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Title: 1997 census of agricultureVolume 2, Subject series, Part 1 : agricultural atlas of the United States
Published: Washington, D.C. : National Agricultural Statistics Service , 1999

Summary: Herein are maps displaying a variety of agricultural data, including farms by value of sales, farms by size, market value of products sold, farm income and direct sales to consumers, farm production expenses, hired farm labor, land use, irrigated land, value of land and buildings, machinery and equipment, chemicals used, tenure and characteristics of farm operators, types of farm organization, crops, fruits, nuts, nursery crops, and vegetables harvested, and livestock and poultry production.

Call Number: 50 NIN
Subjects: Crop production , Family farms , Farm income , Farm labor , Farmers , Incorporated farms , Livestock , Poultry , Sales

Title: Direct farm to consumer marketing : a profitable alternative for family farm operations
Contributors: G.H. Sullivan ... [et. al.]
Published: West Lafayette, IN : Cooperative Extension Service, Purdue University , 1981?

Summary: This publication explores direct-farm-to-consumer marketing alternatives as a way to preserve the family farms by describing trends in the direct marketing of produce, various direct marketing venues such as pick-your-own, roadside stands, and farmers' markets, physical layout, displays, insect control, management, staffing, pricing, record keeping, advertising, legal aspects, and information resources.

Call Number: 84.75 DIR
Subjects: Family farms , Marketing direct to consumers

Title: The family farm and direct marketing : adapting to an urbanizing environment
Author: Albert S. Rose II
Published: Research paper, : 1981?

Summary: This publication is derived from a masters thesis presented at Cornell University. The general purpose of this study is to identify and describe innovative marketing strategies for family farmers to encourage urban and suburban residents to visit New England communities and family farms in order to enhance farm income.

Call Number: 84.75 ROS
Subjects: Family farms , Marketing direct to consumers , Marketing research

Title: Family farming : a new economic vision
Author: Marty Strange
Published: Lincoln, NE : University of Nebraska Press ; San Francisco : Institute for Food and Development Policy , c1988

Summary: This book exposes the bias in American farm policies that encourage expansion, challenges the assumption bigger is better, critiques the technological base of modern agriculture, calls for farming practices that are ethical, economical, and ecologically sound, and recommends alternative policies to save the family farm.

ISBN: 0803291949
Call Number: 80 STR
Subjects: Agribusiness , Alternative agriculture, advocacy , Family farms , Government policy and programs , Small farms

Title: Farming alternatives : a guide to evaluating the feasibility of new farm-based enterprises
Author: Nancy Grudens Schuck ... [et. al.]
Published: Ithaca, NY : Northeast Regional Agricultural Engineering Service , 1998
Series: Small farm series

Summary: This guide is written for individuals and families interested in developing a new farm-based enterprise. Chapters cover personal and family considerations, identifying alternative enterprises, marketing, production, profitability, financial feasibility, making a decision and sources of information.

ISBN: 093581714X
Call Number: 83.1 FAR
Subjects: Alternative enterprises , Family farms , New businesses planning

Title: Smallholders, householders : farm families and the ecology of intensive, sustainable agriculture
Author: Robert McC. Netting
Published: Stanford, CA : Stanford University Press , 1993

Summary: This book provides a detailed and innovative analysis of the agricultural efficiency and conservation of resources resulting from the intensive,permanent and diversified agriculture practiced by smallholders the world over and argues that this model of agriculture is a viable alternative to meet the food needs of a growing population.

ISBN: 0804721025
Call Number: 57 NET
Subjects: Agricultural ecology , Family farms , Sustainable agriculture

Title: Structural and financial characteristics of U.S. farms, 1995 : 20th annual family farm report to Congress
Contributors: Judith E. Sommer ... [et. al.]
Published: Washington, D.C. : U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Economic Research Service , [1998]
Series: Agriculture information bulletin no. 746

Summary: This report, based on USDA's 1995 Agricultural Resource Management Study brings together different components of farming to describe them and examine their roles in agricultural production. Sections cover the characteristics of farm businesses, farm operators and farm operator households.

Call Number: 82 STR
Subjects: Agribusiness , Family farms , Farm income , Farm management and decision making , Finance , Small farms

Title: Three farms : making milk, meat, and money from the American soil
Author: Mark Kramer
Published: Cambridge, MA : Harvard University Press , c1987

Summary: An updated version of an earlier work, the author, in setting to understand why there are so many abandoned farms and ruined farmers and what forces are shaping agriculture, describes three farms at work: a small independent dairy farm, a subsidized hog farm, and a huge corporate farm.

ISBN: 0674889363
Call Number: 80 KRA
Subjects: Agribusiness , Alternative agriculture, advocacy , Dairy production , Family farms , Farm life , Farmers , Incorporated farms


Title: Emerging markets for family farms : opportunities to prosper through social and environmental responsibility
Author: Kelly O'Neil
Second Author:
Published: Walthill, NE : Center for Rural Affairs , 1997

Summary: The purpose of this publication is to provide insights in developing market-based approaches to supporting sustainable agriculture, family farms and rural opportunities. Included are sections on opportunities and barriers to value-added processing and marketing, products with greatest market potential, market development, cooperative relationships among agricultural enterprises, and activities to foster family farms and rural communities.

Call Number: 85 ONE
Subjects: Family farms , Marketing , Rural development , Value-added

Title: Facilitator's guide for a whole farm planning systems case study : the Frantzen family's farm planning workbook
Contributors: Douglas B. Johnson ... [et. al.]
Published: Madison, WI : Quality of Life Project of the Consortium for Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education ; Program on Agricultural Technology Studies at the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, University of Wisconsin-Madison , c1997

Summary: This guide for leading a workshop on whole farm planning is a case-study of one family's approach to the planning process on their farm in Northeastern Iowa, including how the challenge of operating the farm are balanced with overall quality of life. Designed to be used with an accompanying workbook for workshop participants.

Call Number: 82 FAC
Subjects: Family farms , Family life , Farm life , Farm management and decision making , Group meeting skills , Holistic management , Quality of life

Title: Farm planning
Contributors: Vinsen Nurak ... [et. al.]
Published: Oklahoma City, OK : World Neighbors
Series: Practical guide to dryland farming 7

Summary: A translation of a work developed for Indonesian farmers, this booklet is intended to be used as a tool to accompany discussions among farmers or with extension workers that encourage farm planning. Sections address developing, monitoring and evaluating a farm plan and how to analyze productivity.

Call Number: 82 FAR
Subjects: Family farms , Farm management and decision making , Rural development

Title: Getting started in farming : part-time or small farms
Contributors: H.E. Workman, D. Schneeberger, D. Trott
Published: Columbia, MO : University of Missouri , 1979
Series: North Central regional extension publication 83

Summary: This booklet is intended to help families decide if they should try part-time farming, how to select a farm, and how to organize and operate a farm.

Call Number: 82.3 GET
Subjects: Beginning farming , Family farms , Farm management and decision making , Part-time farming , Small farms

Title: Personnel decisions in the family farm business
Author: Amy R. Lyman
Published: Berkeley, CA : Agricultural Personnel Management Program, University of California

Summary: The six case studies in this booklet show how family history, tradition and interpersonal issues between family members can influence decision making and business results in family owned and operated farms and agricultural enterprises. The booklet is designed to help families recognize and deal with such influences and problems.

Call Number: 81.85 LYM
Subjects: Family farms , Family life , Farm labor , Farm management and decision making , Small business , Small farms

Title: Profitable pratices and strategies for a new generation
Published: Lincoln, NE : Center for Rural Affairs for the North Central Initiative for Small Farm Profitability , 2002

Summary: case studies prepared by the Center for Rural Affairs for the North Central Initiative for Small Farm Profitability

Call Number: 50.9 PRO
Subjects: Alternative agriculture , Alternative field crops , Beef , Beginning farming , Cattle , Cattle, beef , Cattle, dairy , Cooperatives and cooperation , Dairy production , Family farms , Family life , Hogs , Pork


Title: Farm decision making : one family's story
Contributors: Produced in cooperation with Cornell Cooperative Extension, Maryland Cooperative Extension, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture
Published: Ithaca, NY : Cornell University , c1999

Call Number: 63.3 FAR
Subjects: Family farms , Family life , Farm management and decision making , Grains , Organic farming

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