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Title: 1997 census of agricultureVolume 2, Subject series, Part 1 : agricultural atlas of the United States
Published: Washington, D.C. : National Agricultural Statistics Service , 1999

Summary: Herein are maps displaying a variety of agricultural data, including farms by value of sales, farms by size, market value of products sold, farm income and direct sales to consumers, farm production expenses, hired farm labor, land use, irrigated land, value of land and buildings, machinery and equipment, chemicals used, tenure and characteristics of farm operators, types of farm organization, crops, fruits, nuts, nursery crops, and vegetables harvested, and livestock and poultry production.

Call Number: 50 NIN
Subjects: Crop production , Family farms , Farm income , Farm labor , Farmers , Incorporated farms , Livestock , Poultry , Sales

Title: How to Direct Market Your Beef
Author: Jan Holder
Published: Beltsville, MD : Sustainable Agriculture Network , 2005

Summary: Everything you need to know about the direct marketing of beef from selling the whole carcass to selling cuts of meat including labeling, packaging, record keeping, marketing and advertising.

ISBN: 1-888626-11-9
Call Number: 84.75
Subjects: Advertising , Agribusiness , Beef , Cattle, beef , Marketing , Marketing direct to consumers , Meat products , Meat products, marketing , Natural foods, marketing , Packaging , Pricing , Sales , Value-added


Title: Selling food products : a business in your home
Author: Jim Huss
Published: Ames, IA : Iowa State University , 1987
Series: North Central Regional publication no. 259

Summary: This brief publication presents an overview of factors to consider in preparing for a home food business, such as expenses, insurance, equipment, licensing, labor, and pricing and preventing food-born illnesses.

Call Number: 86.1 HUS
Subjects: Food processing , Home based businesses , Sales , Small business

Title: Selling produce to restaurants : a marketing guide for small growers
Author: Diane Green
Published: Sandpoint, ID : Greentree Naturals , c1999

Summary: This book discusses the principles Ms. Green has learned on working with restaurants, operating a market garden, selecting produce, pricing produce and marketing produce to local restaurants.

Call Number: 85.6 GRE
Subjects: Market gardening , Marketing , Marketing to institutions , Sales


Title: Ways to grow : alternatives for small farmers : know your market-- first
Published: Greensboro, NC : North Carolina N & T State University, Agricultural Communications , c1992

Call Number: 84 WAY
Subjects: Advertising , Farm management and decision making , Marketing , Pricing , Sales


Title: 1997 census of agricultureVolume 1 : geographic area series
Published: Washington, D.C. : National Agricultural Statistics Service, USDA , 1999

Summary: The census of agriculture is conducted every five years and is a major source of information about production agriculture in the U.S., including data on the numbers of farms, land in farms, land use, irrigation, crops, livestock, poultry, value of farm products sold, production expenses and operator characteristics. The contents of these CD-ROMs correspond to printed reports part 1 through 51 with limited state level data for prior years.

Publishers Number: 1A, 1B, 1C
Call Number: 50 NIN
Subjects: Agribusiness , Crop production , Economic forecasting , Farm labor , Farm management and decision making , Farmers , Irrigation , Land use , Livestock , Poultry , Sales

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