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Title: How to Direct Market Your Beef
Author: Jan Holder
Published: Beltsville, MD : Sustainable Agriculture Network , 2005

Summary: Everything you need to know about the direct marketing of beef from selling the whole carcass to selling cuts of meat including labeling, packaging, record keeping, marketing and advertising.

ISBN: 1-888626-11-9
Call Number: 84.75
Subjects: Advertising , Agribusiness , Beef , Cattle, beef , Marketing , Marketing direct to consumers , Meat products , Meat products, marketing , Natural foods, marketing , Packaging , Pricing , Sales , Value-added

Title: Raising a calf for beef
Author: Phyllis Hobson
Published: Pownal, VT : Storey Communications , c1976

Summary: There are detailed chapters on housing and pasture, feeds, raising your own feed, choosing a calf, veterinarian help, caring for a newborn calf, weaning the calf, medicines, symptoms of upsets and treatments, keeping records, fattening the calf, butchering time and processing the beef on the farm.

ISBN: 0882660950
Call Number: 71.3 HOB
Subjects: Beef , Calves , Cattle , Cattle, beef , Slaughtering methods

Title: Salad bar beef
Author: Joel Salatin
Published: Swoope, VA : Polyface Inc. , c1995

Summary: This book describes a small-scale beef operation in which the cattle move from paddock to paddock grazing on a variety of grasses and forage greens in well managed pastures. They are not fattened on grains. Ideally the beef should be processed and marketed locally. The author believes this model will provide an alternative to large, captial intensive and environmentally unsound feedlot operations and enable small-scale beef producers to make a reasonable living.

ISBN: 096381091X
Call Number: 71.3 SAL
Subjects: Beef , Cattle, beef , Forage crops , Grazing , Hay , Meat products, marketing , Pasture management


Title: Beef : slaughtering, cutting, preserving, and cooking on the farm
Contributors: H. Russell Cross ... [et. al.]
Second Author:
Published: Washington, D.C. : USDA, Science and Education Administration , 1977
Series: Farmers' bulletin no. 2263

Summary: This well illustrated booklet covers selection and care of the animal before slaughter, preparation and equipment for slaughter, slaughtering and butchering procedure, cutting and wrapping the meat, preservation methods, processing methods such as corning, drying and canning, and ways to cook beef.

Call Number: 86.34 BEE
Subjects: Beef , Slaughtering methods

Title: Beef and veal product innovations
Contributors: R&D Ranch
Published: National Cattleman's Beef Association , 2002

Summary: contains sections on new products, ideas, and beef value cuts

Call Number: 86.34 BEE
Subjects: Beef

Title: Profitable pratices and strategies for a new generation
Published: Lincoln, NE : Center for Rural Affairs for the North Central Initiative for Small Farm Profitability , 2002

Summary: case studies prepared by the Center for Rural Affairs for the North Central Initiative for Small Farm Profitability

Call Number: 50.9 PRO
Subjects: Alternative agriculture , Alternative field crops , Beef , Beginning farming , Cattle , Cattle, beef , Cattle, dairy , Cooperatives and cooperation , Dairy production , Family farms , Family life , Hogs , Pork


Title: Ste-by-step training : creating new cuts for the new consumer
Contributors: R&D Ranch

Publishers Number: 24-622
Call Number: 86.34 STE
Subjects: Beef , Meat products , Slaughtering methods


Title: 1996 Acres U.S.A. Conference : raising & selling high-quality beef
Author: Olive Valdez
Published: Metairie, LA : Acres, U.S.A. , 1996

Call Number: 71.31 VAL
Subjects: Beef , Cattle, beef , Meat products

Title: Selling grass finished beef and lamb
Author: David Schaffer
Second Author: Alice Dobbs
Published: [Ridgeland, MS] : The Stockman Grass Farmer

Call Number: 71.3 SCH
Subjects: Beef , Cattle, beef , Grass fed , Lamb (meat), mutton , Lambs


Walk-Through Trap to Control Horn Flies on Cattle (University of Missouri)
Valuing Beef Tenderness (Kansas State University)
Sustainable Beef Production (ATTRA)
Small Scale Beef Production Handbook (University of Illinois)
Sample Costs for a Grassfed Cow-Calf Beef Operation (University of California-Davis)
Results of Research on Locally Produced Meat Products (University of Kentucky)
Raising Beef on a Few Acres (Utah State University)
Pasture-Based Finishing of Cattle and Eating Quality of Beef (University of Missouri)
Niche Marketing of Cattle/Beef (University of Kentucky)
How to Direct Market Your Beef (SARE)
Grazing Corn Residue (Ohio State University)
Getting Started in the Cattle Business (Virginia Cooperative Extension)
Flordia Cow-Calf Management, Getting Started (University of Flordia)
Feeding Beef Cattle (Penn State University)
Direct Sales of Beef (University of Nebraska)
Dairy Beef (University of Minnesota)
Crossbreeding Systems for Small Beef Herds (University of Missouri)
Cost Estimate of Beef by the Side (University of Minnesota)
Consumer Perceptions of Pasture-raised Beef and Dairy Products: An Internet Study (Iowa State University)
Beef Production for Small Farms (Oregon State University)
Beef Marketing Alternatives (ATTRA)
Beef Farm Sustainability Checksheet (ATTRA)
Beef Demand Determinants: A Research Summary (Kansas State University)
Beef Cow-calf Production (Penn State University)
Beef Cattle Production (Kansas State University)
Beef Backgrounding Production (Penn State University)
Alternative Feeds for Beef Cattle (University of Missouri)

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