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Title: Curricula in sustainable agriculture
Author: Charles A. Francis
Contributors: A project of the North Central Region Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education and Agriculture in Concert with the Environment
Second Author: James W. King
Published: Lincoln, NE : Center for Sustainable Agricultural Systems, University of Nebraska-Lincoln , 1994
Series: Extension and education materials for sustainable agriculture Volume 2

Summary: This publication describes college level courses in sustainable agriculture, along with their syllabuses and readings.

Call Number: 10.73 KIN
Subjects: Farmer education , Sustainable agriculture , Vocational eductation

Title: Farmers for the future
Author: Dan Looker
Published: Ames : Iowa State University Press , 1996 1st ed.

Summary: This book shows how it is still possible for young people to start farming in rural America, while explaining the difficulties of getting started in farming. It shows the pitfalls to avoid in farm apprenticeship programs, and encourages young people and older farmers to ask hard questions before entering into employment and partnership agreements. It also shows how older farmers younger farmers get established. Real-life examples are provided.

ISBN: 0813823838
Call Number: 82 LOO
Subjects: Beginning farming , Farmer education , Farmers

Title: Farmers in transition : exploring learning approaches to sustainable agriculture through narratives
Author: Kim Leval Staritzky
Published: Ithaca, NY : Cornell University , 1997

Summary: This masters thesis draws on twelve interviews with New York state farmers in which they share their understanding of sustainable farming and their learning and decision making processes regarding transitions to sustainable agriculture. The study advocates for educational and extension services that are farmer-centered, focused on local issues, and practice based, incorporating the relevancy of the farmers' own experience.

Call Number: 10.71 STA
Subjects: Farmer education , Sustainable agriculture

Title: Farmer-to-farmer extension : lessons from the field
Contributors: Daniel Selener, Jacqueline Chenier, Raul Zelaya ; English translation and editing by Scott Killough
Published: New York, NY : International Institute for Rural Reconstruction , 1997

Summary: Drawing on Latin American case studies, this book describes and analyzes the personal experiences of farmers who also provide extension services for community development.

ISBN: 9978043241
Call Number: 10.74 FAR
Subjects: Extension programs , Farmer education , Farmers

Title: Proceedings of the National Small Farm Conference
Contributors: Edited by Denis Ebodaghe
Published: Washington, D.C. : Plant and Animal Production, Protection and Processing Division of USDA-Cooperative State Research, Education and Extension Service , 1997

Summary: The proceedings of the National Small Farm Conference held in 1996. There were panel discussions on technology transfer, environmental issues, education, research and extension priorities, marketing, economic opportunities, and papers on many farm-related topics.

Call Number: 82.2 PRO
Subjects: Agricultural ecology , Agricultural research , Extension programs , Farmer education , Small farms

Title: Showcase of sustainable agriculture information & educational materials
Published: Burlington, VT : Sustainable Agriculture Network , 1994

Summary: A compilation of information about sustainable agriculture, including businesses, publications, programs, and organizations.

Call Number: 50.9 SHO
Subjects: Farmer education , Sustainable agriculture

Title: Source book of sustainable agriculture for educators, producers and other agricultural professionals : a guide to books, newsletters, conference proceedings, bulletins, videos and more
Contributors: Valerie Burton, editor/project manager
Published: Burlington, VT : Sustainable Agriculture Network , c1997

Summary: The information resource topics includes agroforestry, animal production, cover crops, horticulture, grain production, marketing and farm profitablity, nutrient management, soil quality and conservation, education and networking, and water quality and conservation.

ISBN: 1888626038
Call Number: 50.9 SOU
Subjects: Farmer education , Sustainable agriculture


Title: Iowa organic farming mentor program
Contributors: Produced by Amalia Bright
Published: [Fairfield, IA : Iowa Organic Farming Mentor Program] , 2000?

Call Number: 10.74 IOW
Subjects: Farmer education , Mentoring , Organic farming

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