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Title: The complete book of gourd craft : 22 projects, 55 decorative techniques, 300 inspirational designs
Author: Ginger Summit
Second Author: Jim Widess
Published: Asheville, NC : Lark Books , c1996

Summary: Includes information about growing, drying, and cleaning gourds, and describes more than 55 ways to decorate them using stains, paints, carving, wood burning, basketry, decoupage, and other approaches. The projects include a bowl, candle holder, pitcher, and baskets.

ISBN: 1887374558
Call Number: 86.61 SUM
Subjects: Gourds, decorative

Title: Foxfire10
Contributors: edited by George P. Reynolds, Susan Walker and his students, with assistance from Eliot Wigginton
Published: New York, NY : Anchor books , c1993

Summary: railroad lore, boardinghouses, Deppression-era Appalachia, chairmaking, whirligigs, snake canes, and gourd art

ISBN: 0385422768
Call Number: 80.13 FOX
Subjects: Bed and breakfast , Gourds, decorative , Handicrafts , Homesteading

Title: Foxfire 6
Contributors: edited by Eliot Wingginton and his students
Published: New York, NY : Anchor books , c1975

Summary: shoemaking, 100 toys and games, gourd banjos and song bows, woodem locks, and a water powered sawmill

ISBN: 0385152728
Call Number: 80.13 FOX
Subjects: Gourds, decorative , Handicrafts , Homesteading , Renewable energy technology , Sawmill

Title: The Gourd crafts : 20 great projects to dye, paint, carve, bead, and woodburn in a weekend
Author: Ginger Summit
Published: Asheville, NC : Lark Books , c2000
Series: Weekend crafter

Summary: Chapters on the gourd basics cover the definition of a gourd, preparing a gourd for crafting, and surface treatments for decorating the gourd. What follows is a presentation of the projects which include candleholders, bowls, masks, flowerpots, vases and other objects. Beautifully illustrated with an accompanying list of contributing artists.

ISBN: 1579901522
Call Number: 86.61 SUM
Subjects: Gourds, decorative

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