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Title: How to farm for profit : practical enterprise analysis
Author: Donald M. Fedie
Contributors: With the collaboration of Michael H. Prosser, CPA
Published: Ames, IA : Iowa State University Press , 1997 1st ed.

Summary: This book introduces basic financial principles, procedures and the enterprise analysis that is widely accepted in other industries. including a discussion of standardized financial reporting and the information derived from this process, such extent of profitability, sources and uses of cash and changes in owner's equity for the reporting period. After laying out the procedures for financial reporting, the book presents a farming and ranching operation with five enterprises-- cropping, cattle feeding, hog farrow-to-finish, dairy and calf production, and shows how to analyze each enterprise in terms of income, expenses, and break-even costs.

ISBN: 0813825601
Call Number: 81.5 FED
Subjects: Farm management and decision making , Financial analysis , Management , Record keeping

Title: Managing production and marketing systems
Author: Kenneth H. Thomas
Published: Ames, IA : Midwest Plan Service , July 2000
Series: Business management for farmers Part 3

Summary: Chapter 1 introduces some economic fundamentals and related planning tools, including cost and production relationships and budgeting. Subsequent chapters focus on the management of cropping and livestock enterprises. The last chapter focuses on the evaluation and/or development of production contractual arrangements.

Call Number: 82 THO
Subjects: Crop production , Farm management and decision making , Financial analysis , Livestock , Management

Title: Market farm forms : templates for planning and organizing information on diversified market farms
Author: Marcie A. Rosenzweig
Contributors: With Bill Kaye-Blake
Published: Auburn, CA : Full Circle Organic Farm , c1998

Summary: Shows how to use templates from common off-the-shelf software to follow the natural flow of information needed to plan crops, order seed and soil ammendments, grow transplants, project yields and income and then track what really happens against projections.

Call Number: 81.52 ROS
Subjects: Community supported agriculture (CSA) , Cost effectiveness , Economic forecasting , Farm income , Farm management and decision making , Financial analysis , Management , Market gardening , Record keeping


Title: Monitoring sustainable agriculture with conventional financial data
Author: Dick Levins
Published: White Bear Lake, MN : Land Stewardship Project , c1996

Summary: This publication shows how numbers used in financial statements and tax reporting can be used to calculate sustainability indicators. These indicators are in the areas of farm performance in dependence on government programs, use of equipment and energy, creation of jobs, and maintaining a balance between the production and use of livestock feed. The indicators can then be used to show how a farm is making progress toward sustainability from year to year.

Call Number: 82 LEV
Subjects: Farm management and decision making , Financial analysis , Sustainable agriculture

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