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Title: Backyard market gardening : the entrepreneur's guide to selling what you grow
Author: Andrew W. Lee
Published: Columbus, NC : Good Earth Publications , c1993

Summary: This book provides information on how to grow and sell vegetables, fruits, flowers, herbs and small livestock from a backyard market garden. Chapters cover sites and soils, tools, marketing strategies, business planning, production techniques and ecofarming.

ISBN: 0962464805
Call Number: 85.2 LEE
Subjects: Fruits, marketing , Market gardening , Marketing , New business management , New businesses planning , Small business , Sustainable agriculture , Truck farms , Vegetables, marketing

Title: The complete country business guide
Author: Lisa Rogak
Published: Grafton, NH : William Hills Publishing , c1999 1st ed.

Summary: This book is a training manual for starting a business or improving a business in a rural setting. Examples drawn from actual experiences of starting and operating businesses in the country help readers to get acquainted with what it is like. Sections cover preparations, planning, start-up, operations, marketing, finance, and growing the business.

ISBN: 0965250210
Call Number: 83.5 ROG
Subjects: Business, rural , Finance , Management , Marketing , New business management , New businesses planning

Title: Small-time operator : how to start your business, keep your books, pay your taxes and stay out of trouble!
Author: Bernard B. Kamoroff
Published: Laytonville, CA : Bell Springs Publishing , 1997 22nd ed.

Summary: This book is a technical manual written in everyday English that provides advice on starting a business. It also serves as a workbook that includes bookkeeping instructions and ledgers designed for small businesses. Major sections cover getting started, bookkeeping, growth, and taxes.

ISBN: 0917510143
Call Number: 83.2 KAM
Subjects: New business management , New businesses planning , Small business

Title: Starting a new business in Missouri
Contributors: Sharon A. Gulick, Editor
Published: Jefferson City, MO : Missouri Business Assistance Center, Office of Business Information Center, Division of Community and Economic Development , 1997

Summary: This book provides information to new or potential business owners on how to begin their business operation in the state and introduces assistance programs available to existing or start-up businesses. Chapters cover basics, business planning, legal formation, taxes, hiring, and finance.

Call Number: 83.1 STA
Subjects: New business management , New businesses planning

Title: Turning wool into a cottage industry
Author: Paula Simmons
Published: Pownal , VT : Storey Communications , c1991

Summary: How to convert an interest in wool crafts into home-based income. Topics include home processing, selling raw and washed wool, carding, dyeing, handspinning, weaving, knitting, and felting wool, preparing pelts, business and merchandising tips, equipment information, and descriptions of nineteen successful entrepreneurs.

ISBN: 0882666851
Call Number: 86.63 SIM
Subjects: New business management , Sheep , Wool


Title: Alternative financial/organizational structures of farm and agribusiness firms
Author: Michael Boehlje
Second Author: David Lins
Published: Lafayette, IN : Cooperative Extension Service/Purdue University, Media Distribution Center , April 1995

Summary: This North Central Region Extension Publication describes the the range of options for organizing a financing a business, including criteria for choosing a particular business structure, legal organization, discussion of different business arrangements (contract production, joint ventures etc.), leasing, equity capital and debt capital.

Call Number: 82.21 BOE
Subjects: Agribusiness , Beginning farming , Entrepreneurship , Farm management and decision making , Finance , Management , New business management , New businesses planning


Title: 2001 Missouri small business start-up kit
Contributors: Developed and produced in partnership by Outreach & Extension, University of Missouri, Lincoln University, Missouri Department of Economic Development, Missouri Small Business Development Center
Published: St. Louis, MO : College of Business Administration, University of Missouri-St. Louis , 2001 3rd ed.

Call Number: 83.1 TWO
Subjects: New business management , New businesses planning , Small business

Title: Small business resource guide : what you need to know about taxes and other topics
Published: Washington, D.C. : Internal Revenue Service ; Small Business Administration , 1999

Summary: This CD-ROM includes sections on assessing your business idea, starting the business and implementing the business plan, federal tax information, hiring employees, and expanding the business. There is an index of business forms and publications.

Publishers Number: 3207
Call Number: 83.2 SMA
Subjects: New business management , New businesses planning , Small business

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