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Title: Agroecology : the science of sustainable agriculture
Author: Miguel A. Altieri
Published: Boulder, CO : Westview Press , 1995 2nd ed.

Summary: Agroecology incorporates ideas about a more environmentally and socially sensitive approach to agriculture, one that focuses on sustainability as well as production. The author extracts the key principles of sustainable agriculture and discusses successful management systems, drawing on case studies of sustainable rural development. Chapters cover agroecological thought, methodology and practice, sustainable technology, traditional agriculture, ecologically based agricultural development programs, organic farming, polyculture cropping, cover cropping and mulching, crop rotation and minimum tillage, agroforestry, integrated pest management, weed and plant disease ecology and management, and management of pastures and soil. Some chapters are contributed by Susanna B. Hecht, Richard Norgaard, Thomas O. Sikor, John G. Farrell, Bill Murphy, Matt Liebman and Fred Magdoff.

ISBN: 0813317185
Subjects: Agricultural ecology , Sustainable agriculture , Sustainable development

Title: Developing sustainable communities : local empowerment in a global environment, July 22-25, 1991
Contributors: 23rd Annual International Community Development Society Conference
Second Author:
Published: Columbus, OH : Community Development Society , 1991

Summary: This publication is the conference program bringing together several workshop materials and papers on the topic of sustainable community development.

Call Number: 80.14 DEV
Subjects: Community development , Sustainable development

Title: For all generations : making world agriculture more sustainable
Contributors: Edited by J. Patrick Madden, Scott G. Chaplowe
Published: Glendale, CA : OM Publishing , c1997

Summary: The chapters in Part I provide an overview of the development and progress of sustainable practices, including a chapter that discusses the question of whether organic agriculture can feed the world, chapters on the role of transnational corporations in agriculture, community supported agriculture, urban agriculture, and farmer-centered development. Part II consists of profiles of organizations contributing to the goals of sustainable agriculture.

ISBN: 0965576701
Call Number: 50.9 FOR
Subjects: Sustainable agriculture , Sustainable development

Title: Future horizons : recent literature in sustainable agriculture
Contributors: Gabriel Hegyes and Charles A. Francis, editors
Published: Lincoln, NE : Center for Sustainable Agricultural Systems, Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of Nebraska-Lincoln , 1997
Series: Extension and education materials for sustainable agriculture Volume 6

Summary: A large number of articles covering sustainable agriculture, ecology, economic and social dimensions of sustainability, historical and cultural insights, farming activities, soil quality, crop pests, and learning about sustainability.

Call Number: 50.9 FUT
Subjects: Agricultural ecology , Environmental protection , Farm management and decision making , Pest control , Soil management , Sustainable agriculture , Sustainable development

Title: Holistic management : a new framework for decision making
Author: Allan Savory
Contributors: With Jody Butterfield
Published: Washington, D.C. : Island Press , c1999

Summary: Holistic management considers humans, their economies, and the environment as inseparable. At the heart of the approach lies a simple testing process that enables people to make decisions that simultaneously consider economic, social, and environmental realities, both short- and long-term. The book can be used as a guide for all those seeking to restore and promote the health of their land or make better decisions within their businesses, communities or any aspect of their lives.

ISBN: 1559634871
Call Number: 81.1 SAV
Subjects: Agricultural ecology , Holistic management , Human ecology , Land use , Management , Sustainable development

Title: Kentucky farms and markets : emerging policy opportunities
Author: James V. Worstell
Published: Frankfort, KY : Office of Environmental Outreach, Kentucky Dept. of Agriculture

Summary: This report discusses the need to develop agricultural policy in Kentucky that supports sustainable marketing opportunities, sustainable development, and locally owned value-added enterprises. It provides summaries of examples of programs from other states and contact information for those programs.

Call Number: 80.61 WOR
Subjects: Alternative enterprises , Government policy and programs , Marketing , Rural development , Sustainable agriculture , Sustainable development , Value-added

Title: Livestock for a small earth : the role of animals in a just and sustainable world
Contributors: Edited by Jerry Aaker, Heifer Project International ; contributors, James DeVries ... [et. al.] ; illustrations by Barbara W. Carter
Published: Washington, D.C. : Seven Locks Press , 1994

Summary: A collection of essays. A guide for creating and maintaining development projects in rural areas of the world based on animal agriculture, careful attention to existing ecosystems and the unique concept of "passing on the gift."

ISBN: 0929765281
Call Number: 70 LIV
Subjects: Livestock , Rural development , Sustainable agriculture , Sustainable development

Title: People, land, and community : collected E.F. Schumacher Society Lectures
Contributors: Edited by Hildegarde Hannum
Published: New Haven, CT : Yale University Press , c1997

Summary: Twenty of the forty lectures sponsored by the E.F. Schumacher Society from 1981 to 1996. They address such topics as the importance of sustainability, community, locally based economies of scale, education, the dignity of work, balance between human needs and the health of the natural world, the dangers of corporate globalization, and agricultural reform.

ISBN: 03000717736
Call Number: 80.14 PEO
Subjects: Sustainable development

Title: Principles of sustainable development
Contributors: Edited by F. Douglas Muschett
Published: Delray Beach, FL : St. Lucie Press , c1997

Summary: Six chapters by different authors cover such topics as environmental sustainability and economic development, sustainable technologies, identifying sustainable approaches, and measuring progress.

ISBN: 1574440799
Call Number: 80.14 PRI
Subjects: Sustainable development

Title: Small is beautiful : economics as if people mattered
Author: E.F. Schumacher
Second Author:
Published: New York, NY : HarperPerennial , 1989 1st Perennial Library ed.

Summary: The famed classic of alternative economics, criticizing acquisitiveness, consumption, the pursuit short-term profit, efficiency, and mass production at all costs, centralization and concentration of economic power, and the technology that supports these tendencies. The author advocates for decentralization of economic power, technology that is appropriate to small-scale operations, environmental awareness and care of the earth, and a rehumanization of work as self-fulfillment rather than a matter of production, and a reassessment of fundamental values that relate to the quality of life.

ISBN: 0060916303
Call Number: 80.1 SCH
Subjects: Quality of life , Social change , Sustainable development

Title: Sustainable America : a new consensus for prosperity, opportunity, and a healthy environment for the future
Second Author:
Published: Washington, D.C. : President's Council on Sustainable Development , 1996

Summary: The Council's report to President Clinton, recommending a national action strategy for sustainable development. Parts of the report include a vision statement, a set of national goals, environmental protection, information and education, strengthening communities, stewardship of natural resources, population, and international leadership.

ISBN: 0160485290
Call Number: 80.14 SUS
Subjects: Environmental protection , Sustainable development

Title: Whole life economics : revaluing daily life
Author: Barbara Brandt
Published: Gabriola Island, BC : New Society Publishers , c1995

Summary: This book describes an economics that more fully meets human needs, supports personal and community relationships, promotes justice and enpowerment, and is more respectful of the environment. This economics values the largely uncredited work done by women and other marginalized groups.

ISBN: 0865712662
Call Number: 80.1 BRA
Subjects: Human ecology , Sustainable development , Women and economic development


Title: A collaborative value added network for sustainably grown fiber products :
Contributors: The Missouri Textile and Apparel Center, College of Human Environmental Sciences, University of Missouri, Columbia
Second Author:
Published: Columbia, MO : Missouri Textile and Apparel Center

Summary: A paper based on a proposal submitted to the USDA, to create a project that would bring sustainably grown fiber products from the farmer to the consumer in a way that will aid rural economic development by adding value to locally grown fiber products as well as enhance environmental stewardship.

Call Number: 86.64 COL
Subjects: Alternative field crops , Handicrafts , Rural development , Sustainable development , Value-added

Title: Facilitator's guide for social capital : facilitating sustainable communities
Author: Douglas B. Johnson, Elizabeth Ann R. Bird, Frederick H. Buttel
Published: Madison, WI : Quality of Life Project of the Consortium for Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education ; Program on Agricultural Technology Studies, College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, University of Wisconsin-Madison , c1997

Summary: This booklet is a facilitator's aid for leading workshops in tandem with the video, Social capital and sustainability : the community and managing change in agriculture and a workbook for workshop participants. Both the video and the booklet examine the concept of social capital, the degree of solidarity, trust and mutual aid in communities of interest or communities of place, and how it can built up to improve the quality of life.

Call Number: 80.3 FAC
Subjects: Activism , Community development , Group meeting skills , Quality of life , Rural development , Social change , Sustainable development , Sustainable living

Title: The human face of sustainable agriculture : adding people to the environmental agenda
Author: Patricia Allen
Published: Santa Cruz, CA : Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems, University of California, Santa Cruz , 1994
Series: Sustainability in the balance series Issue paper no. 4

Summary: This paper draws attention to the importance of considering social issues in the development of sustainable agriculture in addition to environmentally sound production techniques, including issues of equitable food distribution, race, ethnicity, gender, income distribution, labor conditions in food and agriculture, and the distribution of decision making power in U.S. agriculture.

Call Number: 80.1 ALL
Subjects: Food systems , Government policy and programs , Social change , Sustainable agriculture , Sustainable development

Title: What do we want to sustain? : Developing a comprehensive vision of sustainable agriculture
Author: Patricia Allen
Second Author: Carolyn Sachs
Published: Santa Cruz, CA : Agroecology Program, University of California, Santa Cruz
Series: [Sustainability in the balance series]

Summary: This paper discusses broader socioeconomic issues related to developing a sustainable agriculture system, providing a caution that it is important to specify who or what should be sustained, taking into account the needs and perspectives of workers, women, and people of color. agriculture visions?

Call Number: 80.1 ALL
Subjects: Food systems , Sustainable agriculture , Sustainable development , Women and economic development


Title: Creating communities that work
Published: Golden, CO : Center of Excellence for Sustainable Development, U.S. Dept. of Energy Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, Denver Regional Support Office

Call Number: 80.14 CRE
Subjects: Community development , Sustainable development

Title: Social capital and sustainability : the community and managing change in agriculture
Published: Ames, IA : Iowa State University Extension , c1996

Call Number: 80.3 SOC
Subjects: Community development , Rural development , Social change , Sustainable agriculture , Sustainable development

Title: Sustainable agriculture worldwide : with Terry Gips
Published: Barre, MA : Northeast Organic Farming Association , c1989

Publishers Number: 8912
Call Number: 50.9 SUS
Subjects: Sustainable agriculture , Sustainable development

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