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Title: Candle crafts
Author: Paola Romanelli
Published: New York, NY : Sterling Publishing , 2001

Summary: This book includes information on basic techniques, candle making, molding candles, candle holders, decoarating candles, and design ideas for special occasions.

ISBN: 0806976055
Call Number: 86.6 ROM
Subjects: Handicrafts

Title: Cottage industries
Author: Valerie Porter
Published: Shrewsbury, England : Swan Hill Press , 1992

Summary: The main aim of this book is to suggest how smallholders and gardeners can add value to their produce by creating an end product from it. There is overview coverage of wood products and crafts, basketry and thatch, remedies, cosmetics, decorations and other uses of flowers and herbs, distilled beverages, baked goods, honey, cheese and other processed foods, tanning and leather, rope, spinning, weaving and other uses of plant and animal fibers, and an appendix of dye plants.

ISBN: 1853101656
Call Number: 86 POR
Subjects: Alternative enterprises , Dyes and dyeing , Food processing , Handicrafts

Title: Crafts supply source book : the comprehensive shop-by-mail guide for thousands of craft materials
Author: Margaret A. Boyd
Published: Cincinatti, OH : Betterway Books , c1999 5th ed.

Summary: The listings in this book are divided into three sections: general arts and crafts, needlecrafts, sewing and fiber arts; and resources. Within these sections are more than 50 categories to help locate different kinds of supplies.

ISBN: 1558705066
Call Number: 86.6 BOY
Subjects: Handicrafts

Title: Creative cash : how to profit from your special artistry, creativity, hand skills, and related know-how
Author: Barbara Brabec
Published: Rocklin, CA : Prima Publishing , c1998 6th ed.

Summary: A guide to starting a home-based crafts business. Chapters include coverage of clarifying interests and developing creativity to get started, financial and legal considerations, selling at fairs and shows, home shops and sales, selling through shops, galleries, malls and other outlets, wholesaling, developing and selling original patterns and designs, writing and publishing how-to articles, teaching, and the relationship between crafts and computers.

ISBN: 0761514252
Call Number: 86.6 BRA
Subjects: Handicrafts , Home based businesses

Title: the Encyclopedia of country living : an old fashioned recipe book
Author: Carla Emery
Contributors: illustrated by Cindy Davis and David Berger
Published: Seattle, WA : Sasquatch Books , c1994 fourth printing of ninth edition, 1997

Summary: This book contains much information on country living including, living self-sufficiently, planting gardens, raising animals, and processing home-grown foods.

ISBN: 0912365951
Call Number: 80.13 EME
Subjects: Amaranth , Asparagus , Baking , Bamboo , Beekeeping , Beginning farming , Berries , Blackberries , Blueberries , Brambles , Broccoli , Buckwheat , Butter , Calves , Canning , Cattle, beef , Cattle, dairy , Cheese making , Chickens , Cole crops (broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage) , Cooking, recipes , Corn , Dairy products , Ducks , Eggs , Family life , Farm life , Farm management and decision making , Food processing , Food storage and preservation , Fruits , Fruits, tree , Game birds , Gardening , Geese , Goats , Goats, dairy , Goats, meat , Grains , Grapes , Grasses, warm season , Guinea fowl , Handicrafts , Harvesting , Herbs , Hogs , Homesteading , Honey, bee products , Lamb (meat), mutton , Lambs , Livestock , Meat products , Milk , Millets , Mushrooms , Nut trees , Nuts , Onions , Paw paws , Peaches , Pears , Pest control , Pheasants , Plant propagation , Pork , Postharvest handling of fruits and vegetables , Poultry , Poultry meats , Quail , Rabbits , Raspberries , Seed saving , Seed storing , Seeds , Sheap Shearing , Sheep , Slaughtering methods , Small livestock , Soap making , Soil management , Sorghum , Sustainable agriculture , Tanning hides , Turkeys , Veal production , Vegetable gardening , Vegetables , Vegetables, harvesting and postharvest , Vegetables, storage , Wheat , Wool , Yogurt

Title: Foxfire8
Contributors: edited by Eliot Wigginton, Margie Bennett, and their students
Published: New York, NY : Anchor books , c1968

Summary: Southern folk pottery from pug mills, ash glazes, and groundhog kilns to face jugs, churns, and roosters; mule swapping and chicken fighting

ISBN: 0385177410
Call Number: 80.13 FOX
Subjects: Chickens , Handicrafts , Homesteading , Mules

Title: Foxfire9
Contributors: edited by Eliot Wigginton, Margie Bennett, and their students
Published: New York, NY : Anchor books , c1977

Summary: general stores, the Jud Nelson wagon, a praying rock, a Catawban Indian potter- and haint tales, quilting, home cures, and the log cabin revisited

ISBN: 0385177445
Call Number: 80.13 FOX
Subjects: Handicrafts , Homesteading , Local exchange systems

Title: Foxfire10
Contributors: edited by George P. Reynolds, Susan Walker and his students, with assistance from Eliot Wigginton
Published: New York, NY : Anchor books , c1993

Summary: railroad lore, boardinghouses, Deppression-era Appalachia, chairmaking, whirligigs, snake canes, and gourd art

ISBN: 0385422768
Call Number: 80.13 FOX
Subjects: Bed and breakfast , Gourds, decorative , Handicrafts , Homesteading

Title: Foxfire 6
Contributors: edited by Eliot Wingginton and his students
Published: New York, NY : Anchor books , c1975

Summary: shoemaking, 100 toys and games, gourd banjos and song bows, woodem locks, and a water powered sawmill

ISBN: 0385152728
Call Number: 80.13 FOX
Subjects: Gourds, decorative , Handicrafts , Homesteading , Renewable energy technology , Sawmill

Title: Foxfire 2
Contributors: edited by Eliot Wigginton and his students
Published: New York , NY : Anchor books , c1973

Summary: ghost stories, spring wild plant foods, spinning and weaving, midwifing, burial customs, corn shuckin's, and wagon making

ISBN: 0385022670
Call Number: 80.13 FOX
Subjects: Farm equipment , Handicrafts , Homesteading , Wild plants , Wild plants, edible , Wool

Title: the Foxfire book(1)
Contributors: edited by Eliot Wigginton and his students
Published: Anchor books, New York : NY , c1972

Summary: hog dressing, log cabin building, mountain crafts and food, planting by the signs, snake lore, hunting tales, faith healing, and moonshining

ISBN: 0385073534
Call Number: 80.13 FOX
Subjects: Dwellings , Food processing , Handicrafts , Hogs , Homesteading , Slaughtering methods

Title: How to profit from flower and herb crafts
Author: Ellen Spector Platt
Published: Mechanicsburg, PA : Stackpole Books , c1996 1st ed.

Summary: This book provides necessary guidelines for setting up your own flower and herb crafts business and making a profit. Included are suggestions for finding a niche in the trade, strategies for selling at shows, pointers on setting up your own shop, tactics for effective advertising and promotion, pricing, and advice on developing a professional attitude.

ISBN: 0811724484
Call Number: 86.61 PLA
Subjects: Floristry , Flowers, cut , Flowers, dried , Handicrafts

Title: How to start making money with your crafts
Author: Kathryn Caputo
Published: Cincinnati, OH : Betterway Books , c1999 Revised ed.

Summary: This book takes a step-by-step approach to building your craft ideas into a successful business. Chapters cover the profile of a professional crafter, available craft options to help clarify selecting a craft, deciding what products to make, an overview of business operations and marketing, making a profit, craft shows and other selling options.

ISBN: 155870518X
Call Number: 86.6 CAP
Subjects: Handicrafts , Home based businesses

Title: Making bent willow furniture
Author: Brenda Cameron
Second Author: Brian Cameron
Published: Pownal, VT : Storey Books , c1998

Summary: This book teaches how to create rustic willow furniture. Chapters cover gathering and preparing willows, tools and basic construction techniques, various building projects such as plant stands, chairs, hanging baskets, porch swings, and mirror frames, and finish and care.

ISBN: 158017048X
Call Number: 67.33 CAM
Subjects: Forest products , Handicrafts

Title: Making money with goats
Author: Ellie Winslow
Published: Amarillo, TX : Freefall press , c2002 3rd edition

Summary: While containing some basic information on raising goats, this book focuses on the business side of goat production, namely, making a profit. It contains business plans and helpful suggestions on ways to market goats and goat products. It also conatins plans for grain feeders, hay feeders, milk stand, and a portable tack box/milk stand for shows.

Call Number: 71.6 WIN
Subjects: Dairy products , Goats , Goats, dairy , Goats, meat , Handicrafts , Hiking and backpacking , Home based businesses , Marketing , Milk

Title: Making natural liquid soaps : herbal shower gels, conditioning shampoos, moisturizing hand soaps, luxurious bubble baths, and more...
Author: Catherine Failor
Contributors: edited by Deborah Balmuth and Robin Catalano; indexed by Barbara Hagerty
Published: North Adams, MA : Storey Books , c2000

Summary: This book describes all-natural soap making at home, tailored to specific needs.

ISBN: 1580172431
Call Number: 86.45 FAI
Subjects: Handicrafts , Soap making

Title: Nature crafts with a microwave
Author: Dawn Cusick
Published: New York, NY : Sterling Publishing Co. , c1994

Summary: This book shows how to use a microwave oven as a drying tool for over 80 craft projects involving flowers, seeds, fruits and leaves. Included are wreaths, potpourri, sachets, garlands, swags, bouquets, teas, ornaments, jewelry, wall hangings and natural dyes. There is an appendix of basic craft techniques.

ISBN: 0806906677
Call Number: 86.61 CUS
Subjects: Flowers, dried , Handicrafts , Plants, dried

Title: Proceeding of the North American conference on enterprise development through agroforestry : farming the forest for specialty products
Contributors: edited by Scott J. Josiah
Published: St Paul, MN : Center for Integrated Natural REsources and Agricultural Management , 1999

Summary: proceedings of the North America confrence on Enterprise Development though Agroforestry: farming the agroforest for specialty products, Minneapolis, MN October 4-7, 1998

Call Number: 67.5 PRO
Subjects: Alternative agriculture , Christmas trees , Forest management , Forest products , Ginseng , Handicrafts , Marketing , Mushrooms , Native wild plants , Specialty crops , Tree farming , Value-added , Wild plants , Wild plants, edible , Wildcrafting

Title: Simple rustic furniture : a weekend workshop with Dan Mack
Author: Daniel Mack
Published: Asheville, NC : Lark Books , c1999

Summary: Attractive and functional rustic furniture can be made in a weekend-- without prior woodworking experience. The author explains the materials and tools needed and demonstrates the basic techniques such as drilling and simple mortise and tenon joinery. Projects include ladders, chairs, bookcases, tables, benches and picture frames.

ISBN: 1579900860
Call Number: 67.33 MAC
Subjects: Forest products , Handicrafts

Title: the Soapmaker's companion : a comprehensive guide with recipes, techniques, & know how
Author: Susan Miller Cavitch
Contributors: edited by Deborah Balmuth; indexed by Northwind editorial services
Published: Pownal, VT : Storey Books , c1997

Summary: This books describes in detail the chemistry, making, and marketing of soaps.

ISBN: 0882669656
Call Number: 86.45 CAV
Subjects: Handicrafts , Marketing , Soap making

Title: Spindle spinning : from novice to expert
Author: Connie Delaney
Published: Corinth, KY : Kokovoko Press , 1998 1st ed.

Summary: This book shows how to spin yarn from wool and other fibers. Included are methods for all types of spindles, how to make spindles, wool preparation, basic skills and advanced techniques for plying, winding on, wrist distaffs, skein-making, and improving speed.

ISBN: 0966095200
Call Number: 86.64 DEL
Subjects: Handicrafts , Wool

Title: Super formulas : arts and crafts : how to make more than 360 useful products that contain honey and beeswax
Author: Elaine C. White
Published: Starkville, MS : Valley Hills Press , 1993

Summary: The book includes step-by-step directions for making and using each product, mail order sources listed for all ingredients, and patterns for "honey bear" and "worker bee" stuffed dolls. Other products include bar soap, candles, crayons, fly paper, skin care products, sealing wax, furniture polishes and many more.

ISBN: 0963753975
Call Number: 86.6 WHI
Subjects: Handicrafts


Title: A collaborative value added network for sustainably grown fiber products :
Contributors: The Missouri Textile and Apparel Center, College of Human Environmental Sciences, University of Missouri, Columbia
Second Author:
Published: Columbia, MO : Missouri Textile and Apparel Center

Summary: A paper based on a proposal submitted to the USDA, to create a project that would bring sustainably grown fiber products from the farmer to the consumer in a way that will aid rural economic development by adding value to locally grown fiber products as well as enhance environmental stewardship.

Call Number: 86.64 COL
Subjects: Alternative field crops , Handicrafts , Rural development , Sustainable development , Value-added

Title: Making baskets
Author: Mary Gillooly
Published: Pownal, VT : Storey communications, inc. , c1986
Series: wisdom bulletin A-96

Summary: This book discusses making baskets.

ISBN: 0882663410
Call Number: 86.6 GIL
Subjects: Handicrafts

Title: Making grapevine wreaths
Author: Gayle O'Donnell
Contributors: edited by Heather Clemow
Published: Pownal, VT : Storey communications, inc. , c1996
Series: wisdom bulletin A-150

Summary: This book describes making and designing wreaths from grapevines.

ISBN: 088266445X
Call Number: 86.6 ODO
Subjects: Handicrafts

Title: Producers' experiences : deer hunting, tree farming, operating a hunting lodge, back roads adventures
Contributors: Authors, Ronnie E. Brenneman ... [et. al.] ; editors, William N. Grafton, Anthony Ferrise
Published: Morgantown, WV : West Virgina University Extension Service , 1990?
Series: Natural resources management and income opportunity series

Summary: The papers describe four examples of rural enterprises; fee hunting for deer, a tree farm being managed for firewood, hunting, and wildlife habitat, a hunting lodge, and a tour business that provides tourists with experiences related to traditional culture and crafts in rural West Virginia. R.D. issue no. 769.

Call Number: 83.5 PRO
Subjects: Alternative enterprises , Business, rural , Fee and lease hunting , Forest management , Handicrafts , Outdoor recreation , Wildlife

Title: Weaving country baskets
Author: Maryanne Gillooly
Contributors: edited by Nancy Ringer
Published: Pownal, VT : Storey communications, inc. , c1996
Series: wisdom bulletins A-159

Summary: This book describes weaving country baskets including a list of sources and suppliers.

ISBN: 088266588X
Call Number: 86.6 GIL
Subjects: Handicrafts

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