tool for information about U.S. agriculture, rural America, food, nutrition, and programs of the U.S.D.A.

Call Number: 50 AGR
Subjects: Agribusiness , Environmental protection , Farm income , Farm labor , Farm life , Government policy and programs , Land use , Marketing , Marketing law , Nutrition , Rural development

Title: Dan's practical guide to least toxic home pest control
Author: Dan Stein
Published: Eugene, OR : Hulogosi Communications , c1991 1st ed.

Summary: This book is designed to help solve most common household pest problems with a minimum amount of insecticide. It discusses non-toxic pest control methods and materials, the safe use of pesticides, and ways to deal with a variety of pests such as cockroaches, rats and mice, termites, ants, and head lice.

ISBN: 0938493159
Call Number: 20.2 STE
Subjects: Environmental protection , Pest control, household

Title: Future horizons : recent literature in sustainable agriculture
Contributors: Gabriel Hegyes and Charles A. Francis, editors
Published: Lincoln, NE : Center for Sustainable Agricultural Systems, Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of Nebraska-Lincoln , 1997
Series: Extension and education materials for sustainable agriculture Volume 6

Summary: A large number of articles covering sustainable agriculture, ecology, economic and social dimensions of sustainability, historical and cultural insights, farming activities, soil quality, crop pests, and learning about sustainability.

Call Number: 50.9 FUT
Subjects: Agricultural ecology , Environmental protection , Farm management and decision making , Pest control , Soil management , Sustainable agriculture , Sustainable development

Title: Sustainable America : a new consensus for prosperity, opportunity, and a healthy environment for the future
Second Author:
Published: Washington, D.C. : President's Council on Sustainable Development , 1996

Summary: The Council's report to President Clinton, recommending a national action strategy for sustainable development. Parts of the report include a vision statement, a set of national goals, environmental protection, information and education, strengthening communities, stewardship of natural resources, population, and international leadership.

ISBN: 0160485290
Call Number: 80.14 SUS
Subjects: Environmental protection , Sustainable development


Title: Missouri aqauaculture environmental and regulatory guide : a guide to regulatory compliance, sources of information and assistance and answers to environmental questions for aqauaculture businesses in Missouri
Contributors: Missouri department of natural resources
Published: Jefferson City, MO : Missouri department of natural resources

Call Number: 59 MIS
Subjects: Alternative enterprises , Aquaculture , Environmental degradation , Environmental protection

Title: Philosophy and policy of recreational access : free or fee
Author: Laurence R. Jahn
Contributors: Editors, William N. Grafton, Anthony Ferrise
Second Author: J. Scott Feierabend
Published: Morgantown, WV : West Virgina University Extension Service , 1990?
Series: Natural resources management and income opportunity series

Summary: The first paper in this publication advocates that public agencies and private fish and wildlife organizations provide private landowners with more information and guidelines in the development of recreational enterprises. The second paper discusses protection of wetlands on private lands. R.D. issue no. 760.

Call Number: 83.5 JAH
Subjects: Business, rural , Environmental protection , Land development , Land use , Outdoor recreation


Title: Common ground
Contributors: National Audubon Society and Turner Broadcasting System
Published: Washington, D.C. : WETA , c1987
Series: National Audubon Society specials

Call Number: 20 COM
Subjects: Agricultural ecology , Environmental protection , Land use , Organic farming , Reduced chemical inputs , Wildlife

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