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Title: 1997 Census of Agriculture, Census of horticultural specialties (1998)Vol. 3, Special studies, Part 2
Published: Washington, D.C., : U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, National Agricultural Statistics Service , 2000

Summary: A book of tables-- 20 for the United States as a whole and 54 for various horticultural statistics broken down state by state. This census includes producers of floriculture, nursery, and other specialty crops, such as sod, mushrooms, food crops produced under glass or other protection, transplants for commercial production and seeds.

Call Number: 61 CEN
Subjects: Bedding plants , Floriculture , Flowers, cut , Greenhouses, production , Houseplants , Nursery , Ornamental plants , Perennials , Specialty crops

Title: Around the world at Farmers' Market : a guide for small scale commercial grower-vendors of ethnic & heirloom vegetables, fruits, & herbs
Author: Steve Salt
Published: Kirksville , MO : Hagoth Press , 1999

Summary: This book focuses primarily on topics and issues of concern to commercial market gardeners and small farmers, such as farm management, crop selection, raising and harvesting, and marketing of exotic produce. The author explores the ethnic and heirloom vegetables of twelve regions throughout the world, providing information about customer demographics, language and customs, marketing tips, and cuisine.

Call Number: 85 SAL
Subjects: Heirloom varieties , Market gardening , Marketing , Small farms , Specialty crops , Vegetables, ethnic , Vegetables, specialty

Title: Proceeding of the North American conference on enterprise development through agroforestry : farming the forest for specialty products
Contributors: edited by Scott J. Josiah
Published: St Paul, MN : Center for Integrated Natural REsources and Agricultural Management , 1999

Summary: proceedings of the North America confrence on Enterprise Development though Agroforestry: farming the agroforest for specialty products, Minneapolis, MN October 4-7, 1998

Call Number: 67.5 PRO
Subjects: Alternative agriculture , Christmas trees , Forest management , Forest products , Ginseng , Handicrafts , Marketing , Mushrooms , Native wild plants , Specialty crops , Tree farming , Value-added , Wild plants , Wild plants, edible , Wildcrafting

Title: Seeds of change : the living treasure : the passionate story of the growing movement to restore biodiversity and revolutionize the way we think about food
Author: Kenny Ausubel
Published: New York, N.Y. : HarperSanFrancisico , c1994 1st Paperback ed.

Summary: The story of the movement to preserve the biodiversity of crops and reintroduce them into our diet. The book features Seeds of Change farm, which produces hundreds of varieties of organically grown heritage vegetables. Includes recipes.

ISBN: 0062500082
Call Number: 60.11 AUS
Subjects: Alternative agriculture, advocacy , Biodiversity , Cooking, recipes , Food systems , Heirloom varieties , Nutrition , Organic farming , Seeds , Specialty crops

Title: Successful small-scale farming : an organic approach
Author: Karl Schwenke
Published: Pownal, VT : Storey Communications , c1991 2nd ed.

Summary: This book is intended to serve as a practical resource for beginning cash-crop growers and emphasizes the care of soil and the growing of plants. There is a concise overview of farmstead skills. Chapters cover soils, plants, farm machinery, farm practices, cash crops, other cash & specialty crops, and the whole farm.

ISBN: 0882666428
Call Number: 57 SCH
Subjects: Crop production , Machinery , Organic farming , Small farms , Soils , Specialty crops


Title: Breaking ground : a resource guide for specialty crop growers
Author: Kara M. Dinda
Second Author: Lyle E. Craker
Published: Amherst, MA : Natural Products Press , c1997

Summary: This guide consists of a collection of materials and advice for getting started in growing and marketing specialty crops such as herbs, new crops, and aromatic and medicinal plants.

ISBN: 0962986836
Call Number: 65 DIN
Subjects: Aromatic plants , Herbs , Herbs, medicinal , Specialty crops

Title: A grower's guide to marketing fruits, vegetables, and herbs in Illinois :
Contributors: Sarahelen Thompson, John M. Gerber, Don Rich
Second Author:
Published: Urbana-Champaign, IL : College of Agriculture, Cooperative Extension Service, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Summary: Part I gives the grades, quality characteristics, and price information for some two dozen specialty crops. Part II is a listing of markets, buyers, and distributors.

Call Number: 85 GRO
Subjects: Fruits, marketing , Herbs, marketing , Marketing law , Produce , Quality control , Specialty crops , Vegetables, marketing

Title: Marketing ways to grow : a marketing workshop for specialty and value-added crops
Author: John Vann
Second Author: David Ferguson
Published: Muncie, ID : Ball State University , c2000

Summary: This workbook is intended to help growers prepare marketing plans that incorporate an awareness of the different tasks and concepts of the marketing process. A sample marketing plan is included along with worksheets for the details of marketing.

Call Number: 85 VAN
Subjects: Marketing , Specialty crops , Value-added

Title: New industrial uses, new markets for U.S. crops : status of technology and commercial adoption
Contributors: Prepared by Jonathan Harsch for U.S. Department of Agriculture Cooperative State Research Service, Office of Agricultural Materials
Published: [Washington, D.C.] : Cooperative State Research Service , August, 1993

Summary: This publication briefly describes the current status and future potential of bio-based materials, and highlights the opportunities for private-public partnerships in developing and commercializing new products from agricultural commodities. There are sections on castor and lesquerella, corn, crambe and industrial rapeseed, dairy products, biodiesel, ethanol, forest products, guayule, jojoba, kenaf, livestock byproducts, milkweed, polymers from crops, soybeans, taxol and other pharmaceuticals, and wheat. There is a list of contacts at the end of each section.

Call Number: 86 NEW
Subjects: Agribusiness , Alternative enterprises , Specialty crops


Title: Growing and marketing mesclun : with Lynda Simkins
Published: Barre , MA : Northeast Organic Farming Association , c1994

Publishers Number: 9401
Call Number: 62.33 GRO
Subjects: Greens , Lettuce , Salad Greens , Specialty crops

Title: Growing lettuce and specialty greens : with Steve Gilman
Published: Barre, MA : Northeast Organic Farming Association , c1992

Publishers Number: 9209
Call Number: 62.31 GRO
Subjects: Greens , Lettuce , Salad Greens , Specialty crops

Title: Part-time farming
Published: Lincoln, NE : Cooperative Extension Division, University of Nebraska , c1996

Call Number: 82.3 PAR
Subjects: Alternative field crops , Farm management and decision making , Livestock , Part-time farming , Pasture management , Specialty crops


Title: 1998 Acres U.S.A. Conference : building a specialty crop farm plan that works
Author: Richard Alan Miller
Published: Metairie, LA : Acres U.S.A. , 1998

Summary: This presentation discusses how to create a profitable herb growing business based on market trends.

Publishers Number: 2302A, 2302B
Call Number: 85 MIL
Subjects: Alternative enterprises , Economic forecasting , Herbs , Herbs, marketing , Herbs, medicinal , New businesses planning , Specialty crops


Title: New crop compendium : navigating new crops
Contributors: Jules Janick & Anna Whipkey [ed.] ; [produced by Purdue University Center for New Crops and Plant Products]
Published: West Lafayette, IN : Purdue Research Foundation ; FAO , c1998

Summary: The CD-ROM contains searchable information from three proceedings of new crops symposia, Advances in New Crops, 1990, New Crops, 1993, and Progress in New Crops, 1995, comprising over 300 articles.

ISBN: 0931682703
Call Number: 60 NEW
Subjects: Specialty crops

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