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Title: Farm machinery : practical hints for handy-men
Author: J. Brownlee Davidson
Second Author: Leon Wilson Chase
Published: New York, NY : Lyons Press , 1999 1st Lyons Press ed.

Summary: This classic guide presents the principals of mechanics and instructions on how to build and repair all types of farm machinery. Chapters cover mechanical principles, ways to transmit power, materials and strength of materials, machinery for tillage, seeding, harvesting, haying, manuring, threshing, corn processing, feed mills, wagons, buggies, and sleds, and pumping devices.

ISBN: 155821951X
Call Number: 33 DAV
Subjects: Farm equipment , Homesteading , Machinery , Mechanics , Self-sufficiency

Title: Successful small-scale farming : an organic approach
Author: Karl Schwenke
Published: Pownal, VT : Storey Communications , c1991 2nd ed.

Summary: This book is intended to serve as a practical resource for beginning cash-crop growers and emphasizes the care of soil and the growing of plants. There is a concise overview of farmstead skills. Chapters cover soils, plants, farm machinery, farm practices, cash crops, other cash & specialty crops, and the whole farm.

ISBN: 0882666428
Call Number: 57 SCH
Subjects: Crop production , Machinery , Organic farming , Small farms , Soils , Specialty crops


Title: Farm machinery days for small and part-time farmers : proceedings from Farm Machinery Days for Small and Part-time Farmers April 6, 1990, Dauphin Pennsylvania
Published: Ithaca, NY : Natural Resource, Agriculture, and Engineering Service, Cooperative Extension , c1990
Series: NRAES 45

Summary: Presentations in these proceedings address whether a producer can afford to purchase and operate used equipment, factors in renting, leasing or buying farm machinery, spotting cover-ups when buying used equipment, help resources, preventive maintenance, matching tractors and implements, specialty equipment options and availability, reducing injuries from older equipment, warranty and service, and preparedness for auctions and sales.

Call Number: 33 FAR
Subjects: Farm equipment , Machinery , Used farm equipment


Title: First steps : moving toward sustainability : machinery management
Published: Ames, IA : Iowa State University Extension

Call Number: 33 FIR
Subjects: Farm equipment , Machinery

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