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Title: Grow the best strawberries
Author: Louise Riotte
Published: Pownal, VT : Storey Communications , c1977
Series: Storey/Garden Way publishing bulletin A-1

Summary: There are brief sections on variety selection, climate factors, site location, soil requirements, planting and training options, cultivating, mulching, fertilizing, irrigating, weeding, frost control, harvesting and diseases and pests.

Call Number: 64.714 RIO
Subjects: Strawberries

Title: Strawberry cultivar evaluation 1983-1985
Author: M.A. Haag
Second Author: M.L. Kaps
Published: Mountain Grove, MO : Southwest Missouri State University , 1986

Summary: this booklet contains the results of a cultivar trial of 20 strawberry cultivars and selections

Call Number: 64.714 HAA
Subjects: Strawberries


Title: Gowing fruit for home use
Author: M.B. Odneal
Second Author: M.L. Kaps
Published: Southwest Missouri State University, Mountain Grove : MO , 1986

Publishers Number: MS-18
Call Number: 64 ODN
Subjects: Apples , Berries , Blackberries , Blueberries , Gooseberry , Grapes , Peaches , Pears , Raspberries , Strawberries

Title: Organic strawberry production : with Eric Sideman
Published: Barre, MA : Northeast Organic Farming Association

Publishers Number: 8812
Call Number: 64.714 ORG
Subjects: Strawberries


2013 Midwest Commercial Small Fruit & Grape Spray Guide (Purdue)
Weed Control for Strawberries (Washington State University)
Weed Control Options for Strawberries on Plastic (North Carolina State University)
Strawberry Production (Penn State University)
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Strawberry Diseases (University of Minnesota)
Strawberry Cultivars and Their Culture (University of Missouri)
Strawberry Budget (Ohio State University)
Strawberries (University of Nebraska)
Production Guide for Commercial Strawberries (Iowa State University)
Postharvest Cooling and Handling of Strawberries (North Carolina State University)
Hill System Plastic Mulched Strawberry Production Guide (Virginia Cooperative Extension)
Greenhouse Strawberries (University of Florida)
Fresh Market Strawberry Budget (Penn State University)
Economic feasibility of production strawberries in a passively ventilated greenhouse (University of Florida)
Commercial Postharvest Handling of Strawberries (University of Minnesota)
Commercial Blackberry, Strawberry, and Blueberry Insect and Disease Control - 2004 (Oklahoma State University)

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