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Title: Salad bar beef
Author: Joel Salatin
Published: Swoope, VA : Polyface Inc. , c1995

Summary: This book describes a small-scale beef operation in which the cattle move from paddock to paddock grazing on a variety of grasses and forage greens in well managed pastures. They are not fattened on grains. Ideally the beef should be processed and marketed locally. The author believes this model will provide an alternative to large, captial intensive and environmentally unsound feedlot operations and enable small-scale beef producers to make a reasonable living.

ISBN: 096381091X
Call Number: 71.3 SAL
Subjects: Beef , Cattle, beef , Forage crops , Grazing , Hay , Meat products, marketing , Pasture management


Title: Ways to grow : money-making ideas for small farmers : growing forage crops
Published: Fort Valley, GA : Fort Valley State College, Cooperative Extension Program , c1989

Call Number: 63.57 WAY
Subjects: Forage crops , Hay

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