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Title: the Encyclopedia of country living : an old fashioned recipe book
Author: Carla Emery
Contributors: illustrated by Cindy Davis and David Berger
Published: Seattle, WA : Sasquatch Books , c1994 fourth printing of ninth edition, 1997

Summary: This book contains much information on country living including, living self-sufficiently, planting gardens, raising animals, and processing home-grown foods.

ISBN: 0912365951
Call Number: 80.13 EME
Subjects: Amaranth , Asparagus , Baking , Bamboo , Beekeeping , Beginning farming , Berries , Blackberries , Blueberries , Brambles , Broccoli , Buckwheat , Butter , Calves , Canning , Cattle, beef , Cattle, dairy , Cheese making , Chickens , Cole crops (broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage) , Cooking, recipes , Corn , Dairy products , Ducks , Eggs , Family life , Farm life , Farm management and decision making , Food processing , Food storage and preservation , Fruits , Fruits, tree , Game birds , Gardening , Geese , Goats , Goats, dairy , Goats, meat , Grains , Grapes , Grasses, warm season , Guinea fowl , Handicrafts , Harvesting , Herbs , Hogs , Homesteading , Honey, bee products , Lamb (meat), mutton , Lambs , Livestock , Meat products , Milk , Millets , Mushrooms , Nut trees , Nuts , Onions , Paw paws , Peaches , Pears , Pest control , Pheasants , Plant propagation , Pork , Postharvest handling of fruits and vegetables , Poultry , Poultry meats , Quail , Rabbits , Raspberries , Seed saving , Seed storing , Seeds , Sheap Shearing , Sheep , Slaughtering methods , Small livestock , Soap making , Soil management , Sorghum , Sustainable agriculture , Tanning hides , Turkeys , Veal production , Vegetable gardening , Vegetables , Vegetables, harvesting and postharvest , Vegetables, storage , Wheat , Wool , Yogurt

Title: Fruit, berry and nut inventory : an inventory of nursery catalogs listing all fruit, berry and nut varieties available by mail order in the United States
Contributors: Edited by Kent Whealy
Published: Decorah, IA : Seed Savers Exchange , c2001 3rd ed.

Summary: A "catalog of catalogs" providing descriptions of 6,471 varieties of fruits, berries, nuts and tropical edibles available from 277 U.S. mail-order nurseries.

ISBN: 1882424565
Call Number: 64 FRU
Subjects: Berries , Fruits , Nuts

Title: Greenbook
Contributors: Edited by Wayne Monsen (1996). Edited by Prescott Bergh (1997-1999). Compiled by the Energy and Sustainable Agriculture Program staff (1997-2000).
Published: St. Paul, MN : Energy and Sustainable Agriculture Program, Minnesota Dept. of Agriculture , 1996-

Summary: The annual report of the Energy and Sustainable Agriculture Program (ESAP), the Greenbook provides information about ESAP programs, and ESAP funded on-farm demonstration activities and findings as well as introductory essays on a variety of topics related to sustainable agriculture. The submissions are grouped into general categories-- alternative crops, cropping systems and soil fertility, fruits and vegetables, livestock systems and whole farm systems. Earlier ESAP activities focused on the environmental and economic aspects of farming. More recently, ESAP activities explore the impacts of farming both on and off the farm, in watersheds, and in local and international markets, and how sustainable agriculture affects communities and ecosystems. Greenbook '96 : leading the way : sustainable agriculture in Minnesota, Greenbook '97 : tools for success, Greenbook '98 : a diversity of tools, Greenbook '99 : a decade of tools, Greenbook 2000 : marketing sustainable agriculture.

Call Number: 50.9 GRE
Subjects: Alternative enterprises , Crop production , Farm profiles, demonstration farms , Fertility , Fruits , Livestock , On-farm research , Sustainable agriculture , Vegetables

Title: Greenhouse gardener's companion : growing food and flowers in your greenhouse or sunspace
Author: Shane Smith
Published: Golden, CO : Fulcrum Publishing , c2000 Revised and expanded ed.

Summary: This edition features preparation in advance of buying or building a greenhouse, details of greenhouse construction, including heating options, interior design, and adding solar heat, pest control, glazing, venting, misting and watering devices, and profiles on more than 300 plants, including a section on orchids.

ISBN: 1555914500
Call Number: 61.05 SMI
Subjects: Fruits , Greenhouse gardening , Greenhouses, construction , Greenhouses, diseases and insects , Greenhouses, home/hobby , Greenhouses, management , Greenhouses, production , Herbs , Ornamental plants , Vegetables, greenhouse

Title: Research for small farms : proceedings of the special symposium
Contributors: Howard W. Kerr, Jr. and Lloyd Knutson, editors
Published: Washington, D.C. : Agricultural Research Service, U.S.D.A. , 1982
Series: Miscellaneous publication no. 1422

Summary: The symposium was held November 15-18, 1981, at the Beltsville (MD) Agricultural Research Center. The papers presented results of research on small farm agriculture and identified additional research needs. Sections included an overview of small farms, horticulture, livestock and forage, and socioeconomic, marketing, and family considerations.

Call Number: 57 RES
Subjects: Agricultural research , Alternative agriculture , Berries , Fruits , Livestock , Small farms , Vegetables

Title: Uncommon fruits worthy of attention : a gardener's guide
Author: Lee Reich
Contributors: Illustrations by Vicki Herzfeld Arlein
Published: Reading, MA : Addison-Wesley , 1992, c1991

Summary: A guide to the history, cultivation and propagation of medlars, pawpaws and other less common fruits that grow in temperate climates.

ISBN: 0201608200
Call Number: 64 REI
Subjects: Fruits


Title: Cold storage : for fruits and vegetables
Published: Pownal, VT : Storey communications , c1978
Series: Storey Publishing Bulletin A-87

Summary: This booklet discusses building and using a root cellar.

Call Number: 32.43 COL
Subjects: Cold storage, refrigeration , Food storage and preservation , Fruits , Postharvest handling of fruits and vegetables , Root cellars , Vegetables

Title: Growing blackberries in Missouri
Author: Guy K. Ames
Published: Mountain Grove, MO : Southwest Missouri State University , 1992
Series: bulletin 39

Summary: Blackberries are an important part of Missouri's commercial fruit crop, although iti s currently a small scale industry. This book discusses growing blackberries in Missouri.

Call Number: 64.711 AME
Subjects: Blackberries , Fruits , Fruits, small

Title: Growing blueberries in Missouri
Author: Ben Fuqua
Second Author: Marilyn Odneal
Published: Mountain Grove, MO : Southwest Missouri State University , 1987
Series: bulletin 42

Summary: Highbush blueberries are a valuable Missouri crop. Though cultural requirements for blueberries are very different from those of other fruits, blueberries can be grown in most pars of Missouri. This booklet discusses growing blueberries in Missouri.

Call Number: 64.712 FUQ
Subjects: Blueberries , Fruits , Fruits, small

Title: Growing fall bearing red raspberries as a small scale commercial enterprise
Author: Lawrence S. Lockshin
Published: Mountain Grove, MO : Southwest Missouri State University , 1983 2nd
Series: circular 40

Summary: this booklet provide infomation on how to grow fall bearing red raspberries

Call Number: 64.71 LOC
Subjects: Brambles , Fruits , Fruits, small , Raspberries

Title: Growing fruit for home use
Contributors: Patrick L. Byers ... [et. al.]
Published: Mountain Grove, MO : State Fruit Experiment Station, Southwest Missouri University , April, 1993

Summary: An overview of growing fruit for home use in Missouri with sections on apples, pears, stone fruits, strawberries, grapes, raspberries and blackberries, blueberries, insect pests, sources of fruit plants and horticultural supplies and a calendar of events in home fruit planting.

Call Number: 64 GRO
Subjects: Fruit culture , Fruits , Fruits, small , Fruits, tree

Title: Video resource & viewing guide
Contributors: Produced by Rooy Media
Published: Emmaus , PA : Rodale Institute
Series: Farmer-to farmer : strategies for sustainable agriculture

Summary: This booklet is intended for individual or group use (and follow-up discussion) with any of the six videos of the Farmer-to-farmer series, titled Field crops, Rotational grazing, Vegetables, IPM for vegetables and small fruits, IPM for apples, and High-value marketing. The booklet contains sets of questions related to each video topic and resources that can help find answers to any additional questions of viewers or group participants.

Call Number: 50.9 VID
Subjects: Alternative field crops , Apples , Fruits , Fruits, small , Grazing , Integrated pest management , Marketing , Pasture management , Sustainable agriculture , Vegetables


Title: Alternative cropsPart II
Published: Stillmore, OK : Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service, Oklahoma State University

Publishers Number: TC 47
Call Number: 60.8 ALT
Subjects: Fruits , Marketing , Risk assessment , Vegetables

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