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Title: Foxfire 6
Contributors: edited by Eliot Wingginton and his students
Published: New York, NY : Anchor books , c1975

Summary: shoemaking, 100 toys and games, gourd banjos and song bows, woodem locks, and a water powered sawmill

ISBN: 0385152728
Call Number: 80.13 FOX
Subjects: Gourds, decorative , Handicrafts , Homesteading , Renewable energy technology , Sawmill

Title: The Real Goods solar living sourcebook : the complete guide to renewable energy technologies and sustainable living
Contributors: Executive Editor, John Schaeffer ; edited by Doug Pratt and the Real Goods staff
Published: White River Junction, VT : Distributed by Chelsea Green Publishing Company , c1996 9th ed.

Summary: This book is a product guide and also contains articles on virutally all aspects of appropriate technology. The chapters cover independent living, land, shelter, harvesting solar, wind and hydro energy, managing energy systems, heating and cooling, water conservation, heating, and purification, energy conservation, alternatives to toxic materials in the home, home and marketing gardening, transportation and electric vehicles, livelihood and learning.

ISBN: 0930031822
Call Number: 30.9 SOL
Subjects: Ecological structures , Energy conservation , Gardening , Quality of life , Renewable energy technology , Solar energy , Sustainable living , Wind energy

Title: Solviva : how to grow $500,000 on one acre & peace on earth
Author: Anna Edey
Second Author:
Published: Martha's Vineyard, MA : Trailblazer Press , c1998 1st ed.

Summary: The book describes the author's attempts to live sustainably; with today's knowledge and technology via Solviva Solar-Dynamic, Bio-Benign Design. Topics cover waste water management, food production, energy and transportation, solid waste management, construction and maintenance of the Solviva greenhouse and farm, garden and animal production.

ISBN: 0966234901
Call Number: 61.05 EDE
Subjects: Greenhouses, alternative energy , Greenhouses, management , Greenhouses, production , Renewable energy technology , Solar energy , Sustainable agriculture , Sustainable living


Title: Small farm energy primer : an energy saving tool to assist small farmers in lowering the high costs of energy inputs on their farms
Published: Hartington, NE : Small Farm Energy Project , 1980

Summary: This booklet is a collection of reports on energy alternatives and conservation techniques to help lower the high costs of energy inputs on small farms. The Small Farm Energy Project was developed by the Center for Rural Affairs as a three year research and demonstration project conducted on 48 low-income Nebraska farms. The energy innovations were home-built, low-cost, easy to manage and maintain, meeting constraints existing on the farm, and cost-effective. They included vertical wall solar collectors, solar grain drying, solar hot water heaters for dairies, solar heated farrowing barn, wind electric generator, composting of manure, solar greenhouse, and portable solar collector for space heating and grain drying.

Call Number: 38.2 SMA
Subjects: Energy conservation , Renewable energy technology , Solar energy

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