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Title: Country home & small farm handbook : planning a country place
Author: Hollis Lee
Published: New York, NY : Van Nordsrand Reinhold company, inc. , c1978

Summary: This book describes starting a small farm beginning with choosing the land, evaluating existing structures, and making improvements.

ISBN: 0442258070
Call Number: 80.13 LEE
Subjects: Building materials , Farm buildings , Farm equipment , Farmhouses , Fences , Small farms

Title: Handy farm devices and how to make them
Author: Rolfe Cobleigh
Published: New York, NY : Lyons Press , c1996

Summary: Detailed instructions for building small farm and homestead equipment of many different kinds. Chapters cover workshop and tools, the steel square, household devices, barn and stock devices, devices for bees, poultry, garden and orchard, field and woodlot, and gates and doors.

ISBN: 1558214321
Call Number: 30 COB
Subjects: Farm buildings , Farm equipment , Homesteading , Self-sufficiency

Title: Historic farm buildings : an introduction guide in association with the National Trust
Author: Jeremy Lake
Published: London, UK : Blandford Press , c1989

Summary: This book is an introduction to the study of farm buildings in England and Wales from the perspective of preserving historical buildings and rural heritage, contributing to our knowledge of landscape history, agricultural history, and rural social history.

ISBN: 0713719699
Call Number: 32 LAK
Subjects: Farm buildings

Title: How to build small barns & outbuildings
Author: Monte Burch
Published: Pownal, VT : Storey Books , c1992

Summary: A how-to book for small-scale construction, including planning and layout, framing, roofing, wiring, plumbing, siding, doors and windows, finishing, and interiors. There are over 20 projects with building plans and instructions.

ISBN: 0882667734
Call Number: 32.5 BUR
Subjects: Barns , Farm buildings , Garden structures

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