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Title: The family poultry flock
Contributors: Edited by Lee Schwanz; cover design, Al Jacobs ; book design, Robin Berens
Published: , : Farmers Digest , 1987, copyright 1979

Summary: Information on chicken breed selection, starting a flock, brooding, rearing pullets, egg and meat production, butchering, housing and health care. The last chapter discusses other types of poultry such as ducks and guineas.

ISBN: 0944079083
Call Number: 74.1 FAM
Subjects: Chickens , Chickens, brooding , Chickens, diseases , Chickens, egg production , Chickens, home processing , Chickens, housing , Chickens, incubating , Chickens, meat , Poultry

Title: Free-range poultry
Author: Katie Thear
Published: Ipswitch, U.K. : Farming Press , 1997 2nd ed.

Summary: This book discusses both small and large-scale free-range management, tracing chicken history, breeds, egg production, table birds, show standards, animal welfare considerations, housing, feeding, breeding and rearing, diseases and other problems.

ISBN: 0852363680
Call Number: 74.1 THE
Subjects: Chickens , Chickens, breeds , Chickens, diseases , Chickens, egg production , Chickens, feeding and nutrition , Chickens, free-range, pastured, organic , Chickens, housing , Eggs , Poultry, pastured

Title: Poultry house construction
Author: Michael Roberts
Contributors: Edited by Sara Roadnight
Published: Kennerleigh, England : The Domestic Fowl Research , c1997
Series: Gold cockerel series

Summary: An illustrated treatment of various kinds of poultry housing from nest boxes and feeders to runs and hen houses, including basic considerations and required tools.

ISBN: 0947870210
Call Number: 74.03 ROB
Subjects: Chickens , Chickens, housing , Poultry , Poultry, housing

Title: Practical poultry keeping
Contributors: Compiled by the advisory staff of Poultry World
Published: London, U.K. : Poultry World, Ltd. , [1946] 3rd ed.

Summary: Chapters include coverage of housing and equipment, feeding, breeding, incubation, chick rearing, sexing chicks, ailments and parasites, and additional chapters for ducks, geese and turkeys.

Call Number: 74 PRA
Subjects: Chickens , Chickens, diseases , Chickens, feeding and nutrition , Chickens, housing , Chickens, incubating , Ducks , Geese , Poultry , Turkeys

Title: Prairie farmer's poultry book
Author: William Osburn
Published: Chicago, IL : Prairie Farmer Publishing Company , 1922 1st ed.

Summary: "How to make the farm flock pay. Full information about feeding, management, disease, housing, marketing and other information that will help any farmer to increase his poultry profits."--Subtitle.

Call Number: 74.1 OSB
Subjects: Chickens , Chickens, breeds , Chickens, brooding , Chickens, diseases , Chickens, feeding and nutrition , Chickens, housing , Chickens, incubating , Chickens, parasites , Poultry , Poultry, housing

Title: Raising poultry the modern way
Author: Leonard S. Mercia
Published: Pownal, VT : Storey Communications , c1990 Revised ed.

Summary: Chapters include coverage of bird, selection, housing and equipment, starting a laying flock, brooding and rearing, production of fertile eggs, production of meat birds, turkeys, geese and ducks, flock health, and home processing of eggs and poultry meat.

ISBN: 0882665774
Call Number: 75 MER
Subjects: Chickens , Chickens, brooding , Chickens, diseases , Chickens, egg production , Chickens, housing , Chickens, meat , Ducks , Eggs , Geese , Poultry , Poultry meats , Poultry, housing , Poultry, rearing , Turkeys


Title: Human-amimal relationship : stockmanship and housing in organic livestock systems
Contributors: edited by Malla Hovi and Michel Bouihol
Published: University of Reading , 2001

Summary: proceedings of the thrird Network for Animal Health and Welfare in Organic Agriculture Workshop, Clermont-Ferrand, 21-24 October 2000

ISBN: 0 7049 1094 2
Call Number: 70 HUM
Subjects: Aquaculture , Cattle , Cattle, dairy , Chickens , Chickens, housing , Game birds , Goats , Goats, dairy , Livestock , Livestock, alternative medicine , Livestock, herbal medicine , Livestock, homoepathic veterinary medicine , Livestock, housing and equipment , Organic dairy farming , Organic farming , Organic poultry production , Ostrich , Pigeons and squabs , Rabbits


Title: Poultry houses and appliances : a do it yourself guide
Contributors: Editors: Dr. J. Batty, Mrs. M. Batty
Published: Liss, Hampshire, UK : the Spur Publications company , c1976 previously published by Cassell & Co. Ltd c 1976; this edition by the Spur Publications company , July 1976, reprinted November 1976

Summary: A "do-it-yourself" book on the requirements of building housing, feeders, drinkers, brooders, and rearers. Linedrawings, including dimensions and materials needed, are included.

ISBN: 0904558169
Call Number: 74 BAT
Subjects: Chickens, housing , Poultry, housing


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