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Title: Barron's home farm handbook
Author: Peter Ford
Published: Hauppauge, New York : Barrons Educational Series , 2000 1st ed.

Summary: An illustrated guide to keeping livestock in your yard or on a larger plot of land. There are chapters on chickens, ducks, geese, goats and bees, providing information on specific breeds, animal care instructions on a daily and seasonal basis, health maintenance, disease prevention and animal products.

ISBN: 0764152122
Call Number: 70 FOR
Subjects: Beekeeping , Chickens , Ducks , Geese , Goats , Goats, dairy

Title: Beekeeping : a practical guide
Author: Richard E. Bonney
Published: Pownal, VT : Storey Communications , c1993

Summary: Topics include acquiring bees, installing a colony, managing a hive, harvesting honey, preventing and treating varroa and tracheal mites, other bees diseases and problem creatures, legal considerations, stings, the history of beekeeping and Africanized bees.

ISBN: 0882668617
Call Number: 77 BON
Subjects: Beekeeping , Beekeeping, mites

Title: the Encyclopedia of country living : an old fashioned recipe book
Author: Carla Emery
Contributors: illustrated by Cindy Davis and David Berger
Published: Seattle, WA : Sasquatch Books , c1994 fourth printing of ninth edition, 1997

Summary: This book contains much information on country living including, living self-sufficiently, planting gardens, raising animals, and processing home-grown foods.

ISBN: 0912365951
Call Number: 80.13 EME
Subjects: Amaranth , Asparagus , Baking , Bamboo , Beekeeping , Beginning farming , Berries , Blackberries , Blueberries , Brambles , Broccoli , Buckwheat , Butter , Calves , Canning , Cattle, beef , Cattle, dairy , Cheese making , Chickens , Cole crops (broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage) , Cooking, recipes , Corn , Dairy products , Ducks , Eggs , Family life , Farm life , Farm management and decision making , Food processing , Food storage and preservation , Fruits , Fruits, tree , Game birds , Gardening , Geese , Goats , Goats, dairy , Goats, meat , Grains , Grapes , Grasses, warm season , Guinea fowl , Handicrafts , Harvesting , Herbs , Hogs , Homesteading , Honey, bee products , Lamb (meat), mutton , Lambs , Livestock , Meat products , Milk , Millets , Mushrooms , Nut trees , Nuts , Onions , Paw paws , Peaches , Pears , Pest control , Pheasants , Plant propagation , Pork , Postharvest handling of fruits and vegetables , Poultry , Poultry meats , Quail , Rabbits , Raspberries , Seed saving , Seed storing , Seeds , Sheap Shearing , Sheep , Slaughtering methods , Small livestock , Soap making , Soil management , Sorghum , Sustainable agriculture , Tanning hides , Turkeys , Veal production , Vegetable gardening , Vegetables , Vegetables, harvesting and postharvest , Vegetables, storage , Wheat , Wool , Yogurt

Title: the Have-More plan
Author: Ed Robinson
Second Author: Carolyn Robinson
Published: Pownal, VT : Storey communications , c1973

Summary: This book has been re-printed numerous times. First printed in the 1940s, the information is still useful today. While some references are no longer revelant, such as DDT as a pesticide, the basic principles still apply. Topics inlcuded are: buying a place in the country, building houses and barns, fruit trees and berries, fish ponds, and beginning with livestock.

ISBN: 0882660241
Call Number: 80.13 ROB
Subjects: Alternative agriculture , Barns , Beekeeping , Brambles , Building materials , Cattle , Fish farming , Fruits, tree , Goats, dairy , Land use , Poultry , Vegetable gardening


Title: Build your own honey extractor
Published: Charlotte, VT : Garden Way Publishing , c1982
Series: Garden Way plans P-1

Summary: A printed sheet containing steps for building a honey extractor, accompanied by illustrations. Sections include construction tips, tools and materials, making the basket forms, finishing the basket, installing the shaft and bearing block, making the top support, installing the honey drain, adding the pulleys, and using the extractor.

Call Number: 85.15 BUI
Subjects: Beekeeping , Honey, bee products

Title: Identification and control of honeybee diseases
Author: H. Shimanuki
Contributors: USDA
Published: Washington D.C., : USDA , 1978 2nd
Series: Farmers' Bulletin 2255

Summary: information concerning bee diseases and the prevention of them

Call Number: 77 SHI
Subjects: Beekeeping , Beekeeping, mites

Title: Nosema disease : and its control in honey bee colonies
Author: Floyd E. Moeller
Contributors: USDA
Published: Washington D.C., : USDA , 1978
Series: Technical Bulletin 1569

Summary: this booklet discusses Nosema and the control of it by encouraging brood emergence and winter flight and using Fumidil B

Call Number: 77 MOE
Subjects: Beekeeping

Title: Selecting and operating commercial beekeeping equipment
Author: Charles D. Owens
Contributors: USDA
Second Author: Benjamin F. Detroy
Published: Washington D.C., : USDA , 1979
Series: farmers' bulletin 2267

Summary: information on choosing and maintaining beekeeping equipment

Call Number: 77 OWE
Subjects: Beekeeping

Title: Starting right with bees
Published: Pownal, VT : Storey Communications , c1980
Series: Storey/Garden Way publishing bulletion A-36

Summary: The following beekeeping questions addressed in this booklet. How much will it cost to get started? Can I keep bees in my home? When should I start with bees? What kind of bees should I buy? Is it difficult to install the package of bees in the hive? How should I open the hive? In addition there is discussion of beekeeping and honey extraction equipment, management through the seasons, swarm prevention and requeening.

Call Number: 77 STA
Subjects: Beekeeping

Title: Using honey bees to pollinate crops
Author: M.D. Levin
Contributors: USDA
Published: Washington D.C., : USDA , 1986
Series: Leaflet 549

Summary: discusses the use of honey bees for pollination of certain types of crops

Call Number: 77 LEV
Subjects: Beekeeping


Title: Beekeeping : with Dick Bonney
Published: Barre, MA : Northeast Organic Farming Association , c1989

Call Number: 77 BEE
Subjects: Beekeeping

Title: An introduction to beekeeping : with Ed Weiss
Contributors: Produced by Creative Programming Inc.
Published: Creative Programming Inc. , c1985

Summary: Includes the benefits of beekeeping, equipment required, locating your hive, hiving your bees, entering a hive, harvesting honey, wintering, second season start-up and swarm prevention, including an actual swarm capture.

Call Number: 77 INT
Subjects: Beekeeping


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