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Title: ACEnet replication manual
Author: Linda Morris
Second Author: Shari Nogrady
Published: Athens, OH : ACEnet , 1999?

Summary: This manual is a blueprint for adapting the Appalachian Center for Economic Networks (ACEnet) cooperative economic development strategies to fight poverty and support local economic empowerment, including how to set up a "community kitchen incubator" to serve as a communication focal point and a shared production facility for microenterprises.

Call Number: 80.11 ACE
Subjects: Activism , Alternative enterprises , Community development , Food processing , Rural development , Small business

Title: The complete guide to getting a grant : how to turn your ideas into dollars
Author: Laurie Blum
Published: New York, NY : John Wiley & Sons , 1996 Revised ed.

Summary: The details of getting funded, including shaping your idea to attract funding, preparing your funding campaign, building a prospect list, using basic references, and keeping data sheets, proposal writing, and following up on responses.

ISBN: 047115508X
Call Number: 80.55 BLU
Subjects: Activism , Fundraising , Grants and proposal writing

Title: Cooperation works! : how people are using cooperative action to rebuild communities and revitalize the economy
Author: E.G. Nadeau
Second Author: David J. Thomson
Published: Rochester, MN : Lone Oak Press, Ltd. , c1996 1st ed.

Summary: Through more than 50 examples, this book shows how people can take more control over their lives through cooperative action and provides ideas on how readers can take similar action. Part I explores cooperative approaches to business, including agricultural, small business, consumer co-ops, and worker-owned enterprises. Part II explores housing co-ops and credit unions. Part III explores the relationship between cooperatives and community development.

ISBN: 1883477131
Call Number: 83.4 NAD
Subjects: Activism , Community development , Cooperatives and cooperation

Title: Creating a sustainable future : learning to change your life, the community and the world
Author: John A. Francis
Published: [Pullman, WA] : Kellogg/Washington State University Integrated Farming Systems Holistic Management Project , 1999

Summary: This book examines the progress of a project undertaken to help farmers, ranchers and others take charge of their lives, their work and their communities through the development of trust building, consensus, leadership and holistic management skills.

Call Number: 80.5 FRA
Subjects: Activism , Community development , Group meeting skills , Holistic management , Leadership , Social change , Sustainable agriculture , Sustainable living

Title: Doing community-based research : a reader
Contributors: Compiled and edited by Danny Murphy, Madeleine Scammell & Richard Sclove
Published: Amherst, MA : Loka Institute ; Knoxville, TN : Community Partnership Center , 1997

Summary: Community-based research is conducted by, for, or with the participation of community members. The articles compiled in this publication come from both scholars and activists and illustrate the diversity of issues addressed by this research approach.

Call Number: 10.3 DOI
Subjects: Activism , Community sponsored research , Social change

Title: Fostering sustainable behavior : an introduction to community-based social marketing
Author: Doug McKenzie Mohr
Second Author: William Smith
Published: Gabriola Island, BC : New Society Publishers , c1999

Summary: This book details how to uncover the barriers that prevent people from engaging in sustainable behaviors and provides a set of tools that help to foster behavior change. It also describes how to design and evaluate programs.

ISBN: 0865714061
Call Number: 80.5 MAC
Subjects: Activism , Marketing for non-profit organizations , Social change , Sustainable living

Title: Grassroots and nonprofit leadership : a guide for organizations in changing times
Contributors: Berit M. Lakey ... [et. al.]
Published: Gabriola Island, BC : New Society Publishers , c1995

Summary: This books explores a broad range of organizational issues. It clarifies the nature of power and leadership, the stages of social movements, and the social environment in which change organizations exist. It includes ways to build diversity in membership, staff, and board, create a more effective board, improve staff and membership morale, supervise staff and volunteers more effectively, develop outreach plans, help meetings be less boring, plan strategy more democratically, and turn conflicts into creative and productive outcomes.

ISBN: 0865713286
Call Number: 80.5 LAK
Subjects: Activism , Leadership , Nonprofit organizations management , Organizational change

Title: Invested in the common good
Author: Susan Meeker-Lowry
Published: Gabriola Island, BC : New Society Publishers , c1995

Summary: This book on socially responsible investing and local economic enpowerment activism describes how to invest in socially responsible money market funds, and community banks and credit unions. It also discusses boycotts, shareholder activism, challenging corporate charters, making loans to socially conscious businesses and organizations, and how to develop and support land trusts, barter and work exchange systems, community supported agriculture, and indigenous peoples' development projects.

ISBN: 0865712921
Call Number: 81.53 MEE
Subjects: Activism , Community development , Socially responsible business

Title: Linking people, purpose, and place : an ecological approach to agriculture
Contributors: Heidi Carter, Richard Olson, and Charles A. Francis, editors
Published: Lincoln, NE : Center for Sustainable Agricultural Systems, University of Nebraska-Lincoln , 1998
Series: Extension and education materials for sustainable agriculture Volume 7

Summary: Agriculture is meant to feed and cloth people while protecting the environment and is pursued in a particular place. This handbook contains examples of management practices that can be used to incorporate beneficial ecological functions into farming systems. It conveys an approach of looking at natural systems for guidance on how to farm more efficiently and profitably. Sections include an introduction linking ecology to agriculture, whole farm planning, soil quality, agroforestry, grazing systems, weed and insect management, farmer groups, and farmland conversion to development. Based on materials used for workshops of the same title held in 1997.

Call Number: 50.9 LIN
Subjects: Activism , Agricultural ecology , Farmers , Grazing , Land development , Pest control , Soil management , Weed management

Title: Marketing matters : building an effective communications program
Contributors: National Center on Child Abuse and Neglect
Published: Alexandria , VA : Advanced Resource Technologies Inc. , [1996]

Summary: Designed for a variety of audiences, this book has undergone extensive field testing to insure that it meets the needs of organizations. The chapters cover identifying an issue and how to work with partners to determine effective ways to address it, defining target audiences and appropriate channels of communication, developing a communication plan and effective outreach and education materials, working with the media, techniques for program implementation and management, and tips for program evaluation.

Call Number: 80.5 MAR
Subjects: Activism , Marketing for non-profit organizations

Title: New pioneers : the back to land movement and the search for a sustainable future
Author: Jeffrey Jacob
Published: University Park, PA : Pennsylvania StateUniversity Press , c1997

Summary: the author studies the "back-to landers" and classifies them into seven subgroups and analyses their values, use of appropriate technology, family division of labor, and predisposition toward environmental activism.

ISBN: 0271016213
Call Number: 80.3 JAC
Subjects: Activism , Social change

Title: Participatory action research and social change
Author: Daniel Selener
Published: Ithaca, NY : Cornell Participatory Action Research Network , 1997 2nd ed.

Summary: This book explores approaches to facilitating social change through participatory action research, in which members of a group(be they educators, farmers, or community activists) also function as the main researchers in identifying problems, collecting data, proposing plans of response, and developing frames of reference to understand and solve problems of concern to them.

ISBN: 997895130X
Call Number: 10.3 SEL
Subjects: Activism , Community sponsored research , On-farm research , Social change

Title: Shared leadership, shared responsibility
Contributors: Heidi Carter and Charles Francis, Editors
Published: Lincoln, NE : Center for Sustainable Agricultural Systems, University of Nebraska-Lincoln , 1996
Series: Extension and Education Materials for Sustainable Agriculture Volume 5

Summary: This handbook includes educational materials and training ideas and materials (articles and handouts) for developing leadership of groups and organizations that work for the implementation of sustainable agriculture programs. There is also coverage of whole farm planning, holistic resource management, entrepreneurship and marketing, group learning methods, and resources.

Call Number: 80.5 SHA
Subjects: Activism , Entrepreneurship , Farm management and decision making , Group meeting skills , Holistic management , Leadership , Marketing , Nonprofit organizations management , Sustainable agriculture

Title: Spin works! : a media guidebook for communicating values and shaping opinion
Author: Robert Bray
Published: Washington , D.C. : National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Policy Institute , c2000

Summary: This guidebook is designed to provide tips and resources to help national and local groups maximize their media potential and is specifically intended for use by groups that can absorb intensified media scrutiny and responsibilites. It includes case studies, helpful checklists, and covers framing issues, constructing messages, writing press releases, pitching stories, developing respectful relationships with reporters, and handling hostile media, using the Internet, working with PR consultants, creating strategic media plans, and photo- ops and other aspects of public relations.

ISBN: 0963368796
Call Number: 80.5 BRA
Subjects: Activism , Social change

Title: The way we grow : good-sense solutions for protecting our families from pesticides in food
Author: Anne Witte Garland
Published: New York, NY : Berkley Books , 1993 Berkley trade paperback ed.

Summary: Drawing on the experience of the organization Mothers & Others for a Liveable Planet, this book details steps that parents can take on their own or together to protect their families from pesticide residues in food and work for a safe and sound food policy.

ISBN: 042514061X
Call Number: 80.4 GAR
Subjects: Activism , Food systems , Nutrition , Pesticide residues


Title: Facilitator's guide for social capital : facilitating sustainable communities
Author: Douglas B. Johnson, Elizabeth Ann R. Bird, Frederick H. Buttel
Published: Madison, WI : Quality of Life Project of the Consortium for Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education ; Program on Agricultural Technology Studies, College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, University of Wisconsin-Madison , c1997

Summary: This booklet is a facilitator's aid for leading workshops in tandem with the video, Social capital and sustainability : the community and managing change in agriculture and a workbook for workshop participants. Both the video and the booklet examine the concept of social capital, the degree of solidarity, trust and mutual aid in communities of interest or communities of place, and how it can built up to improve the quality of life.

Call Number: 80.3 FAC
Subjects: Activism , Community development , Group meeting skills , Quality of life , Rural development , Social change , Sustainable development , Sustainable living

Title: Marketing sustainable agriculture : a promoter's toolbox
Contributors: James I. Grieshop, Kathleen Peck, Arnaz Raj
Published: Oakland, CA : University of California Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources , c1996

Summary: This publication provides a series of ideas and instruments for promoting sustainable agriculture and to specifically encourage a broad information exchange among all those involved in sustainable agriculture research. Part 1 presents methods for developing solutions that are consistent with grower's needs, concerns, preferences, and perceptions. Part 2 presents methods for linking growers through the use of various media.

ISBN: 1879906295
Call Number: 80.5 MAR
Subjects: Activism , Group meeting skills , Sustainable agriculture

Title: Marketing sustainable agriculture : case studies and analysis from Europe
Contributors: Edited by the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy
Published: Minneapolis, MN : Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, Environment and Agriculture Program , 1999?

Summary: This publication stems from the Marketing Sustainable Agriculture Tour and Symposium held in 1998. It contains many examples of innovative marketing initiatives from England, France, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland and the Netherlands. Many of the projects reported here aim to stimulate or rebuild local markets for regional food, especially by incorporating aspects of ecology, animal welfare, traceability and food safety. Also featured are some successful examples of retailers who differentiate their products with green marketing, and many case studies of farmers and community groups organizing themselves to take greater control of the food marketing chain.

Call Number: 85 MAR
Subjects: Activism , Alternative enterprises , Green products , Marketing , Sustainable agriculture

Title: NADO guide to grassroots action : speaking up for rural America, 1999 Annual Training Conference, the Fairmont Hotel, New Orleans, LA, August 29-31, 1999
Second Author:
Published: Washington, D.C. : National Association of Development Organizations , 1999?

Summary: This publication is intended to help regional development professionals and local elected officials stay informed of grassroots organizing techniques and advocacy fundamentals.

Call Number: 80.5 NAD
Subjects: Activism , Rural development

Title: Reshaping the institutions that are shaping the food system
Author: Duane Dale
Published: Amherst, MA : DFD Associates , 1999

Summary: This booklet tells some of the stories of recent efforts to change the institutions that shape the food system and food system research so that activists will be able to look at the success stories and learn from them.

Call Number: 80.4 DAL
Subjects: Activism , Agricultural research , Food systems , Organizational change

Title: To till it and keep it : new models for congregational involvement with the land
Author: Dan Guenthner
Published: Osceola, WI : Published by author , c1995

Summary: This publication explores various models for church- sponsored agricultural stewardship projects, such as community supported agriculture, community gardening, youth gardening, support for local food systems, church food purchase policy, seed saving, preservation of farm land, and environmental tithing.

Call Number: 80.5 GUE
Subjects: Activism , Local food systems , Social change


Title: Growing the Three Sisters : community organizing and local food systems : Robert Karp, Field to Family Project (Iowa), Mar. 23, 1999
Published: Lincoln, NE : Cooperative Extension Division, University of Nebraska-Lincoln , c1998
Series: Small farming systems seminar series

Call Number: 80.42 GRO
Subjects: Activism , Local food systems

Title: Mapping your way to a sustainable future
Published: Pullman, WA : Cooperative Extension, Washington State University , 1999

Summary: This video looks at the impacts of a 4-year integrated farming systems project, emphasizing holistic decision-making and consensus building among the participants.

Call Number: 80.5 MAP
Subjects: Activism , Community development , Group meeting skills , Holistic management , Leadership , Social change , Sustainable agriculture , Sustainable living

Title: One community meets the challenge
Published: Columbia, MO : Cooperative Video Group, University Outreach/University Extension, University of Missouri , c1995

Summary: Carrollton, Mo. does a much better job of coping with the aftermath of the flood of 1993 than comparable communities because of prior preparation that enlisted the cooperation and support of the residents and community organizations.

Call Number: 80.11 ONE
Subjects: Activism , Community development

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