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Title: The apple grower : a guide for the organic orchardist
Author: Michael Phillips
Published: White River Junction, VT : Chelsea Green Publishing Co. , 1998

Summary: Chapters discuss the outlook for organic apple growing, the orchard site and its climate, soil care, composting and mulching, varieties and the planting, orchard care, apple pests and diseases, spray options, harvesting, marketing and the home orchard.

ISBN: 1890132047
Call Number: 64.2
Subjects: Apples , Apples, organic

Title: Integrated pest management for apples & pears
Author: Barbara L.P. Ohlendorf
Published: Oakland, CA : University of California Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources , 1999 2nd ed.

Summary: There are chapters on growth and development of apples and pears, pest management for vertebrates, insects and mites, diseases of apples and pears, types of nematodes and weeds.

ISBN: 1879906422
Call Number: 64.2 OHL
Subjects: Apples , Integrated pest management

Title: Organic apple production manual
Contributors: Sean L. Swezey... [et. al.]
Published: Oakland, CA : University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources , c2000

Summary: Intended for use by current and potential producers of certified organic apples, this manual includes a review of the organic apple industry, including trends in production and markets, supply and price, and regulation and certification, orchard management, disease and pest management and harvest and postharvest operations.

ISBN: 1879906481
Call Number: 64.2 ORG
Subjects: Apples , Fruit culture , Orchards


Title: Video resource & viewing guide
Contributors: Produced by Rooy Media
Published: Emmaus , PA : Rodale Institute
Series: Farmer-to farmer : strategies for sustainable agriculture

Summary: This booklet is intended for individual or group use (and follow-up discussion) with any of the six videos of the Farmer-to-farmer series, titled Field crops, Rotational grazing, Vegetables, IPM for vegetables and small fruits, IPM for apples, and High-value marketing. The booklet contains sets of questions related to each video topic and resources that can help find answers to any additional questions of viewers or group participants.

Call Number: 50.9 VID
Subjects: Alternative field crops , Apples , Fruits , Fruits, small , Grazing , Integrated pest management , Marketing , Pasture management , Sustainable agriculture , Vegetables


Title: Gowing fruit for home use
Author: M.B. Odneal
Second Author: M.L. Kaps
Published: Southwest Missouri State University, Mountain Grove : MO , 1986

Publishers Number: MS-18
Call Number: 64 ODN
Subjects: Apples , Berries , Blackberries , Blueberries , Gooseberry , Grapes , Peaches , Pears , Raspberries , Strawberries

Title: IPM for apples
Contributors: Produced by Rooy Media ; presented by Rodale Institute
Published: Frederick , MD : Rooy Media , c1991
Series: Farmer to farmer, strategies for sustainable agriculture

Summary: Aspects of integrated pest management include appropriate management of pesticides with emphasis on reduction in use of pesticides, pesticide alternatives that involve knowledge of insect behavior and life cycles, biological controls and cultural means, including disease resistant varieties. Pros and cons of IPM choices are discussed. Further progress in IPM depends on support from both growers and the public

Call Number: 64.2073 I
Subjects: Apples , Integrated pest management , Sustainable agriculture

Title: Organic & low-spray apples : with Helen Atthowe
Published: Barre, MA : Northeast Organic Association , c1990

Publishers Number: 9009
Call Number: 64.2 ORG
Subjects: Apples , Apples, organic , Reduced chemical inputs , Spraying and dusting

Title: The organic backyard orchard : With Bill MacKentley
Published: Barre, MA : Northeast Organic Farming Association , c1992

Summary: This video workshop primarily deals with apple trees. Topics include the size of lot, appropriate sites for planting, number and variety of trees and disease prevention.

Publishers Number: 9202
Call Number: VIDEO 64.1 ORG
Subjects: Apples , Fruit culture , Fruits, tree , Orchards , Organic farming


2004 Commercial Tree Fruit Spray Guide (Southwest Missouri State University )
The Vertical Axis System: A Training Method for Growing Apple Trees (University of Missouri)
Training and Pruning Deciduous Fruit Trees (Southwest Missouri State University )
Growing Fruit for Home Use (Missouri State University)
Growing Apples in Wisconsin (University of Wisconsin)
Fruit Cultivars Released by the State Fruit Experiment Station (Southwest Missouri State University )
Disease-Resistant Apple Cultivars (University of Missouri)
Cost of Production of Fresh Market Apples (Rutgers University)
Commercial Postharvest Handling of Fresh Market Apples (University of Minnesota)
Commercial Apple Insect and Disease Control (Oklahoma State University)
Apples Community Information (Extension )
Apples (Penn State University)
Apple Production: National Market Perspective (Ohio State University)

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