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Title: Caring for cows
Author: Valerie Porter
Contributors: With illustrations by Sally Seymour
Published: London, U.K. : Whittet

Summary: A guide to cowkeeping that places primary emphasis on the welfare of the cow. Information is included on all aspects of care: feeding, housing, breeding, health, milking and a compassionate treatment of slaughter.

ISBN: 0905483944
Call Number: 71 POR
Subjects: Cattle

Title: Cure your own cattle
Author: Newman Turner
Published: San Diego, CA : Rateavers , c1995 2nd ed.

Summary: Describes simple herbal remedies which have been effective in the treatment of the common diseases of cattle.

ISBN: 0915966050
Call Number: 71.087
Subjects: Cattle , Cattle, disease treatment

Title: The family cow
Author: Dirk van Loon
Published: Pownal, VT : Storey Communications , c1976

Summary: This is a basic book for the family that decides to keep a cow. Chapters include the history and behavior of the cow, nutritional needs, buying a cow-- sources, breeds and factors to consider, handling techniques, housing and fencing, feeds and feeding for cow and calf, milking and uses of milk, health and diseases, breeding and calving, growing feed crops and use of manure.

ISBN: 0882660667
Call Number: 71.1 VAN
Subjects: Cattle , Cattle, dairy , Dairy production , Milk

Title: A guide to raising beef cattle
Author: Heather Smith Thomas
Published: Pownal, VT : Storey Books , c1998

Summary: This handbook is designed to help both beginners and experienced owners for both small and large beef production operations. It features the preparation of comfortable, low-maintenance facilities, breeding and calving cattle for specific genetic attributes, remedies for illness and maintenance of herd health, understanding cattle behavior, humane and effective herd handling, and buying and selling cattle.

ISBN: 1580170374
Call Number: 71.31 THO
Subjects: Cattle , Cattle, beef

Title: the Have-More plan
Author: Ed Robinson
Second Author: Carolyn Robinson
Published: Pownal, VT : Storey communications , c1973

Summary: This book has been re-printed numerous times. First printed in the 1940s, the information is still useful today. While some references are no longer revelant, such as DDT as a pesticide, the basic principles still apply. Topics inlcuded are: buying a place in the country, building houses and barns, fruit trees and berries, fish ponds, and beginning with livestock.

ISBN: 0882660241
Call Number: 80.13 ROB
Subjects: Alternative agriculture , Barns , Beekeeping , Brambles , Building materials , Cattle , Fish farming , Fruits, tree , Goats, dairy , Land use , Poultry , Vegetable gardening

Title: Intensive grazing management-- forage, animals, men, profits
Contributors: Burt Smith, Ping Sun Leung, George Love
Published: Kamuela, HI : Graziers Hui , c1986

Summary: Chapters include an introduction to intensive grazing, getting started, financial analysis, basics for soil, plants and animals, animal health, ecology, electric fencing and design, grazing unit design, basic grazing, forage conservation, uses of "hi-tech" equipment and intensive grazing management.

Call Number: 70.51 INT
Subjects: Agricultural ecology , Animal health , Cattle , Fences , Forage crops , Grazing , Intensive grazing , Pasture management , Soils

Title: Keeping livestock healthy : a veterinary guide to horses, cattle, pigs, goats & sheep
Author: N. Bruce Haynes, D.V.M.
Published: Pownal, VT : Storey Communications , c1994 3rd ed.

Summary: The author writes in the preface that "the reader will find that this is not a book on how to treat sick animals. Instead it attempts to explain the nature of the disease process and outlines methods of preventing illnesses of the major farm animal species." Topics include summaries of microbial and metabolic diseases, parasitism, vaccines, artificial insemination, ultrasonography, disease testing and drug treatments.

ISBN: 0882668446
Call Number: 70.8 HAY
Subjects: Animal diseases , Animal health , Cattle , Goats , Hogs , Horses , Livestock , Livestock, disease prevention , Livestock, diseases , Sheep

Title: Natural cattle care
Author: Pat Coleby
Published: Austin, TX : Acres, U.S.A. , c2001

Summary: Some topics covered include cattle for dairy and meat production, strategies for improving farm efficiency, land regeneration and maintenance, breeding, heredity and environment, feeding, common ailments and remedies, undesirable drugs and strategies to offset them.

ISBN: 0911311688
Call Number: 71 COL
Subjects: Cattle

Title: Oxen : a teamsters guide
Author: Drew Conroy
Published: Gainesboro, TN : Rural Heritage , c1999

Summary: The guide includes selecting the ideal team, feeding and housing, training of calves and mature cattle, fitting yokes and bows, hitching, dealing with problems, health and hoof care, uses in farming and logging, and showing and competitions.

ISBN: 1893707083
Call Number: 71.5 CON
Subjects: Cattle

Title: Raising a calf for beef
Author: Phyllis Hobson
Published: Pownal, VT : Storey Communications , c1976

Summary: There are detailed chapters on housing and pasture, feeds, raising your own feed, choosing a calf, veterinarian help, caring for a newborn calf, weaning the calf, medicines, symptoms of upsets and treatments, keeping records, fattening the calf, butchering time and processing the beef on the farm.

ISBN: 0882660950
Call Number: 71.3 HOB
Subjects: Beef , Calves , Cattle , Cattle, beef , Slaughtering methods

Title: Small scale beef production handbook
Contributors: Dan B. Faulkner, Douglas F. Parrett, and Tom Stoughtenborough ; Kathy Robinson, editor, Joan Zagorski, designer
Published: Urbana-Champaign, IL : University of Illinois Extension , c1998

Summary: Topics include nutrition, forage production, facilities, breeding, beef market grades, reproduction, health and economics.

ISBN: 1883097215
Call Number: 71.31 SMA
Subjects: Cattle , Cattle, beef


Title: Control of internal parasites in cattle and sheep
Author: Jean Duval
Published: Ste. Anne de Bellevue, Quebec : Ecological Agriculture Projects , c1997

Summary: This document describes a description of internal parasites, methods to prevent their infestation and alternatives to conventional dewormers for ruminants. The section on botanical dewormers also includes information on other farm animals such as pigs and poultry.

Call Number: 71.084 DUV
Subjects: Animal health , Cattle , Cattle, parasites , Sheep

Title: Human-amimal relationship : stockmanship and housing in organic livestock systems
Contributors: edited by Malla Hovi and Michel Bouihol
Published: University of Reading , 2001

Summary: proceedings of the thrird Network for Animal Health and Welfare in Organic Agriculture Workshop, Clermont-Ferrand, 21-24 October 2000

ISBN: 0 7049 1094 2
Call Number: 70 HUM
Subjects: Aquaculture , Cattle , Cattle, dairy , Chickens , Chickens, housing , Game birds , Goats , Goats, dairy , Livestock , Livestock, alternative medicine , Livestock, herbal medicine , Livestock, homoepathic veterinary medicine , Livestock, housing and equipment , Organic dairy farming , Organic farming , Organic poultry production , Ostrich , Pigeons and squabs , Rabbits

Title: Network for animal health and welfare in organic agriculture
Contributors: edited by M. Hovie and R. Garcia Trujillo
Published: University of Reading , 2000

Summary: proceedings of the Second Netowrk for Animal Health and Welfare in Organic Agriculture Worshop, Cordoba, 8-11 January 2000

Call Number: 70 NET
Subjects: Cattle , Hogs , Livestock , Organic dairy farming , Organic farming , Sheep

Title: Profitable pratices and strategies for a new generation
Published: Lincoln, NE : Center for Rural Affairs for the North Central Initiative for Small Farm Profitability , 2002

Summary: case studies prepared by the Center for Rural Affairs for the North Central Initiative for Small Farm Profitability

Call Number: 50.9 PRO
Subjects: Alternative agriculture , Alternative field crops , Beef , Beginning farming , Cattle , Cattle, beef , Cattle, dairy , Cooperatives and cooperation , Dairy production , Family farms , Family life , Hogs , Pork


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