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Title: Expanding the organic food and agriculture system in the U.S.'s Upper Midwest : strategies and lessons of a pilot project
Contributors: Thomas L. Dobbs, Dillon M. Feuz, and Richard C. Shane
Second Author:
Published: Brookings, SD : Submitted to the Pew Charitable trusts by the authors , 1999

Summary: This is an evaluation of the Upper Midwest Organic Marketing Project which was designed to increase organic production and increase consumption through improving the supply and distribution of organic food.

Call Number: 85 EXP
Subjects: Local food systems , Organic farming , Organic foods


Title: National organic standards : final rule
Second Author:
Published: Washington, D.C. : Agricultural Marketing Service, USDA , 2001

Summary: This rule establishes the National Organic Program of the Agricultural Marketing Service, facilitating domestic and international marketing of fresh and processed food that is organically produced and assuring consumers that such products meet consistent, uniform standards.

Call Number: 86.18 NAT
Subjects: Organic certification , Organic farming , Organic foods , Organic processing and handling materials

Title: Organic food markets in transition
Author: Carolyn Dimitri
Second Author: Nessa J. Richman
Published: Greenbelt, MD : Henry A. Wallace Center for Agricultural & Environmental Policy , 2000
Series: Policy studies report no. 14

Summary: An analysis of the rapidly unfolding developments in the structure and operation of the organic food market. The authors identify the most critical issues confronting the industry, develop potential approaches to resolve the issues, and outline a future research agenda.

ISBN: 1893182215
Call Number: 86.18 DIM
Subjects: Organic foods

Title: Organic gardening
Contributors: James D. Utziner ... [et. al.]
Published: West Lafayette, IN : Cooperative Extension Service, Purdue University

Summary: This bulletin was originally published by Ohio Cooperative Extension Service. While not entirely critical of the organic movement and less conventional diets the authors approach them with a cautionary perspective and counter some of the claims that have accompanied criticism of conventional food production. In this context, the bulletin discusses composting, the use of sewage sludge, plant nutrition, diseases and their control, insect control, organic food products, "bizarre diets," and food additives.

Call Number: 61.3 ORG
Subjects: Gardening , Nutrition , Organic foods , Sewage as fertilizer


Title: Programs & products for self-reliance
Author: Kathleen Lamont
Published: Waynesville, NC : Back to Basics
Series: Back to Basics

Summary: Kathleen Lamont talks about starting a garden and the mistakes that she made, food storage and preservation, and setting up a self-sufficient homestead.

Publishers Number: POB 1138
Call Number: 80.13 LAM
Subjects: Food storage and preservation , Gardening , Homesteading , Organic foods , Organic gardening , Self-sufficiency , Sustainable living


Title: Organic Farming
Published: UK : CABI Publishing , c2000

Summary: A selection of bibliographic references, published between 1994 and 1996, on organic crop production, organic foods and soil amendments, composting, soil fertility manaagement and conservation, biocontrol and intgrated pest management, organic pesticides, cultural and mechanical control of weeds, and organic animal husbandry, healthcare, and homeopathy.

ISBN: 1470-9635
Call Number: ORG 10.81
Subjects: Livestock, homoepathic veterinary medicine , Organic farming , Organic foods , Organic gardening , Organic horticulture , Organic landscaping

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