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Title: Farming in nature's image : an ecological approach to agriculture
Author: Judith D. Soule
Second Author: John K. Piper
Published: Washington, D.C. : Island Press , c1992

Summary: Rooted in the agriculture curriculum of the Land Institute, the beginning and middle chapters of this book demonstrate the destructive effects of industrial agriculture and to suggest an approach to solving agricultural problems that draws on models provided by natural ecosystems. Chapter 5 discusses the feasibility of a "prairielike agriculture." Chapter 6 discusses the social, cultural and research issues involved in developing an agricultural model in which farms mimic native ecosystems.

ISBN: 0933280882
Call Number: 50.9 SOU
Subjects: Agricultural ecology , Permaculture , Sustainable agriculture

Title: New roots for agriculture
Author: Wes Jackson
Published: Lincoln, NE : University of Nebraska Press , 1985, c1980 New ed.

Summary: This book criticizes the assumptions and effects of industrial agriculture, especially soil erosion caused by tillage. The author' solution lies in developing a food-producing polyculture of herbaceous perennial crops that rebuilds and nourishes the soil without plowing, fossil-fuel based fertilizers or pesticides.

ISBN: 0803275625
Call Number: 55 JAC
Subjects: Agricultural ecology , Alternative agriculture, advocacy , Alternative field crops , Companion planting , Perennials , Permaculture

Title: Permaculture : a designer's manual
Author: Bill Mollison
Second Author:
Published: Tyalgum, Australia : Tagari Publications , c1988

Summary: This extensive text on permaculture begins with a discussion of the philosophy behind permaculture, continues with concepts and themes in design, methods of design, pattern understanding, the role of climate, trees, water, soils, and earthworks, applications in different climates, aguaculture, and the global trends compatible with the spread of permaculture.

ISBN: 0908228015
Call Number: 55 MOL
Subjects: Permaculture


Introduction to Permaculture: Concepts and Resources (ATTRA)

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