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Title: Backyard market gardening : the entrepreneur's guide to selling what you grow
Author: Andrew W. Lee
Published: Columbus, NC : Good Earth Publications , c1993

Summary: This book provides information on how to grow and sell vegetables, fruits, flowers, herbs and small livestock from a backyard market garden. Chapters cover sites and soils, tools, marketing strategies, business planning, production techniques and ecofarming.

ISBN: 0962464805
Call Number: 85.2 LEE
Subjects: Fruits, marketing , Market gardening , Marketing , New business management , New businesses planning , Small business , Sustainable agriculture , Truck farms , Vegetables, marketing


Title: A grower's guide to marketing fruits, vegetables, and herbs in Illinois :
Contributors: Sarahelen Thompson, John M. Gerber, Don Rich
Second Author:
Published: Urbana-Champaign, IL : College of Agriculture, Cooperative Extension Service, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Summary: Part I gives the grades, quality characteristics, and price information for some two dozen specialty crops. Part II is a listing of markets, buyers, and distributors.

Call Number: 85 GRO
Subjects: Fruits, marketing , Herbs, marketing , Marketing law , Produce , Quality control , Specialty crops , Vegetables, marketing

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