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Title: Adding value for sustainability : a guidebook for cooperative extension agents and other agricultural professionals
Author: Kristen Markley
Second Author: Duncan Hilchey
Published: Ithaca, NY : Farming Alternatives Program, Cornell University , 1998
Series: Community agriculture development series

Summary: The first section of this guidebook discusses the concept of value-adding and how it contributes to sustainable agriculture. The second section includes the experiences of four enterprise owners and presents a description of issues involved in the start-up of a small-scale processing business. Section 3 discusses efforts to develop local small-scale processing industry.

Call Number: 86.1 MAR
Subjects: Food processing , Value-added

Title: Adding values to our food system : an economic analysis of sustainable community food systems
Author: Fenton Wilkinson
Contributors: Prepared by Integrity Systems Cooperative Co.
Second Author: David Van Seters
Published: Everson, WA : Integrity Systems Cooperative Co. , c1997

Summary: This study provides anecdotal information and general insights for the study of sustainable community food systems, providing a useful baseline for further research. The purpose of the study was to determine if and how sustainable community food systems can be cost competitive with industrial food systems.

Call Number: 80.4 WIL
Subjects: Alternative agriculture , Food processing , Local food systems , Produce , Value-added

Title: How to Direct Market Your Beef
Author: Jan Holder
Published: Beltsville, MD : Sustainable Agriculture Network , 2005

Summary: Everything you need to know about the direct marketing of beef from selling the whole carcass to selling cuts of meat including labeling, packaging, record keeping, marketing and advertising.

ISBN: 1-888626-11-9
Call Number: 84.75
Subjects: Advertising , Agribusiness , Beef , Cattle, beef , Marketing , Marketing direct to consumers , Meat products , Meat products, marketing , Natural foods, marketing , Packaging , Pricing , Sales , Value-added

Title: Kentucky farms and markets : emerging policy opportunities
Author: James V. Worstell
Published: Frankfort, KY : Office of Environmental Outreach, Kentucky Dept. of Agriculture

Summary: This report discusses the need to develop agricultural policy in Kentucky that supports sustainable marketing opportunities, sustainable development, and locally owned value-added enterprises. It provides summaries of examples of programs from other states and contact information for those programs.

Call Number: 80.61 WOR
Subjects: Alternative enterprises , Government policy and programs , Marketing , Rural development , Sustainable agriculture , Sustainable development , Value-added

Title: Proceeding of the North American conference on enterprise development through agroforestry : farming the forest for specialty products
Contributors: edited by Scott J. Josiah
Published: St Paul, MN : Center for Integrated Natural REsources and Agricultural Management , 1999

Summary: proceedings of the North America confrence on Enterprise Development though Agroforestry: farming the agroforest for specialty products, Minneapolis, MN October 4-7, 1998

Call Number: 67.5 PRO
Subjects: Alternative agriculture , Christmas trees , Forest management , Forest products , Ginseng , Handicrafts , Marketing , Mushrooms , Native wild plants , Specialty crops , Tree farming , Value-added , Wild plants , Wild plants, edible , Wildcrafting

Title: Proceedings of the Second National Small Farm Conference
Contributors: Edited by Denis Ebodaghe
Published: Sedalia, MO : Inter-State Printing , 2000

Summary: The proceedings of the 2nd National Small Farm Conference held in 1999. Sections include presentations on marketing and value added products, meeting the needs of underserved clients, agroforestry and livestock alternatives for small farms, developing skills, building institutional (research) capacity to serve small farmers, growing the farm business enterprise, and networks that bring together farmers, service providers and consumers.

Call Number: 82.2 PRO
Subjects: Agricultural research , Farmers , Marketing , Small farms , Sustainable agriculture , Value-added


Title: Agricultural cooperatives as effective marketers of value-added products :
Author: S.D. Hardesty
Second Author:
Published: Davis, CA : Center for Cooperatives, University of California, Davis , 1992
Series: Research report no. 4

Summary: The objectives of this study are to identify requirements for firms and to develop a list of programs for agricultural marketing cooperatives in order for both to be effective marketers of value-added products.

Call Number: 83.4 HAR
Subjects: Cooperatives and cooperation , Value-added

Title: A collaborative value added network for sustainably grown fiber products :
Contributors: The Missouri Textile and Apparel Center, College of Human Environmental Sciences, University of Missouri, Columbia
Second Author:
Published: Columbia, MO : Missouri Textile and Apparel Center

Summary: A paper based on a proposal submitted to the USDA, to create a project that would bring sustainably grown fiber products from the farmer to the consumer in a way that will aid rural economic development by adding value to locally grown fiber products as well as enhance environmental stewardship.

Call Number: 86.64 COL
Subjects: Alternative field crops , Handicrafts , Rural development , Sustainable development , Value-added

Title: Cooperative principles and regulations : aiding or hampering cooperatives' efforts at value-added marketing?
Author: S.D. Hardesty
Second Author:
Published: Davis, CA : Center for Cooperatives , 1992
Series: Reseach report no. 3

Summary: The objectives of this study are to identify and analyze regulations and other factors unique to cooperative organizations which constrain their abilities to finance new products and to be effective marketers of value-added products.

Call Number: 83.4 HAR
Subjects: Cooperatives and cooperation , Value-added

Title: Emerging markets for family farms : opportunities to prosper through social and environmental responsibility
Author: Kelly O'Neil
Second Author:
Published: Walthill, NE : Center for Rural Affairs , 1997

Summary: The purpose of this publication is to provide insights in developing market-based approaches to supporting sustainable agriculture, family farms and rural opportunities. Included are sections on opportunities and barriers to value-added processing and marketing, products with greatest market potential, market development, cooperative relationships among agricultural enterprises, and activities to foster family farms and rural communities.

Call Number: 85 ONE
Subjects: Family farms , Marketing , Rural development , Value-added

Title: Making it on the farm : increasing sustainability through value-added processing and marketing
Author: Keith Richards
Second Author: Deborah S. Wechsler
Published: Elkins, AK : Southern Sustainable Agriculture Working Group , c1996

Summary: This publication is the product of an interview process whereby 21 farmers offered information about their value-added enterprises. It includes a wide variety of stories about some of the farmers and a discussion of key points that contributed to their success. There is also a list of resources for getting support in exploring value-added enterprises.

Call Number: 82 RIC
Subjects: Farm management and decision making , Food processing , Marketing , Value-added

Title: Marketing ways to grow : a marketing workshop for specialty and value-added crops
Author: John Vann
Second Author: David Ferguson
Published: Muncie, ID : Ball State University , c2000

Summary: This workbook is intended to help growers prepare marketing plans that incorporate an awareness of the different tasks and concepts of the marketing process. A sample marketing plan is included along with worksheets for the details of marketing.

Call Number: 85 VAN
Subjects: Marketing , Specialty crops , Value-added

Title: Putting local food on the table in Illinois : barriers and opportunities for value-added agricultural enterprises and direct marketing by Illinois farmers
Author: Juli Brussell
Second Author:
Published: Rochester, IL : Illinois Stewardship Alliance , 1999

Summary: Barriers and recommendations are discussed for access to affordable processing, access to markets and access to financial and technical assistance.

Call Number: 84.75 BRU
Subjects: Food processing , Marketing direct to consumers , Value-added


Title: Cooperating for sustainability
Contributors: The Northeast Center for Sustainable Agriculture Education and Research, Cornell Cooperative Enterprise Program, Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture
Published: Ithaca, NY : Cornell University , c1997

Summary: This video teleconference examines three cooperatives. Highlights include understanding the role of advisors, adopting cost cutting practices, developing marketing strategies, and adding value to farm products.

Call Number: 83.4 COO
Subjects: Cooperatives and cooperation , Cost effectiveness , Extension programs , Marketing , Sustainable agriculture , Value-added

Title: Farmstead Dairy Day Conference2 : November 2, 1999
Published: Janesville, WI : William Tell Productions , c2000

Call Number: 86.2 FAR
Subjects: Dairy production , Dairy products , Value-added

Title: Farmstead Dairy Day Conference1 : November 2, 1999
Published: Janesville, WI : William Tell Productions , c2000

Call Number: 86.2 FAR
Subjects: Dairy production , Dairy products , Value-added


Title: 1998 Acres U.S.A. Conference : how to keep the value-added on the farm
Author: Sally Fallon
Published: Metairie, LA : Acres, U.S.A. , 1998

Publishers Number: 2330
Call Number: 86 FAL
Subjects: Value-added

Title: 2000 Acres U.S.A. Conference : What really happens in food
Author: Sally Fallon
Published: Austin, TX : Acres, U.S.A. , 2000

Publishers Number: 2410
Call Number: 80.43 FAL
Subjects: Food processing , Nutrition , Value-added

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