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Title: 50 simple things you can do to save the earth
Author: Javnarama
Published: Berkeley, CA : Earthworks Press , c1989 1st ed.

Summary: This book shows what individuals can do personally to help clean up the environment. Examples of tips include stopping junk mail, keeping tires inflated, turning down water heaters, using unbleached coffee filters and so on.

ISBN: 0929634063
Call Number: 20 FIF
Subjects: Environmental protection , Sustainable living

Title: Creating a sustainable future : learning to change your life, the community and the world
Author: John A. Francis
Published: [Pullman, WA] : Kellogg/Washington State University Integrated Farming Systems Holistic Management Project , 1999

Summary: This book examines the progress of a project undertaken to help farmers, ranchers and others take charge of their lives, their work and their communities through the development of trust building, consensus, leadership and holistic management skills.

Call Number: 80.5 FRA
Subjects: Activism , Community development , Group meeting skills , Holistic management , Leadership , Social change , Sustainable agriculture , Sustainable living

Title: Fostering sustainable behavior : an introduction to community-based social marketing
Author: Doug McKenzie Mohr
Second Author: William Smith
Published: Gabriola Island, BC : New Society Publishers , c1999

Summary: This book details how to uncover the barriers that prevent people from engaging in sustainable behaviors and provides a set of tools that help to foster behavior change. It also describes how to design and evaluate programs.

ISBN: 0865714061
Call Number: 80.5 MAC
Subjects: Activism , Marketing for non-profit organizations , Social change , Sustainable living

Title: How to earn extra money in the country : a country living resources guide
Author: Ken Scharabok
Published: Waverly, TN : c1999

Summary: This book emphasizes the possibilities of products and servicesw hich can provide supplemental income and contains a three page listing of potential opportunities.

Call Number: 80.13 SCH
Subjects: Agribusiness , Alternative enterprises , Homesteading , Self-sufficiency , Sustainable living

Title: Ishmael :
Author: Daniel Quinn
Second Author:
Published: New York, NY : Bantam , 1995, c1992 Bantam trade paperback ed.

Summary: In this novel, Ishmael, a captive lowland gorilla, teaches that humanity's adoption of agriculture and consequent separation from the natural world has resulted in an environmental and spiritual catastophe and suggests ways humans can save the world from themselves.

ISBN: 0553375407
Call Number: 80 QUI
Subjects: Environmental degradation , Human ecology , Social change , Sustainable living

Title: The Real Goods solar living sourcebook : the complete guide to renewable energy technologies and sustainable living
Contributors: Executive Editor, John Schaeffer ; edited by Doug Pratt and the Real Goods staff
Published: White River Junction, VT : Distributed by Chelsea Green Publishing Company , c1996 9th ed.

Summary: This book is a product guide and also contains articles on virutally all aspects of appropriate technology. The chapters cover independent living, land, shelter, harvesting solar, wind and hydro energy, managing energy systems, heating and cooling, water conservation, heating, and purification, energy conservation, alternatives to toxic materials in the home, home and marketing gardening, transportation and electric vehicles, livelihood and learning.

ISBN: 0930031822
Call Number: 30.9 SOL
Subjects: Ecological structures , Energy conservation , Gardening , Quality of life , Renewable energy technology , Solar energy , Sustainable living , Wind energy

Title: Simple living : one couple's search for a better life
Author: Frank Levering
Second Author: Wanda Urbanska
Published: New York, NY : Penguin Books , c1992

Summary: A couple living a fast-paced life move to the Blue Ridge Mountains. This book is their story as they adjust to a simpler, more satisfying lifestyle.

ISBN: 0140123393
Call Number: 80.13 LEV
Subjects: Orchards , Sustainable living , Urban-rural migration

Title: Solviva : how to grow $500,000 on one acre & peace on earth
Author: Anna Edey
Second Author:
Published: Martha's Vineyard, MA : Trailblazer Press , c1998 1st ed.

Summary: The book describes the author's attempts to live sustainably; with today's knowledge and technology via Solviva Solar-Dynamic, Bio-Benign Design. Topics cover waste water management, food production, energy and transportation, solid waste management, construction and maintenance of the Solviva greenhouse and farm, garden and animal production.

ISBN: 0966234901
Call Number: 61.05 EDE
Subjects: Greenhouses, alternative energy , Greenhouses, management , Greenhouses, production , Renewable energy technology , Solar energy , Sustainable agriculture , Sustainable living


Title: Facilitator's guide for social capital : facilitating sustainable communities
Author: Douglas B. Johnson, Elizabeth Ann R. Bird, Frederick H. Buttel
Published: Madison, WI : Quality of Life Project of the Consortium for Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education ; Program on Agricultural Technology Studies, College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, University of Wisconsin-Madison , c1997

Summary: This booklet is a facilitator's aid for leading workshops in tandem with the video, Social capital and sustainability : the community and managing change in agriculture and a workbook for workshop participants. Both the video and the booklet examine the concept of social capital, the degree of solidarity, trust and mutual aid in communities of interest or communities of place, and how it can built up to improve the quality of life.

Call Number: 80.3 FAC
Subjects: Activism , Community development , Group meeting skills , Quality of life , Rural development , Social change , Sustainable development , Sustainable living


Title: Mapping your way to a sustainable future
Published: Pullman, WA : Cooperative Extension, Washington State University , 1999

Summary: This video looks at the impacts of a 4-year integrated farming systems project, emphasizing holistic decision-making and consensus building among the participants.

Call Number: 80.5 MAP
Subjects: Activism , Community development , Group meeting skills , Holistic management , Leadership , Social change , Sustainable agriculture , Sustainable living


Title: Programs & products for self-reliance
Author: Kathleen Lamont
Published: Waynesville, NC : Back to Basics
Series: Back to Basics

Summary: Kathleen Lamont talks about starting a garden and the mistakes that she made, food storage and preservation, and setting up a self-sufficient homestead.

Publishers Number: POB 1138
Call Number: 80.13 LAM
Subjects: Food storage and preservation , Gardening , Homesteading , Organic foods , Organic gardening , Self-sufficiency , Sustainable living

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