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Title: The gift of the good land : further essays cultural and agricultural
Author: Wendell Berry
Published: San Francisco, CA : North Point Press , c1981

Summary: In this collection of twenty-four essays the author deepens his advocacy of an ecologically and culturally responsible agriculture with examples of traditional farming practices, many of which demonstrate the essential interdependence between agriculture and human culture as a whole.

ISBN: 0865470529
Call Number: 80 BER
Subjects: Agricultural ecology , Alternative agriculture , Alternative agriculture, advocacy , Amish farms , Human ecology , Quality of life

Title: Holistic management : a new framework for decision making
Author: Allan Savory
Contributors: With Jody Butterfield
Published: Washington, D.C. : Island Press , c1999

Summary: Holistic management considers humans, their economies, and the environment as inseparable. At the heart of the approach lies a simple testing process that enables people to make decisions that simultaneously consider economic, social, and environmental realities, both short- and long-term. The book can be used as a guide for all those seeking to restore and promote the health of their land or make better decisions within their businesses, communities or any aspect of their lives.

ISBN: 1559634871
Call Number: 81.1 SAV
Subjects: Agricultural ecology , Holistic management , Human ecology , Land use , Management , Sustainable development

Title: Ishmael :
Author: Daniel Quinn
Second Author:
Published: New York, NY : Bantam , 1995, c1992 Bantam trade paperback ed.

Summary: In this novel, Ishmael, a captive lowland gorilla, teaches that humanity's adoption of agriculture and consequent separation from the natural world has resulted in an environmental and spiritual catastophe and suggests ways humans can save the world from themselves.

ISBN: 0553375407
Call Number: 80 QUI
Subjects: Environmental degradation , Human ecology , Social change , Sustainable living

Title: Whole life economics : revaluing daily life
Author: Barbara Brandt
Published: Gabriola Island, BC : New Society Publishers , c1995

Summary: This book describes an economics that more fully meets human needs, supports personal and community relationships, promotes justice and enpowerment, and is more respectful of the environment. This economics values the largely uncredited work done by women and other marginalized groups.

ISBN: 0865712662
Call Number: 80.1 BRA
Subjects: Human ecology , Sustainable development , Women and economic development

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