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Title: Country home & small farm handbook : planning a country place
Author: Hollis Lee
Published: New York, NY : Van Nordsrand Reinhold company, inc. , c1978

Summary: This book describes starting a small farm beginning with choosing the land, evaluating existing structures, and making improvements.

ISBN: 0442258070
Call Number: 80.13 LEE
Subjects: Building materials , Farm buildings , Farm equipment , Farmhouses , Fences , Small farms

Title: Farm appliances and how to make them
Author: George A. Martin
Published: New York, NY : Lyons Press , 1999 1st Lyons Press ed.

Summary: Published over a century ago, this guide contains approaches for building racks, mangers, stanchions, and troughs, vehicles, rollers, harrows, and markers, small tools and appliances, appliances for the barn, pasture and dairy, wells, pumps, cisterns, and filters, appliances for handling hay and corn fodder, stump-pullers, derricks and slings, appliances for hog slaughter and curing, and orchard and garden.

ISBN: 1558218882
Call Number: 30 MAR
Subjects: Farm equipment , Homesteading , Self-sufficiency

Title: Farm conveniences and how to make them : practical hand-book for the farm
Published: New York, NY : Lyons Press , c1998

Summary: First published over a century ago, and illustrated with engravings, this handbook provides an vast array of tips and suggestions for construction and use of homemade farming and homesteading devices. It is as much a record of farmers' technical know-how as it is a practical guide.

ISBN: 1558217274
Call Number: 30 FAR
Subjects: Farm equipment , Homesteading , Self-sufficiency

Title: Farm machinery : practical hints for handy-men
Author: J. Brownlee Davidson
Second Author: Leon Wilson Chase
Published: New York, NY : Lyons Press , 1999 1st Lyons Press ed.

Summary: This classic guide presents the principals of mechanics and instructions on how to build and repair all types of farm machinery. Chapters cover mechanical principles, ways to transmit power, materials and strength of materials, machinery for tillage, seeding, harvesting, haying, manuring, threshing, corn processing, feed mills, wagons, buggies, and sleds, and pumping devices.

ISBN: 155821951X
Call Number: 33 DAV
Subjects: Farm equipment , Homesteading , Machinery , Mechanics , Self-sufficiency

Title: Foxfire 2
Contributors: edited by Eliot Wigginton and his students
Published: New York , NY : Anchor books , c1973

Summary: ghost stories, spring wild plant foods, spinning and weaving, midwifing, burial customs, corn shuckin's, and wagon making

ISBN: 0385022670
Call Number: 80.13 FOX
Subjects: Farm equipment , Handicrafts , Homesteading , Wild plants , Wild plants, edible , Wool

Title: Handy farm devices and how to make them
Author: Rolfe Cobleigh
Published: New York, NY : Lyons Press , c1996

Summary: Detailed instructions for building small farm and homestead equipment of many different kinds. Chapters cover workshop and tools, the steel square, household devices, barn and stock devices, devices for bees, poultry, garden and orchard, field and woodlot, and gates and doors.

ISBN: 1558214321
Call Number: 30 COB
Subjects: Farm buildings , Farm equipment , Homesteading , Self-sufficiency

Title: The small holders D.I.Y. : 32 projects in wood for the smallholder
Author: Michael Roberts
Contributors: Edited by Sara Roadnight
Published: Crediton, Devon, England : Domestic Fowl Research , c1999
Series: Golden cockerel series

Summary: With the support of photos and illustrations, this book shows how to make various kinds of agricultural equipment from wood. Examples include hay racks, troughs, brooders, a folding saw bench, a milking bench, and different kinds of gates.

ISBN: 0947870172
Call Number: 31.2 ROB
Subjects: Carpentry , Farm equipment

Title: Steel in the field : a farmer's guide to weed management tools
Contributors: Edited by Greg Bowman
Published: Beltsville, MD : Sustainable Agriculture Network, National Agriculture Library , c1997
Series: Sustainable Agriculture Network handbook series Book 2

Summary: The 37 cultivation tools that are featured are grouped in three sections-- agronomic row crops, horticultural, and dryland cropping systems. In each section different farmers explain the use of the tools, offering their experience and profiling their farms. Drawings accompany the discussion of each tool. All of these farmers are attempting more sustainable farming methods.

ISBN: 188862602x
Call Number: 33.3 STE
Subjects: Farm equipment , Weed management


Title: Farm machinery days for small and part-time farmers : proceedings from Farm Machinery Days for Small and Part-time Farmers April 6, 1990, Dauphin Pennsylvania
Published: Ithaca, NY : Natural Resource, Agriculture, and Engineering Service, Cooperative Extension , c1990
Series: NRAES 45

Summary: Presentations in these proceedings address whether a producer can afford to purchase and operate used equipment, factors in renting, leasing or buying farm machinery, spotting cover-ups when buying used equipment, help resources, preventive maintenance, matching tractors and implements, specialty equipment options and availability, reducing injuries from older equipment, warranty and service, and preparedness for auctions and sales.

Call Number: 33 FAR
Subjects: Farm equipment , Machinery , Used farm equipment


Title: First steps : moving toward sustainability : machinery management
Published: Ames, IA : Iowa State University Extension

Call Number: 33 FIR
Subjects: Farm equipment , Machinery

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