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Title: Edible wild plants of the prairie : an ethnobotanical guide
Author: Kelly Kindscher
Published: Lawrence, KS : University Press of Kansas , c1987

Summary: Written for a broad audience, this guide includes detailed information to assist the reader in finding and identifying, harvesting, propagating, and preparing edible prairie plants, explaining how such plants were used by Native American tribes.

ISBN: 0700603255
Call Number: 66.61 KIN
Subjects: Ethnobotany , Native wild plants , Plant identification , Prairie plants , Wild plants, edible

Title: A field guide to edible wild plants : eastern and central North America
Author: Lee Allen Peterson
Published: Boston, : Houghton Mifflin , c1977
Series: Peterson field guide series

Summary: Descriptions and illustrations of more than 370 edible wild plants, plus 37 poisonous look-alikes. Fourteen habitats are described with plants in each habitat listed by season for easy collecting. There are preparation directions for 22 different foods uses.

ISBN: 039531870X
Call Number: 66.61 PET
Subjects: Plant identification , Wild plants, edible

Title: Foxfire 3
Contributors: edited by Eliot Wigginton and his students
Published: New York, NY : Anchor books , c1975

Summary: animal care, banjos and dulcimers, hide tanning, summer and fall wild plant foods, butter churns, and ginseng

ISBN: 0385022727
Call Number: 80.13 FOX
Subjects: Butter , Ginseng , Homesteading , Livestock , Tanning hides , Wild plants , Wild plants, edible

Title: Foxfire 2
Contributors: edited by Eliot Wigginton and his students
Published: New York , NY : Anchor books , c1973

Summary: ghost stories, spring wild plant foods, spinning and weaving, midwifing, burial customs, corn shuckin's, and wagon making

ISBN: 0385022670
Call Number: 80.13 FOX
Subjects: Farm equipment , Handicrafts , Homesteading , Wild plants , Wild plants, edible , Wool

Title: Goosefoot Acres volunteer vegetable sampler : recipes for backyard weeds
Author: Peter A. Gail
Published: Cleveland Heights, OH : Goosefoot Acres Press , c1991
Series: On the trail of the volunteer vegetable series no. 1

Summary: The author makes a case for considering many common weeds, such as plantain, purslane, lambsquarters, dandelions, sorrels, poke and others as nutritious vegetables-- to be foraged and prepared for food. Chapters include profiles and recipes for the various weeds, and the supplemental materials include articles with more profiles and recipes.

Call Number: 66.61 GAI
Subjects: Cooking, recipes , Weeds , Wild plants, edible

Title: Identifying and harvesting edible and medicinal plants in wild (and not so wild) places
Author: Steve Brill
Second Author: Evelyn Dean
Published: New York, : Hearst Books , c1994

Summary: This book shows readers how to find and prepare more than 500 hundred different plants for nutrition and better health. More than thirty recipes are included.

ISBN: 0688114253
Call Number: 66.6 BRI
Subjects: Cooking, recipes , Herbs, medicinal , Plant identification , Wild plants, edible

Title: Proceeding of the North American conference on enterprise development through agroforestry : farming the forest for specialty products
Contributors: edited by Scott J. Josiah
Published: St Paul, MN : Center for Integrated Natural REsources and Agricultural Management , 1999

Summary: proceedings of the North America confrence on Enterprise Development though Agroforestry: farming the agroforest for specialty products, Minneapolis, MN October 4-7, 1998

Call Number: 67.5 PRO
Subjects: Alternative agriculture , Christmas trees , Forest management , Forest products , Ginseng , Handicrafts , Marketing , Mushrooms , Native wild plants , Specialty crops , Tree farming , Value-added , Wild plants , Wild plants, edible , Wildcrafting

Title: Wild edibles of Missouri
Author: Jan Phillips
Contributors: Edited by Bernadette Dryden
Published: Jefferson City, MO : Missouri Dept. of Conservation , c1995 2nd ed.

Summary: A large number of wild plants are presented here, along with information about when they flower, how they look, where they grow (region and terrain), when to collect them and how they may be prepared. There are also cautions about what parts of the plant to avoid as inedible or possibly dangerous.

Call Number: 66.61 PHI
Subjects: Native wild plants , Plant identification , Wild plants, edible

Title: Wild food cookbook
Author: Frances Hamerstrom
Published: Ames, IA : Iowa University Press , 1989 1st ed.

Summary: A popular handbook containing concise directions on how to find, catch, and identify nature's delicacies and how to cook epicurean meals on hikes, in camp, and at home. Includes more than 100 kitchen-tested recipes divided by the seasons.

ISBN: 0813801168
Call Number: 86.18 HAM
Subjects: Cooking, recipes , Wild plants, edible

Title: Wild roots : a forager's guide to the edible and medicinal roots, tubers, corms, and rhizomes of North America
Author: Doug Elliot
Published: Rochester, VT : Healing Arts Press , c1995

Summary: Profiles of roots, tubers, corms, and rhizomes that grow in the fields, forests, and marshlands of North America. Some are edible, others are medicinal or can be used for cosmetics and dyes. The common, regional names of each plant are listed with the scientific name.

ISBN: 0892815388
Call Number: 66 ELL
Subjects: Herbs, medicinal , Plant identification , Roots , Wild plants, edible

Title: Wild seasons : gathering and cooking wild plants of the Great Plains
Author: Kay Young
Published: Lincoln, NB : University of Nebraska Press , c1993

Summary: A field guide that starts with the first plants ready for eating in the Spring and following the sequence of harvest through late fall. Directions are given for identifying, gathering, and preparing some four dozen edible wild plants of the Great Plains. Nearly 250 recipes are included.

ISBN: 0803299044
Call Number: 66.61 YOU
Subjects: Cooking, recipes , Plant identification , Wild plants, edible


Title: Edible wild plants & flowers : with Sherrie Mickel
Published: Barre, MA : Northeast Organic Farming Association , c1996

Publishers Number: 9606
Call Number: 66.61 EDI
Subjects: Flowers, edible , Wild plants, edible , Wildflowers

Title: Wild edibles & medicinals : Kate Gilday
Published: Barre, MA : Northeast Organic Farming Association , c1993

Publishers Number: 9306
Call Number: 66.6 WIL
Subjects: Herbs, medicinal , Native wild plants , Wild plants, edible

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