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Title: Angora : Wool ranching and Goals in rabbit raising
Author: William E Otto
Second Author: Hedley B. Buden
Published: Alexandria Bay, NY : Diamond Farm book publishers , c1999

Summary: This publication combines two books: "Wool Ranching," first published in 1937, and "Goals in Rabbit Raising," first published in 1972.

ISBN: 0968506410
Call Number: 73 OTT
Subjects: Rabbits , Rabbits, housing and equipment , Wool


Title: Build rabbit housing
Author: Bob Bennett
Published: Pownal , VT : Storey Communications , 1988,1983
Series: Storey/Garden Way Publishing bulletin A-82

Summary: This bulletin explains what is needed to build and outfit a small noncommercial rabbitry and how to do it. Topics include tools, hutch construction, self-feeders, hay racks, nest boxes, watering devices and carrying cages.

ISBN: 0882662961
Call Number: 73 BEN
Subjects: Rabbits , Rabbits, housing and equipment

Title: Commercial rabbit producers conference
Contributors: presented by Missouri cooperative extension, Lincoln university, and university of Missouri
Published: 1988,1983

Summary: proceeding from the 2nd Missouri commerical rabbit producers conference that took place June 1-2, 1984.

Call Number: 73 COM
Subjects: Animal diseases , Animal health , Rabbits , Rabbits, housing and equipment

Title: National commercial rabbit conference
Published: 1988,1983

Summary: National Commercial Rabbit Conference proceeding manual from October 19-20, 2001.

Call Number: 73 NAT
Subjects: Rabbits , Rabbits, housing and equipment

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