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Title: Amish agriculture in Iowa : indigenous knowledge for sustainable small-farm systems
Author: Rhonda Lou Yoder
Published: Ames, IA : Technology and Social Change Program, Iowa State University , c1990
Series: Studies in technology and social change no. 15

Summary: The Old Order Amish have been farming in Iowa for 150 years and have developed a very stable farming system and represent a valuable resource for others interested in in stable, sustainable farming systems. This report explores how Amish farmers are similar to other Iowa farmers, how Amish agriculture is unique and why it is resilient, how the social organization of Amish community affects farming practices, and how current agricultural economic realities impact Amish farmers.

ISBN: 0945271247
Call Number: 57 YOD
Subjects: Amish farms , Small farms , Sustainable agriculture

Title: At nature's pace : farming and the American dream
Author: Gene Logsdon
Published: New York, NY : Pantheon Books , 1994 1st paperback ed.

Summary: Essays on the decline of rural society and the need for agricultural reform. The author explains the biological and economic crises that threaten farmers, their land and the urban communities that depend on them, and discovers growing agricultural awareness and evidence of positive change in exploring Amish communities, and others working with alternative agricultural methods.

ISBN: 0679758445
Call Number: 80 LOG
Subjects: Alternative agriculture , Alternative agriculture, advocacy , Amish farms , Farm life , Sustainable agriculture

Title: The gift of the good land : further essays cultural and agricultural
Author: Wendell Berry
Published: San Francisco, CA : North Point Press , c1981

Summary: In this collection of twenty-four essays the author deepens his advocacy of an ecologically and culturally responsible agriculture with examples of traditional farming practices, many of which demonstrate the essential interdependence between agriculture and human culture as a whole.

ISBN: 0865470529
Call Number: 80 BER
Subjects: Agricultural ecology , Alternative agriculture , Alternative agriculture, advocacy , Amish farms , Human ecology , Quality of life

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