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Title: Keeping livestock healthy : a veterinary guide to horses, cattle, pigs, goats & sheep
Author: N. Bruce Haynes, D.V.M.
Published: Pownal, VT : Storey Communications , c1994 3rd ed.

Summary: The author writes in the preface that "the reader will find that this is not a book on how to treat sick animals. Instead it attempts to explain the nature of the disease process and outlines methods of preventing illnesses of the major farm animal species." Topics include summaries of microbial and metabolic diseases, parasitism, vaccines, artificial insemination, ultrasonography, disease testing and drug treatments.

ISBN: 0882668446
Call Number: 70.8 HAY
Subjects: Animal diseases , Animal health , Cattle , Goats , Hogs , Horses , Livestock , Livestock, disease prevention , Livestock, diseases , Sheep

Title: Looking after a donkey
Author: Dorothy Morris
Published: Brighton, Ontario : Diamond Farm book publishers , c1988, 2000

Summary: This book contains information on choosing, accomodating, training, and health care for donkeys

ISBN: 0905483669
Call Number: 72.58 MOR
Subjects: Donkeys , Livestock, disease prevention , Livestock, feeding and nutrition , Livestock, housing and equipment

Title: Proceedings of AERO's livestock health and nutrition alternatives : a Western states conference, December 6-8, 1990, Bozeman, Montana
Contributors: Edited by Sally K. Hilander
Published: Helena, MT : Alternative Energy Resources Organization , c1991

Summary: These proceedings are edited versions of the speakers' presentations. Included are articles on a holistic approach to domestic animal production and health maintenance, sustainability in livestock production systems, digestive physiology of ruminant animals, meeting nutritional requirements with alternative crops and feeds, factors influencing immunity, disease prevention and disease and parasite treatment.

Call Number: 70.8 PRO
Subjects: Animal diseases, alternative treatment , Livestock, alternative medicine , Livestock, disease prevention , Livestock, diseases , Livestock, feeding and nutrition

Title: The stockman's handbook :
Author: M.E. Ensminger
Second Author:
Published: Danville, IL : Interstate Publishers, Inc. , c1992 7th ed.
Series: Animal agriculture series

Summary: Written from the perspective of conventional agriculture, this large book gathers together comprehensive information on livestock production including animal behavior, business aspects, breeding, feeding, pasture and forage, hay, silage, management, buildings and equipment, health-related topics, selecting and judging, fitting and showing, marketing, meat and milk, wool and mohair, legal topics, breeds and breed registry associations.

ISBN: 0813428955
Call Number: 70 ENS
Subjects: Animal health , Livestock , Livestock, disease prevention , Livestock, diseases , Livestock, feeding and nutrition , Livestock, housing and equipment , Meat products , Milk , Wool

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