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Title: 1997 census of agricultureVolume 1, Geographic area series, Part 25 : Missouri state and county data
Published: Washington, D.C. : National Agricultural Statistics Service, USDA , 1999

Summary: The publication is divided in two parts-- for tables of statewide data and for tables of data broken down by Missouri county. The data cover farm expenses, market value of farm products sold, net return from various sources of farm income, farm labor, farms, value of farms, land in farms, harvested crops, machinery and equipment, topics related to livestock, field, orchard and nursery crops, and farmer demographics.

Call Number: 50 NIN
Subjects: Crop production , Farm income , Farm labor , Farmers , Land use , Livestock , Poultry

Title: 1997 census of agricultureVolume 2, Subject series, Part 1 : agricultural atlas of the United States
Published: Washington, D.C. : National Agricultural Statistics Service , 1999

Summary: Herein are maps displaying a variety of agricultural data, including farms by value of sales, farms by size, market value of products sold, farm income and direct sales to consumers, farm production expenses, hired farm labor, land use, irrigated land, value of land and buildings, machinery and equipment, chemicals used, tenure and characteristics of farm operators, types of farm organization, crops, fruits, nuts, nursery crops, and vegetables harvested, and livestock and poultry production.

Call Number: 50 NIN
Subjects: Crop production , Family farms , Farm income , Farm labor , Farmers , Incorporated farms , Livestock , Poultry , Sales

Title: Agriculture fact book 1998
Published: Washington, D.C. : USDA, Office of Communications , 1998

Summary: A quick reference tool for information about U.S. agriculture, rural America, food, nutrition, and programs of the U.S.D.A.

Call Number: 50 AGR
Subjects: Agribusiness , Environmental protection , Farm income , Farm labor , Farm life , Government policy and programs , Land use , Marketing , Marketing law , Nutrition , Rural development

Title: Income distribution comparison of farms with innovative activities : a probabilistic approach
Contributors: Ramu Govindasamy, Aruna Pingali, Ferdaus Hossain
Published: New Brunswick, NJ : Rutgers Cooperative Extension , Jan. 1998

Summary: The study examines the income-generating potential of the non-conventional farm-related activities that have been adopted by New Jersey farmers. Results of the study indicate the advantage of direct marketing over wholesale, and that farms in urban and suburban areas may benefit from the adoption of non-conventional activities such as developing value-added organic products and floriculture facilities and providing picnic areas, petting zoos, farm tours and festivals.

Call Number: 82 INC
Subjects: Alternative enterprises , Farm income , Marketing direct to consumers , Marketing research

Title: Market farm forms : templates for planning and organizing information on diversified market farms
Author: Marcie A. Rosenzweig
Contributors: With Bill Kaye-Blake
Published: Auburn, CA : Full Circle Organic Farm , c1998

Summary: Shows how to use templates from common off-the-shelf software to follow the natural flow of information needed to plan crops, order seed and soil ammendments, grow transplants, project yields and income and then track what really happens against projections.

Call Number: 81.52 ROS
Subjects: Community supported agriculture (CSA) , Cost effectiveness , Economic forecasting , Farm income , Farm management and decision making , Financial analysis , Management , Market gardening , Record keeping

Title: Structural and financial characteristics of U.S. farms, 1995 : 20th annual family farm report to Congress
Contributors: Judith E. Sommer ... [et. al.]
Published: Washington, D.C. : U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Economic Research Service , [1998]
Series: Agriculture information bulletin no. 746

Summary: This report, based on USDA's 1995 Agricultural Resource Management Study brings together different components of farming to describe them and examine their roles in agricultural production. Sections cover the characteristics of farm businesses, farm operators and farm operator households.

Call Number: 82 STR
Subjects: Agribusiness , Family farms , Farm income , Farm management and decision making , Finance , Small farms


Title: 1996 Acres U.S.A. Conference : the empty harvest continues
Author: Mark Anderson
Published: Metairie, LA : Acres, U.S.A. , 1996

Publishers Number: 2011A, 2011B
Subjects: Economic forecasting , Farm income

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