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Title: 2001 organic farm management handbook
Contributors: Edited by Nic Lampkin and Mark Measures
Published: Aberystwyth, Wales : Organic Farming Research Unit, Institute of Rural Studies, University of Wales ; Hampstead Marshall, Berkshire, England : Organic Advisory Service, Elm Farm Research Centre , 2001 4th ed.

Summary: This handbook, produced in the United Kingdom, provides business management information for farmers and others concerned with the management of organic farms. There are chapters on marketing, certification, conversion to organic farming, crop production, arable crop gross margins, livestock production, whole farm performance, environmental management and information resources.

ISBN: 1872064329
Call Number: 53 TWO
Subjects: Agricultural ecology , Alternative field crops , Cover crops and green manure crops , Crop production , Economic forecasting , Farm management and decision making , Forage crops , Livestock , Organic certification , Organic farming , Vegetables

Title: Agroecology : the science of sustainable agriculture
Author: Miguel A. Altieri
Published: Boulder, CO : Westview Press , 1995 2nd ed.

Summary: Agroecology incorporates ideas about a more environmentally and socially sensitive approach to agriculture, one that focuses on sustainability as well as production. The author extracts the key principles of sustainable agriculture and discusses successful management systems, drawing on case studies of sustainable rural development. Chapters cover agroecological thought, methodology and practice, sustainable technology, traditional agriculture, ecologically based agricultural development programs, organic farming, polyculture cropping, cover cropping and mulching, crop rotation and minimum tillage, agroforestry, integrated pest management, weed and plant disease ecology and management, and management of pastures and soil. Some chapters are contributed by Susanna B. Hecht, Richard Norgaard, Thomas O. Sikor, John G. Farrell, Bill Murphy, Matt Liebman and Fred Magdoff.

ISBN: 0813317185
Subjects: Agricultural ecology , Sustainable agriculture , Sustainable development

Title: The biological farmer : a complete guide to the sustainable & profitable biological system of farming
Author: Gary F. Zimmer
Published: Austin, TX : Acres U.S.A. , c2000

Summary: Biological farming strives to reduce input costs, increase profits, and, at the same time, improve soil conditions and livestock health, reduce erosion, disease, weed and insect pressure and improve the environment. Biological farmers learn how to evaluate soil for its health, tilth and soil life and take steps to get soils in balance, which may at times include the judicious use of synthetic fertilizers.

ISBN: 0911311629
Call Number: 58 ZIM
Subjects: Agricultural ecology , Alternative agriculture , Biological farming , Crop production , Fertility , Soil management , Soil testing , Sustainable agriculture

Title: Eco-farm : an Acres U.S.A. primer
Author: Charles Walters
Second Author: C.J. Fenzau
Published: Acres U.S.A. , c1996

Summary: The authors prescribe ways to manage fertility, crops, insects and weeds in terms of soil nutrient exchange capacity and pH modification, and recommend composting, rotation and tillage practices that will prevent the malnutrition and ecological imbalances that result from NPK fertilizers and other chemical applications.

ISBN: 0911311505
Call Number: 50.9 WAL
Subjects: Agricultural ecology , Alternative agriculture , Fertility , Organic farming , Pest control , Weed management

Title: Environmental enhancement through agriculture : proceedings of a conference, Boston, Massachusetts, November 15-17, 1995
Contributors: William Lockeretz, editor
Published: Medford, MA : Center for Agriculture, Food and Environment, School of Nutrition and Science Policy, Tufts University , 1996

Summary: These proceedings explore how to create agricultural production systems that produce environmental benefits in contrast to merely being environmentally benign. The papers are grouped under the following topics: watershed protection, wildlife conservation and biodiversity, livestock systems, waste recycling and nutrient management, energy from agricultural biomass, metropolitan agriculture and farming, national policies on agriculture and the environment, and agricultural development and the environment.

Call Number: 20 ENV
Subjects: Agricultural ecology , Alternative fuels , Farmland preservation , Livestock , Local food systems , Recycling , Soil management , Water quality , Wildlife

Title: Farming in nature's image : an ecological approach to agriculture
Author: Judith D. Soule
Second Author: John K. Piper
Published: Washington, D.C. : Island Press , c1992

Summary: Rooted in the agriculture curriculum of the Land Institute, the beginning and middle chapters of this book demonstrate the destructive effects of industrial agriculture and to suggest an approach to solving agricultural problems that draws on models provided by natural ecosystems. Chapter 5 discusses the feasibility of a "prairielike agriculture." Chapter 6 discusses the social, cultural and research issues involved in developing an agricultural model in which farms mimic native ecosystems.

ISBN: 0933280882
Call Number: 50.9 SOU
Subjects: Agricultural ecology , Permaculture , Sustainable agriculture

Title: Future horizons : recent literature in sustainable agriculture
Contributors: Gabriel Hegyes and Charles A. Francis, editors
Published: Lincoln, NE : Center for Sustainable Agricultural Systems, Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of Nebraska-Lincoln , 1997
Series: Extension and education materials for sustainable agriculture Volume 6

Summary: A large number of articles covering sustainable agriculture, ecology, economic and social dimensions of sustainability, historical and cultural insights, farming activities, soil quality, crop pests, and learning about sustainability.

Call Number: 50.9 FUT
Subjects: Agricultural ecology , Environmental protection , Farm management and decision making , Pest control , Soil management , Sustainable agriculture , Sustainable development

Title: The gift of the good land : further essays cultural and agricultural
Author: Wendell Berry
Published: San Francisco, CA : North Point Press , c1981

Summary: In this collection of twenty-four essays the author deepens his advocacy of an ecologically and culturally responsible agriculture with examples of traditional farming practices, many of which demonstrate the essential interdependence between agriculture and human culture as a whole.

ISBN: 0865470529
Call Number: 80 BER
Subjects: Agricultural ecology , Alternative agriculture , Alternative agriculture, advocacy , Amish farms , Human ecology , Quality of life

Title: Holistic management : a new framework for decision making
Author: Allan Savory
Contributors: With Jody Butterfield
Published: Washington, D.C. : Island Press , c1999

Summary: Holistic management considers humans, their economies, and the environment as inseparable. At the heart of the approach lies a simple testing process that enables people to make decisions that simultaneously consider economic, social, and environmental realities, both short- and long-term. The book can be used as a guide for all those seeking to restore and promote the health of their land or make better decisions within their businesses, communities or any aspect of their lives.

ISBN: 1559634871
Call Number: 81.1 SAV
Subjects: Agricultural ecology , Holistic management , Human ecology , Land use , Management , Sustainable development

Title: The humane consumer and producer guide : buying and producing farm animal products for a humane sustainable future
Published: Minneapolis, MN : International Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture , c1993 1993/1994 ed.

Summary: Copublished with the Humane Society of the United States, this book is a directory of producers who have indicated that their farms and ranches meet general principles of humane and ecologically sound animal husbandry, of processors, wholesalers and retailers who claim to sell products from humanely treated animals and of associations supporting humane practices.

Call Number: 86 HUM
Subjects: Agricultural ecology , Alternative agriculture , Animal health , Sustainable agriculture

Title: Intensive grazing management-- forage, animals, men, profits
Contributors: Burt Smith, Ping Sun Leung, George Love
Published: Kamuela, HI : Graziers Hui , c1986

Summary: Chapters include an introduction to intensive grazing, getting started, financial analysis, basics for soil, plants and animals, animal health, ecology, electric fencing and design, grazing unit design, basic grazing, forage conservation, uses of "hi-tech" equipment and intensive grazing management.

Call Number: 70.51 INT
Subjects: Agricultural ecology , Animal health , Cattle , Fences , Forage crops , Grazing , Intensive grazing , Pasture management , Soils

Title: Journal of Sustainable Agriculture : Volume 14, no.1
Contributors: Editor, Raymond P. Poincelot
Published: Binghamton, NY : Food Products Press , 1999

Summary: This issue consists of essays on sustainable agriculture methods drawn from the world over. There are articles on the management of white grubs in Mexico, the benefits of integration of forage legumes and cereal crops on cattle production, land management in Nigeria, privatization of agricultural extension in New Zealand, comparing the environmental damage potential of applying chemical fertilizer vs. animal wastes, using animal wastes as fertilizer and feed stuff, and visions for ecologically sound agricultural systems.

Call Number: 50.9 JOU
Subjects: Agricultural ecology , Environmental degradation , Extension programs , Forage crops , Land use , Legumes , Manure , Organic wastes , Pest control , Sustainable agriculture

Title: Linking people, purpose, and place : an ecological approach to agriculture
Contributors: Heidi Carter, Richard Olson, and Charles A. Francis, editors
Published: Lincoln, NE : Center for Sustainable Agricultural Systems, University of Nebraska-Lincoln , 1998
Series: Extension and education materials for sustainable agriculture Volume 7

Summary: Agriculture is meant to feed and cloth people while protecting the environment and is pursued in a particular place. This handbook contains examples of management practices that can be used to incorporate beneficial ecological functions into farming systems. It conveys an approach of looking at natural systems for guidance on how to farm more efficiently and profitably. Sections include an introduction linking ecology to agriculture, whole farm planning, soil quality, agroforestry, grazing systems, weed and insect management, farmer groups, and farmland conversion to development. Based on materials used for workshops of the same title held in 1997.

Call Number: 50.9 LIN
Subjects: Activism , Agricultural ecology , Farmers , Grazing , Land development , Pest control , Soil management , Weed management

Title: New roots for agriculture
Author: Wes Jackson
Published: Lincoln, NE : University of Nebraska Press , 1985, c1980 New ed.

Summary: This book criticizes the assumptions and effects of industrial agriculture, especially soil erosion caused by tillage. The author' solution lies in developing a food-producing polyculture of herbaceous perennial crops that rebuilds and nourishes the soil without plowing, fossil-fuel based fertilizers or pesticides.

ISBN: 0803275625
Call Number: 55 JAC
Subjects: Agricultural ecology , Alternative agriculture, advocacy , Alternative field crops , Companion planting , Perennials , Permaculture

Title: Pigs, profits and rural communities
Contributors: Kendall M. Thu and E. Paul Durrenberger, editors
Published: Albany, N.Y. : State University of New York Press , c1998
Series: SUNY Series in Anthropological Studies of Contemporary Issues

Summary: This book addresses the social impacts accompanying the transition from family farm operated pork production systems to a more vertically integrated industrial model and challenges the current economic and agriculture production literature for giving less attention to the consequences of this change for people, surrounding neighborhoods, and local communities.

ISBN: 0791438880
Call Number: 72 PIG
Subjects: Agribusiness , Agricultural ecology , Corporate livestock facilities , Hogs , Meat industry , Pork , Rural development

Title: Proceedings of the National Small Farm Conference
Contributors: Edited by Denis Ebodaghe
Published: Washington, D.C. : Plant and Animal Production, Protection and Processing Division of USDA-Cooperative State Research, Education and Extension Service , 1997

Summary: The proceedings of the National Small Farm Conference held in 1996. There were panel discussions on technology transfer, environmental issues, education, research and extension priorities, marketing, economic opportunities, and papers on many farm-related topics.

Call Number: 82.2 PRO
Subjects: Agricultural ecology , Agricultural research , Extension programs , Farmer education , Small farms

Title: Smallholders, householders : farm families and the ecology of intensive, sustainable agriculture
Author: Robert McC. Netting
Published: Stanford, CA : Stanford University Press , 1993

Summary: This book provides a detailed and innovative analysis of the agricultural efficiency and conservation of resources resulting from the intensive,permanent and diversified agriculture practiced by smallholders the world over and argues that this model of agriculture is a viable alternative to meet the food needs of a growing population.

ISBN: 0804721025
Call Number: 57 NET
Subjects: Agricultural ecology , Family farms , Sustainable agriculture

Title: Sustainable agriculture in the American Midwest : lessons from the past, prospects for the future
Contributors: Edited by Gregory McIsaac and William R. Edwards
Published: Urbana, IL : University of Illinois Press , c1994

Summary: This book provides a general overview and detailed discussion of the social and technical issues related to the development of sustainable agriculture in the American Midwest. Chapters include coverage of indigenous agricultural knowledge, the relationship between cultural beliefs and farming practices, land drainage, agriculture and wildlife, cropping systems, pest management, soil management and biomass fuel production.

ISBN: 0252021002
Call Number: 50.9 SUS
Subjects: Agricultural ecology , Alternative fuels , Crop production , Pest control , Rural sociology , Social change , Soil management , Sustainable agriculture , Wildlife

Title: The unsettling of America : culture & agriculture
Author: Wendell Berry
Second Author:
Published: San Francisco, CA : Sierra Club Books , 1996 3rd ed.

Summary: The author argues against industrial agriculture for cultural as well as economic and ecological reasons, as we suffer estrangement from the land, loss of community and the disintegration of rural life.

ISBN: 0871568772
Call Number: 80 BER
Subjects: Agricultural ecology , Alternative agriculture, advocacy , Environmental degradation , Quality of life , Rural sociology , Social change

Title: Weeds : control without poisons
Author: Charles Walters
Published: Metairie, LA : Acres , c1996 Revised and expanded ed.

Summary: The book discusses weed control without poisons for small seeded annual grasses, perennial grasses and sedges and exotic weeds. Over 100 weeds are covered.

ISBN: 0911311254
Call Number: 66.7 WAL
Subjects: Agricultural ecology , Soil science , Sustainable agriculture , Weed management , Weeds


Title: Clean water and thriving farms : mutual goals in sustainable agriculture
Author: Loni Kemp
Published: St. Paul, MN : The Minnesota Project , 1994

Summary: Agriculture has emerged as the single largest contributor to water pollution, now that industry is largely regulated by the Clean Water Act. Detailed recommendations in this report support watershed-based polluted runoff programs that include the development of local watershed plans, addressing all sources of pollution, and monitoring water quality.

Call Number: 23 KEM
Subjects: Agricultural ecology , Environmental degradation , Water quality

Title: Farm options program guide to sustainable agriculture, conservation and water quality incentive programs in the 1990 Farm Bill :
Author: Ferd Hoefner
Second Author:
Published: Walthill, NE : Center for Rural Affairs , c1991

Summary: This guide summarizes some of the farm program and conservation options that the Sustainable Agriculture Working Group and the Sustainable Agriculture Coalition helped to draft and pass into law.

Call Number: 80.61 HOE
Subjects: Agricultural ecology , Farmland preservation , Sustainable agriculture , Water quality


Title: Common ground
Contributors: National Audubon Society and Turner Broadcasting System
Published: Washington, D.C. : WETA , c1987
Series: National Audubon Society specials

Call Number: 20 COM
Subjects: Agricultural ecology , Environmental protection , Land use , Organic farming , Reduced chemical inputs , Wildlife

Title: Common ground
Contributors: a co-production of the National Audubon Society and Turner Broadcasting System
Published: Washington, D.C., : WETA , 1987
Series: National Audubon Society special

Summary: This video describes ways farmers can reduce or eliminate the use of chemicals, reduce toxic exposure to humans and provide habitat for wildlife while maintaining productive soil and crop lands

Subjects: Agricultural ecology , Organic farming , Reduced chemical inputs , Wildlife , Wildlife, attracting and care

Title: The plow that broke the plains
Published: Davenport, IA : Blackhawk Films , c1936

Call Number: 20 PLO
Subjects: Agricultural ecology , Environmental degradation , Land use

Title: Professor William A. Albrecht's the other side of the fence
Published: Metairie, LA : Acres, U.S.A. , c1996

Publishers Number: 6289
Call Number: 27 PRO
Subjects: Agricultural ecology , Fertility , Soil management , Soil science


Title: 1996 Acres U.S.A. Conference : beginning the transition to eco-agriculture
Author: David Swaim
Published: Metairie, LA : Acres, U.S.A. , 1996

Publishers Number: 2001
Call Number: 50.9 SWA
Subjects: Agricultural ecology , Alternative agriculture

Title: Cycles, history, and eco-agriculture
Author: Charles Walters
Contributors: 1996 Acres U.S.A. Conference
Published: Metairie, LA : Acres U.S.A. , 1996

Publishers Number: 2018
Call Number: 20 WAL
Subjects: Agricultural ecology , Alternative agriculture

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