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Sustainable Dry Bean Production (ATTRA)
Recognition and Management of Dry Bean Production Problems  (North Central Region Publication)
Herbicide Symptoms in Dry Edible Beans (North Central Region Publication)
Field Pea Production (North Dakota State University)
Field Beans (University of Wisconsin)
Fertilizing Pinto, Navy, and Other Dry Edible Bean (North Dakota State University)
Edible Bean Disease and Disorder Identification (North Central Region Publication)
Economic Issues with Dry-Edible Beans (Kansas State University)
Dry Edible Bean Diseases (North Dakota State University)
Dry Edible Beans: A New Crop Opportunity for the East North Central Region (Purdue University)
Dry Edible Beans (Jefferson Institute)
Dry Bean Production Guide (North Dakota State University)
Adzuki Bean (University of Wisconsin)

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