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Title: Whole life economics : revaluing daily life
Author: Barbara Brandt
Published: Gabriola Island, BC : New Society Publishers , c1995

Summary: This book describes an economics that more fully meets human needs, supports personal and community relationships, promotes justice and enpowerment, and is more respectful of the environment. This economics values the largely uncredited work done by women and other marginalized groups.

ISBN: 0865712662
Call Number: 80.1 BRA
Subjects: Human ecology , Sustainable development , Women and economic development


Title: Entrepreneurial training for farm women and farm management teams : a self-study project in six modules
Contributors: Women Entrepreneurs of Saskatchewan and Garven & Associates Ltd.
Published: Ottowa, Ontario, Canada : Canadian Farm Business Managemement Council , c1997

Summary: The programs in this book will guide farm women, farm amnagers, and farm business management teams to understand the potential profitability and feasibility of their business idea.

Call Number: 10.74 ENT
Subjects: Entrepreneurship , New businesses planning , Women and economic development , Women in business

Title: What do we want to sustain? : Developing a comprehensive vision of sustainable agriculture
Author: Patricia Allen
Second Author: Carolyn Sachs
Published: Santa Cruz, CA : Agroecology Program, University of California, Santa Cruz
Series: [Sustainability in the balance series]

Summary: This paper discusses broader socioeconomic issues related to developing a sustainable agriculture system, providing a caution that it is important to specify who or what should be sustained, taking into account the needs and perspectives of workers, women, and people of color. agriculture visions?

Call Number: 80.1 ALL
Subjects: Food systems , Sustainable agriculture , Sustainable development , Women and economic development

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