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Title: The complete country business guide
Author: Lisa Rogak
Published: Grafton, NH : William Hills Publishing , c1999 1st ed.

Summary: This book is a training manual for starting a business or improving a business in a rural setting. Examples drawn from actual experiences of starting and operating businesses in the country help readers to get acquainted with what it is like. Sections cover preparations, planning, start-up, operations, marketing, finance, and growing the business.

ISBN: 0965250210
Call Number: 83.5 ROG
Subjects: Business, rural , Finance , Management , Marketing , New business management , New businesses planning

Title: Entrepreneur magazine : successful advertising for small businesses
Author: Conrad Berke
Published: New York, NY : John Wiley & Sons , c1996
Series: Entrepreneur Magazine small-business series

Summary: Topics include how to plan, write, and design retail and small business advertising, the benefits of advertising, planning for an increase in sales and profit, advertising budget planning, how to get ads to produce good results, how to write effectve advertising copy, ad design, typography, ad production, media strategy, and use of direct mail, mail order, postcards, classifieds, billboards and other media.

ISBN: 047114083X
Subjects: Advertising , Management , Small business

Title: The Fifth discipline : the are and practice of the learning organization
Author: Peter M. Senge
Published: New York, NY : Doubleday , 1990

Summary: The author advocates the creation of "learning organizations" that clearly understand threats to their success and recognize new opportunities. Learning organizations develop from the practice of five disciplines, which, if mastered, enable organizations to overcome their "learning disabilities." Systems thinking, the fifth discipline, coordinates the other four.

ISBN: 0385260946
Call Number: 81.4 SEN
Subjects: Management , Organizational change

Title: Grassroots marketing : getting noticed in a noisy world
Author: Shel Horowitz
Published: White River Junction, VT : Chelsea Green Publishing Co. , 2000

Summary: Intended for use by small businesses, non-profit organizations, and self-employed individuals, this book includes information on creating marketing plans, free publicity, stretching marketing dollars, Internet resources, and evaluating the effectiveness of marketing activities.

ISBN: 1890132683
Call Number: 84 HOR
Subjects: Management , Marketing , Nonprofit organizations management , Small business

Title: Guerilla marketing : secrets for making big profits from your small business
Author: Jay Conrad Levinson
Published: Boston, : Houghton Mifflin , c1993

Summary: Completely revised and updated for the nineties. Chapters include discussions of marketing strategies that are appropriate for small businesses and include developing a marketing plan, developing a marketing program, selecting marketing methods, saving marketing money, obtaining free research, canvassing, personal letters, telephone marketing, circulars and brochures, classifieds, signs, yellow pages, advertising via newspapers and magazines, radio, television, direct mail, outdoor signs, seminars and demonstrations, trade shows, exhibits and fairs, public relations and other marketing tools.

ISBN: 0395644968
Call Number: 84 LEV
Subjects: Advertising , Management , Marketing , Small business

Title: Holistic management : a new framework for decision making
Author: Allan Savory
Contributors: With Jody Butterfield
Published: Washington, D.C. : Island Press , c1999

Summary: Holistic management considers humans, their economies, and the environment as inseparable. At the heart of the approach lies a simple testing process that enables people to make decisions that simultaneously consider economic, social, and environmental realities, both short- and long-term. The book can be used as a guide for all those seeking to restore and promote the health of their land or make better decisions within their businesses, communities or any aspect of their lives.

ISBN: 1559634871
Call Number: 81.1 SAV
Subjects: Agricultural ecology , Holistic management , Human ecology , Land use , Management , Sustainable development

Title: Homemade money : how to select, start, manage, market and multiply the profits of a business at home
Author: Barbara Brabec
Published: Cincinnati, OH : Betterway Books , c1994 5th ed.

Summary: The book contains specific how-to information on start-up, management, and successful marketing of a homebased business. Chapters provide and overview of the work-at-home industry, scams and unprofitable ideas, deciding if you are a good candidate for a home business, choosing a home business, planning, marketing strategy, start-up, pricing, publicity, diversification, computers, and management.

ISBN: 1558703284
Call Number: 83.3 BRA
Subjects: Home based businesses , Management , Marketing

Title: How to farm for profit : practical enterprise analysis
Author: Donald M. Fedie
Contributors: With the collaboration of Michael H. Prosser, CPA
Published: Ames, IA : Iowa State University Press , 1997 1st ed.

Summary: This book introduces basic financial principles, procedures and the enterprise analysis that is widely accepted in other industries. including a discussion of standardized financial reporting and the information derived from this process, such extent of profitability, sources and uses of cash and changes in owner's equity for the reporting period. After laying out the procedures for financial reporting, the book presents a farming and ranching operation with five enterprises-- cropping, cattle feeding, hog farrow-to-finish, dairy and calf production, and shows how to analyze each enterprise in terms of income, expenses, and break-even costs.

ISBN: 0813825601
Call Number: 81.5 FED
Subjects: Farm management and decision making , Financial analysis , Management , Record keeping

Title: The key of kings : how to determine your destiny
Author: Guy Finley
Second Author:
Published: Grants Pass, OR : Four Star Books , 1993 1st ed.

Summary: A book about personal development to achieve goals. It features eleven inner life exercises to become conscious of and completely master the strong and subtle forces that determine personal life choices.

ISBN: 0962912735
Call Number: 81.81 FIN
Subjects: Leadership , Management

Title: Managing production and marketing systems
Author: Kenneth H. Thomas
Published: Ames, IA : Midwest Plan Service , July 2000
Series: Business management for farmers Part 3

Summary: Chapter 1 introduces some economic fundamentals and related planning tools, including cost and production relationships and budgeting. Subsequent chapters focus on the management of cropping and livestock enterprises. The last chapter focuses on the evaluation and/or development of production contractual arrangements.

Call Number: 82 THO
Subjects: Crop production , Farm management and decision making , Financial analysis , Livestock , Management

Title: Managing the overall business
Author: Kenneth H. Thomas
Published: Ames, IA : Midwest Plan Service , August 1999
Series: Business management for farmers Part 2

Summary: Topics include evaluating and improving people skills, contracts and property law, developing and implementing financial plans, financing a farm operation, tax planning, insurance, business arrangements and retirement and estate planning.

Subjects: Farm management and decision making , Finance , Incorporated farms , Management , Risk assessment

Title: Market farm forms : templates for planning and organizing information on diversified market farms
Author: Marcie A. Rosenzweig
Contributors: With Bill Kaye-Blake
Published: Auburn, CA : Full Circle Organic Farm , c1998

Summary: Shows how to use templates from common off-the-shelf software to follow the natural flow of information needed to plan crops, order seed and soil ammendments, grow transplants, project yields and income and then track what really happens against projections.

Call Number: 81.52 ROS
Subjects: Community supported agriculture (CSA) , Cost effectiveness , Economic forecasting , Farm income , Farm management and decision making , Financial analysis , Management , Market gardening , Record keeping

Title: Marketing without advertising
Author: Michael Phillips
Second Author: Salli Rasberry
Published: Berkeley, CA : Nolo Press , 1997 2nd ed.

Summary: The authors outline high-impact, low cost marketing strategies to encourage customer word-of-mouth about your business, attract new customers, improve your business' appearance and accessibility, turn dissatisfied customers into loyal supporters, list your products or services widely and inexpensively, plan marketing events that will keep customers involved, help the media comment positively on your business, and use of the World Wide Web for marketing.

ISBN: 0873373693
Call Number: 84 PHI
Subjects: Management , Marketing , Small business

Title: Modern agricultural management : a systems approach to farming
Author: Donald D. Osburn
Second Author: Kenneth C. Schneeberger
Published: Reston, VA : Reston Publishing Co. , c1983 2nd ed.

Summary: Nearly 100 colleges, universities and numerous vocational programs adopted the first edition of this book as a text for farm management. The book was developed to help students hone their decisionmaking skills in farm and financial management. This second edition includes a general introduction to agricultural management, marginal analysis in short-run planning, cost concepts in decision making, ownership costs, record systems, business analysis and control, diagnosing business problems, audits, forward planning, budgeting, farm resource inventory, whole farm planning, linear programming, business organization and resource management, types of ownership arrangements, credit, capital use, land acquisition and use strategies, investment analysis, taxes, and insurance.

ISBN: 0835945502
Call Number: 82 OSB
Subjects: Farm management and decision making , Management

Title: On-farm processing : a handbook for producers
Author: Patricia G. Davidson
Contributors: In partnership with the British Columbia Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food
Published: Ottawa, ONT : Canadian Farm Business Management Council , c1994

Summary: Drawing on previous extension publications in Canada and the United States, this handbook provides broad guidelines for the processing of food and other farm products to add value and increase returns. There are sections on regulations, planning for marketing and production, packaging and labeling, advertising and promotion, and personnel and financial management.

ISBN: 0772622647
Call Number: 86 DAV
Subjects: Alternative enterprises , Entrepreneurship , Management , New businesses planning

Title: The pursuit of Wow! : every person's guide to topsy-turvy times
Author: Tom Peters
Published: New York, NY : Vintage Books , 1994 A Vintage Original, 1st ed.

Summary: Organized into more than 200 observations, this book is a practical guide containing tactics and strategies for business success.

ISBN: 0679755551
Call Number: 81.81 PET
Subjects: Management , Organizational change


Title: Alternative financial/organizational structures of farm and agribusiness firms
Author: Michael Boehlje
Second Author: David Lins
Published: Lafayette, IN : Cooperative Extension Service/Purdue University, Media Distribution Center , April 1995

Summary: This North Central Region Extension Publication describes the the range of options for organizing a financing a business, including criteria for choosing a particular business structure, legal organization, discussion of different business arrangements (contract production, joint ventures etc.), leasing, equity capital and debt capital.

Call Number: 82.21 BOE
Subjects: Agribusiness , Beginning farming , Entrepreneurship , Farm management and decision making , Finance , Management , New business management , New businesses planning

Title: Business management and marketing : organizations & records
Author: Greg K. Yarrow
Contributors: Editors, William N. Grafton, Anthony Ferrise
Second Author: James J. Grippo
Published: Morgantown, WV : West Virgina University Extension Service , 1990?
Series: Natural resources management and income opportunity series

Summary: This publication consists of two papers, "Forms of business organizations with emphasis on landowner cooperatives for natural resources" and "Taxes, records and accounting for small businesses." The first paper outlines several forms of business organizations for landowner cooperatives. R.D. issue no. 763.

Call Number: 83.1 YAR
Subjects: Accounting , Business, rural , Cooperatives and cooperation , Management , Record keeping , Small business

Title: Business management and marketing : pricing & profit
Author: Donny Wayne Steinback
Contributors: Editors, William N. Grafton, Anthony Ferrise
Second Author: Ross "Skip" Shelton III
Published: Morgantown, WV : West Virginia University Extension Service , 1990?
Series: Natural resources management and income opportunity series

Summary: The two papers in this publication deal with pricing and cost returns of recreational access and exploring ways to improve profit potential from the operation of wildlife- related recreational businesses such as hunting and fishing operations. R.D. issue no. 766.

Call Number: 83.5 STE
Subjects: Business, rural , Fee and lease hunting , Fee fishing , Management , Outdoor recreation , Pricing

Title: CFBMC Direct marketing : a handbook for farm producers
Author: Patricia G. Davidson
Published: Ottawa, ONT : Canadian Farm Business Management Council , c1994

Summary: The contents of this publication covers types of direct marketing, marketing planning, regulations, site location, facilities, mechandising, advertising and promotion, personnel management, and financial management.

ISBN: 0968182461
Call Number: 84.75 DAV
Subjects: Management , Marketing direct to consumers

Title: Introduction to risk management : understanding agricultural risks-- production, marketing, financial, legal, human resources
Contributors: Alan Baquet ... [et. al.]
Published: Washington, D.C. : USDA , 1997

Summary: This handbook reviews goal setting and risk tolerance and aims to improve the risk management skills of farmers and ranchers.

Call Number: 81.43 INT
Subjects: Management , Risk assessment

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