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Title: 2001 organic farm management handbook
Contributors: Edited by Nic Lampkin and Mark Measures
Published: Aberystwyth, Wales : Organic Farming Research Unit, Institute of Rural Studies, University of Wales ; Hampstead Marshall, Berkshire, England : Organic Advisory Service, Elm Farm Research Centre , 2001 4th ed.

Summary: This handbook, produced in the United Kingdom, provides business management information for farmers and others concerned with the management of organic farms. There are chapters on marketing, certification, conversion to organic farming, crop production, arable crop gross margins, livestock production, whole farm performance, environmental management and information resources.

ISBN: 1872064329
Call Number: 53 TWO
Subjects: Agricultural ecology , Alternative field crops , Cover crops and green manure crops , Crop production , Economic forecasting , Farm management and decision making , Forage crops , Livestock , Organic certification , Organic farming , Vegetables

Title: Agriculture, the only right approach : science says there is a difference
Author: P.H. Hainsworth
Second Author:
Published: Pauma Valley, CA : Bargyla and Gylver Rateaver , 1976 2nd ed.
Series: Conservation gardening and farming series, Series C: reprints

Summary: This book attempts to explain the basic principles of organic agriculture from a mid-1970's perspective, especially how organic practices apply in the relationship between soil and crops. There are chapters on composting, plant disease resistance, problems of conventional agricultural methods, the nature and function of soil, and the future of organic agriculture.

ISBN: 0960069852
Call Number: 27 HAI
Subjects: Compost , Disease resistance , Fertility , Market gardening , Organic farming , Soil management , Soils

Title: Alternatives to insecticides for managing vegetable insects : proceedings of a farmer/scientist conference, December 6 and 7, 1998, New Haven Connecticut
Contributors: Edited by Kimberly A. Stoner
Published: Ithaca, NY : Natural Resource, Agriculture and Engineering Service, Cooperative Extension , c1999

Summary: Topics in these proceedings include the effects of plant health and soil health on susceptibility to pests, biological control, organic strategies, interventions for corn, cole crops, potato leafhoppers, cucurbit crops (cucumbers, squashes, pumpkins, melons), solanaceous crops (tomatoes, potatoes, pepper, eggplants), the tarnished plant bug and the Mexican bean beetle.

ISBN: 0935817492
Call Number: 62.073 ALT
Subjects: Biological pest control , Organic farming , Pest control , Pest resistance

Title: Eco-farm : an Acres U.S.A. primer
Author: Charles Walters
Second Author: C.J. Fenzau
Published: Acres U.S.A. , c1996

Summary: The authors prescribe ways to manage fertility, crops, insects and weeds in terms of soil nutrient exchange capacity and pH modification, and recommend composting, rotation and tillage practices that will prevent the malnutrition and ecological imbalances that result from NPK fertilizers and other chemical applications.

ISBN: 0911311505
Call Number: 50.9 WAL
Subjects: Agricultural ecology , Alternative agriculture , Fertility , Organic farming , Pest control , Weed management

Title: Expanding the organic food and agriculture system in the U.S.'s Upper Midwest : strategies and lessons of a pilot project
Contributors: Thomas L. Dobbs, Dillon M. Feuz, and Richard C. Shane
Second Author:
Published: Brookings, SD : Submitted to the Pew Charitable trusts by the authors , 1999

Summary: This is an evaluation of the Upper Midwest Organic Marketing Project which was designed to increase organic production and increase consumption through improving the supply and distribution of organic food.

Call Number: 85 EXP
Subjects: Local food systems , Organic farming , Organic foods

Title: Exploring organic alternatives : meeting the challenges of agriculture, health and community, based on the proceedings of a conference on organic agriculture held in Saskatoon, February 8-10, 1998
Published: Saskatoon, SK : University Extension Press, University of Saskatchewan , c1999

Summary: In addition to an overview section, papers are grouped under social alternatives, biotechnology, health, making the transition, hemp, and the need for information.

ISBN: 0888803990
Call Number: 53 EXP
Subjects: Nutrition , Organic farming

Title: Fertility farming
Author: Newman Turner
Published: San Diego, CA : The Rateavers , c1995 2nd ed.

Summary: This book explores an farming approach that makes very minimal use of plowing, eschews chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and emphasizes soil fertility via crop rotation, composting, cover cropping, and manure application. Parts 4 and 5 discuss livestock and livestock diseases.

Call Number: 53 TUR
Subjects: Fertility , Livestock, diseases , Organic farming , Soil management

Title: Final results of the Third Biennial National Organic Farmers' Survey
Author: Erica Walz
Published: Santa Cruz, CA : Organic Farming Foundation , c1999

Summary: These are the results of a survey mailed to certified organic farmers from 12/97 to 1/98 asking for information about their farms and the 1997 production year. Nearly 1200 surveys were returned. The sections cover research priorities in organic farming, information resources, products grown and marketed, organic marketing, organic management concerns and strategies, production constraints and challenges, certification, farm management, and demographics.

Call Number: 53 WAL
Subjects: Agricultural research , Organic farming

Title: The flower farmer : an organic grower's guide to raising and selling cut flowers
Author: Lynn Byczynski
Published: White River Junction, VT : Chelsea Green Publishing Company , 1997

Summary: Topics include an extensive appendix that features over 95 recommended flowering plants, complete with specific growing information and the names of the best cultivars for cutting gardens and commercial use, personal profiles of 13 successful flower growers, describing how each found a market niche, information on harvest and post-harvest handling, flower arranging and dried flowers, and marketing options such as pick-your-own, farmer's markets, florists and wholesalers.

ISBN: 0930031946
Call Number: 61.41 BYC
Subjects: Floriculture , Flowers, cut , Organic farming

Title: Future harvest : pesticide-free farming
Author: Jim Bender
Published: Lincoln, NE : University of Nebraska Press , c1994
Series: Our Sustainable Future Volume 5

Summary: Chapters cover goals and obstacles to change, conversion to pesticide-free farming, weed management, livestock, comparing organic and conventional systems, responses to arguments against alternative agriculture, and a profile of the Bender farm.

ISBN: 080321233X
Call Number: 50.9 BEN
Subjects: Alternative agriculture , Alternative agriculture, advocacy , Farm profiles, demonstration farms , Livestock , Organic farming , Reduced chemical inputs , Sustainable agriculture , Weed management

Title: the Grape grower : a guide to organic viticulture
Author: Lon Rombough
Published: White River Junction, VT : Chelsea Green publishing , c2002

Summary: This book emphasizes organically approved methods of producing the world's most popular and widely grown fruit-- the grape.

ISBN: 1890132829
Call Number: 64.74 ROM
Subjects: Grapes , Organic farming

Title: International organic inspection manual :
Contributors: Compiled and edited by James A. Riddle and Joyce E. Ford
Second Author:
Published: Broadus, MT : Independent Organic Inspectors Association , c2000

Summary: This copublication of the Organic Inspectors Association and the International Federation of Organic Agricultural Movements is a definitive and comprehensive text on organic inspection procedures and protocols. It contains an overview of organic standards and regulatory frameworks as well as information on inspector qualifications, responsibilities, and ethics, and methods of inspection for specific kinds of organic operations.

Call Number: 53 INT
Subjects: Organic certification , Organic farming

Title: Introduction to certified organic farming
Published: Ottawa, ONT : Canadian Farm Business Management Council , c1999

Summary: This book provides information regarding requirements for organic certification in Canada, examines converting to organic practices, discuss agronomic aspects of organic farming, describes audit trail requirements for organic certification (OCIA transition certification) and explores the marketing of organic products.

ISBN: 1894148231
Call Number: 53 INT
Subjects: Organic certification , Organic farming

Title: The new organic grower : a master's manual of tools and techniques for the home and market gardener
Author: Eliot Coleman
Published: White River Junction, VT : Chelsea Green Publishing Company , 1995 Revised and Expanded ed.

Summary: A presentation of the simplest and most sustainable ways of growing top-quality organic vegetables, including farm-generated fertility, moveable greenhouses, winter gardens, and pest management. Written for the serious gardener and small market farmer.

ISBN: 093003175X
Call Number: 61.3 COL
Subjects: Organic farming , Organic gardening , Small farms , Truck farms , Vegetable gardening , Vegetables

Title: Organic dairy farming
Author: Laura Benson
Contributors: Kickapoo Organic Resource Network
Second Author: Robert Zirkel
Published: Gays Mills, WI : Orang-utan Press , 1996, c1995

Summary: There are chapters providing background to organic production, obstacles to conversion to organic production, herd health issues, organic cropping systems, rotational grazing, marketing and certification.

ISBN: 0963798219
Call Number: 71.12 ORG
Subjects: Cattle, dairy , Dairy production , Organic certification , Organic dairy farming , Organic farming

Title: Organic field crop handbook
Contributors: Editor, Janet Wallace
Published: Ottawa, ONT : Canadian Organic Growers Inc. , c2001 2nd ed.

Summary: Section 1 is an introduction to organic farming, followed by sections on methods of organic farming (soil management, green manures, weed and pest management, seed production, etc.) and crop rotation designs. Section 4 presents the field crops themselves, with chapters on cereals, pulses, forage, broadlead and other crops.

ISBN: 0969585136
Call Number: 63 ORG
Subjects: Alternative field crops , Crop production , Fertility , Forage crops , Grains , Legumes , Oilseed crops , Organic farming , Soils

Title: Organic grape and wine production symposium
Contributors: Editor, Robert M. Pool
Published: Geneva, N.Y. : New York State Agricultural Experiment Station , March 1995
Series: N.J. Shaulis Symposium 3rd

Summary: The symposium proceedings consist of 18 presentations on organic grape and wine production. Topics include soil fertility, managing animal manures, legumes and viticulture, vine nutrition, controlling fungal diseases, management of insect pests and weeds, organic wine, sulfites in wine, economics of organic production and marketing.

Call Number: 64.74 ORG
Subjects: Grapes , Organic farming , Winemaking

Title: The organic method primer update : a practical explanation: the how and why for the beginner and the experienced
Author: Bargyla Rateaver
Second Author: Gylver Rateaver
Published: San Diego, CA : The Rateavers , 1993 Special ed.

Summary: Chapters cover soil, soil conditioning, fertilizing, composting, cover crops, weeds, mulch, planning, planting, transplanting, seeds, watering, beneficial organisms and pests, diseases, harvesting and storage, equipment, and marketing.

ISBN: 0915966018
Call Number: 53 RAT
Subjects: Organic farming

Title: Organic small farming : the exciting story of scientifically controlled methods used on Pucketty Farm
Author: Hugh Corley
Published: Pauma Valley, CA : Bargyla and Gylver Rateaver , 1975 2nd ed.
Series: Conservation gardening and farming series, Series C reprints

Summary: A profile of an organic farm in England, and how it is managed. Chapters discuss crops, pastures (leys), cattle, pigs, other livestock, fertility, dung and compost, ploughing and cultivation, harvesting, diseases, weeds and pests, and changing over to organic.

ISBN: 09600069844
Call Number: 53 COR
Subjects: Organic farming , Small farms

Title: Organic tree fruit management
Author: Linda Edwards
Published: Keremeos, B.C. : Certified Organic Associations of British Columbia , c1998

Summary: This guide may be used by the beginning and the experienced organic grower as well as the conventional grower considering organic methods. There are numerous references and solutions to potential problems that may arise during conversion to organic growing. Topics include organic pest and disease management, soil fertility and nutrition in tree fruits, management tools for organic growers, getting the right fruit set, planting and replanting, and harvest guidelines.

ISBN: 077263615x
Call Number: 64.1 EDW
Subjects: Biological pest control , Fruit culture , Fruits, tree , Orchards , Organic farming

Title: The real dirt : farmers tell about organic and low-input practices in the Northeast
Contributors: Edited by Miranda Smith and members of the Northeast Organic Association and Cooperative Extension
Published: Burlington, VT : Northeast Region SARE/ACE , c1994

Summary: Based on interviews with more than 60 farmers in 8 states, this book provides an overview of the techniques and systems that organic and low-input farmers relied upon from 1989 to 1991. Sections cover management of soil, pest, crops, livestock and dairy, marketing concerns, transition and whole-farm design.

Call Number: 53 REA
Subjects: Crop production , Dairy production , Farm management and decision making , Livestock , Marketing , Organic farming , Reduced chemical inputs , Soil management

Title: Seeds of change : the living treasure : the passionate story of the growing movement to restore biodiversity and revolutionize the way we think about food
Author: Kenny Ausubel
Published: New York, N.Y. : HarperSanFrancisico , c1994 1st Paperback ed.

Summary: The story of the movement to preserve the biodiversity of crops and reintroduce them into our diet. The book features Seeds of Change farm, which produces hundreds of varieties of organically grown heritage vegetables. Includes recipes.

ISBN: 0062500082
Call Number: 60.11 AUS
Subjects: Alternative agriculture, advocacy , Biodiversity , Cooking, recipes , Food systems , Heirloom varieties , Nutrition , Organic farming , Seeds , Specialty crops

Title: Small-scale grain raising
Author: Gene Logsdon
Published: Emmaus, PA : Rodale Press , c1977

Summary: A book about growing your own grains organically with chapters on corn, wheat, sweet, broomcorn, and grain sorghums, oats, soybeans, rye, barley, buckwheat, millet, and rice as well as sections on other field crops. There is a chapter on feeding grain to animals.

ISBN: 0878571477
Call Number: 63.3 LOG
Subjects: Grains , Organic farming

Title: Subscribing to change : starting and sustaining a vegetable subscription service
Author: Bethany Spicher
Second Author:
Published: Whiting, KS : Kansas Rural Center , 1999

Summary: The and experience history of Rolling Prairie Farmers Alliance, eight, small organic farms who formed a vegetable subscription service in 1993, including how the organization operates, selling the service, growing the food, and sharing the harvest.

Call Number: 85.1 SPI
Subjects: Community supported agriculture (CSA) , Organic farming

Title: Successful small-scale farming : an organic approach
Author: Karl Schwenke
Published: Pownal, VT : Storey Communications , c1991 2nd ed.

Summary: This book is intended to serve as a practical resource for beginning cash-crop growers and emphasizes the care of soil and the growing of plants. There is a concise overview of farmstead skills. Chapters cover soils, plants, farm machinery, farm practices, cash crops, other cash & specialty crops, and the whole farm.

ISBN: 0882666428
Call Number: 57 SCH
Subjects: Crop production , Machinery , Organic farming , Small farms , Soils , Specialty crops

Title: Teaching organic famring and gardening : resources for instructors
Contributors: Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Farm Systems
Published: Santa Cruz, California : University of California , c2002

Summary: The staff of UCSC Farm and GArden Apprenticeship have put together a resource for instrutors for teaching organic farming and gardening.

Call Number: 10.73 TEA
Subjects: Organic farming , Vocational eductation


Title: A Bountiful harvest : Minnesota fruit and vegetable growers manage pests
Contributors: Minnesota Department of Agriculture
Published: St Paul, MN : Minnesota Departmetn of Agriculture , 2002

Summary: The highlights of 15 growers experiences with integrated pest management or organic practices.

Call Number: 50.9 BOU
Subjects: Integrated pest management , Organic farming

Title: Cultural practices and sample costs for organic vegetable production on the central coast of California :
Contributors: Karen Klonsky ... [et. al.]
Second Author:
Published: Berkeley, CA : Giannini Foundation of Agricultural Economics, University of California , 1994
Series: Giannini information series 94-2

Summary: This publication describes the range of soil management practices, pest management, crop rotations, cover crops, and harvest and packing methods currently used by organic growers on the Central Coast of California. Marketing options and state and federal regulations are also discussed. A general sequence of operations, equipment requirements, resource use, costs, yield and return ranges are presented for thirteen vegetable crops and two cover crops (barley and vetch). Vegetables included are cabbage, cauliflower, cucumbers, garlic, lettuce, onions, snap peas, bell peppers, sweet corn, and winter squash.

Call Number: 62.08 CUL
Subjects: Organic farming , Produce , Vegetables, budgets

Title: The economics of organic grain and soybean production in the Midwestern United States
Author: Rick Welsh
Published: Greenbelt, MD : Henry A. Wallace Institute for Alternative Agriculture , 1999

Summary: This report reviews past and current research on the conditions under which growing organic crops is profitable, as well as the studies that have compared organic grain and soybean production with conventional production. Drawing on a variety of sources, this report aims to provide a summary and assessment of the "best science" available on this topic.

ISBN: 1893182207
Call Number: 63.3 WEL
Subjects: Alternative field crops , Crop production , Grains , Organic farming , Soybeans

Title: Farming more sustainably in the southVol II : more farmers' stories
Contributors: Edited by Keith Richards & Susan Drouilhet
Published: Elkins, AR : Southern Sustainable Agriculture Working Group , c1996

Summary: This volume includes contributions on sugarcane, organic vegetables, cheese, organic citrus, combining production with a produce market and restaurant operation, sustainable beef production, mixed field crop and vegetable operation, a CSA farm, a holistically managed, low-input ranch, organic field crops, and organic market gardening.

Call Number: 50.9 FAR
Subjects: Organic farming , Sustainable agriculture

Title: Farming without chemicals in Ohio
Author: Keith Dix
Published: Cleveland, OH : Citizens Policy Center ; Delaware, OH : Innovative Farmers of Ohio , c2000

Summary: Focused on organic farming, this report, based on in-depth interviews with seven certified organic grain and soybean farmers in Ohio, briefly attempts to provide conventional farmers with an understanding of how farming that is not chemically intensive is possible and economically feasible. The report is organized around twelve frequently asked questions that conventional farmers often ask organic farmers.

Call Number: 53 DIX
Subjects: Organic farming , Reduced chemical inputs

Title: Growing smart : sustainable agriculture in action
Author: Greta Hunter Watson
Second Author: Nessa Justine Richman
Published: Austin, TX : Sustainable Food Center , 1995

Summary: The intention of this booklet is to dispell myths about sustainable agriculture and clarify what methods sustainable producers use. There are profiles of four farms in Texas-- a holistically managed cattle ranch, an organic cotton and field crop operation, an organic citrus operation, and a developing organic livestock operation.

Call Number: 50.9 WAT
Subjects: Organic farming , Sustainable agriculture

Title: Growing the organic market : 2000 conference proceedings : January 27-30, 2000 University Centre, University of Guelph

Summary: This proceedings program includes summaries of presentations that cover a large number of topics related to organic agriculture including weed control, social justice and fair trade, marketing strategy, soil fertility, composting, root cellars, biodynamic orcharding, hemp production, biotechnology, international development, corn, organic greenhouse, permaculture, CSAs, medicinal herbs, dairy goats, and small organic gardens.

Call Number: 53 GRO
Subjects: Organic farming

Title: Human-amimal relationship : stockmanship and housing in organic livestock systems
Contributors: edited by Malla Hovi and Michel Bouihol
Published: University of Reading , 2001

Summary: proceedings of the thrird Network for Animal Health and Welfare in Organic Agriculture Workshop, Clermont-Ferrand, 21-24 October 2000

ISBN: 0 7049 1094 2
Call Number: 70 HUM
Subjects: Aquaculture , Cattle , Cattle, dairy , Chickens , Chickens, housing , Game birds , Goats , Goats, dairy , Livestock , Livestock, alternative medicine , Livestock, herbal medicine , Livestock, homoepathic veterinary medicine , Livestock, housing and equipment , Organic dairy farming , Organic farming , Organic poultry production , Ostrich , Pigeons and squabs , Rabbits

Title: National organic standards : final rule
Second Author:
Published: Washington, D.C. : Agricultural Marketing Service, USDA , 2001

Summary: This rule establishes the National Organic Program of the Agricultural Marketing Service, facilitating domestic and international marketing of fresh and processed food that is organically produced and assuring consumers that such products meet consistent, uniform standards.

Call Number: 86.18 NAT
Subjects: Organic certification , Organic farming , Organic foods , Organic processing and handling materials

Title: Network for animal health and welfare in organic agriculture
Contributors: edited by M. Hovie and R. Garcia Trujillo
Published: University of Reading , 2000

Summary: proceedings of the Second Netowrk for Animal Health and Welfare in Organic Agriculture Worshop, Cordoba, 8-11 January 2000

Call Number: 70 NET
Subjects: Cattle , Hogs , Livestock , Organic dairy farming , Organic farming , Sheep

Title: the Organic decision : transitionaing to organic dairy production
Author: Department of Applied Economics and Management
Second Author: College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Published: Ithaca, NY : Cornell University , 2002

Summary: A step by step book to help you plan for transitioning to organic dairy production.

Call Number: 86.2 ORG
Subjects: Alternative agriculture , Dairy production , Dairy products , Farm management and decision making , Marketing , Milk , Organic farming

Title: Organic matters :
Author: Henry Brockman
Second Author:
Published: Congerville, IL : Terra Books , c2001 1st ed.

Summary: A pamphlet that critiques conventional agriculture and advocates for organic farming.

Call Number: 80 BRO
Subjects: Alternative agriculture, advocacy , Organic farming

Title: Rebirth of the small family farm : a handbook for starting a successful organic farm based on the concept of community supported agriculture
Author: Bob Gregson
Second Author: Bonnie Gregson
Published: Vashon Island, WA : IMF Associates , c1996 1st ed.

Summary: The authors share their experiences in the creation and operation of Island Meadow Farm outside of Seattle, including a description and function of the farm, start-up requirements, key factors to success, equipment and supplies, setting up on the land, marketing strategy, crop selection and planning, starting plants, and operating a subscription farm.

ISBN: 0965223302
Call Number: 85.1 GRE
Subjects: Beginning farming , Community supported agriculture (CSA) , Farm life , Organic farming , Quality of life , Small farms

Title: Recent growth patterns in the U.S. organic foods marker
Author: Carolyn Dimitri
Contributors: USDA
Second Author: Catherine Greene
Published: Washington D.C., : USDA , 2002
Series: Agriculture Information Bulletin 777

Summary: a report of the growth pattern of the organic sector in recent years

Call Number: 53 DIM
Subjects: Agricultural research , Organic certification , Organic farming

Title: Soil-related problems of vegetable crop production
Contributors: Arthur Bufogle, Jr. ... [et. al.]
Published: Crystal Springs, MS : Truck Crops Branch Experiment Station, Mississippi State University , Feb., 1999

Summary: The research reports contained herein discuss organic controls for purple nutsedge, the use of corn gluten meal in the control of purple and yellow nutsedge, nutsedge eradication by frequent tillage treatments, the use of nitrogen fertilizer in conjunction with black polyethylene mulch, liming materials, manganese toxicity in watermelon, and organic fertility of tomato transplant production.

Call Number: 62.107 SOI
Subjects: Crop production , Nitrogen , Organic crop production materials , Organic farming , Soil management , Weed management

Title: State of the states : organic farming systems research at land grant institutions, 2000-2001
Author: Jane Sooby
Published: Santa Cruz, CA : Organic Farming Research Foundation , 2001?

Summary: This report desribes organic farming research currently conducted at land grant universities and provides information on Extension and other resources of interest to organic growers.

Call Number: 10.2 SOO
Subjects: Agricultural research , Organic farming


Title: 1995 keynote : farming with a good heart : with Lynn Miller
Published: Barre, MA : Northeast Organic Farming Association , c1995

Publishers Number: 9510
Call Number: 53 NIN
Subjects: Organic farming , Sustainable agriculture

Title: Building sustainable systems : Annual Meeting, Saturday November 14, 1992
Contributors: Greater Kansas City Greens ; Missouri Organic Association

Summary: These videos include the following presentations: On Tape 1, Leslie Kearns : Grain production, Leland Eikerman : Building a food system, Roger Adolphson : Solar energy. On Tape 2, Mark Cain : Cut flower production, John Brown : Alternatives to toxic pest control.

Call Number: 53 BUI
Subjects: Biological pest control , Flowers , Flowers, cut , Grains , Local food systems , Organic farming , Pest control , Solar energy

Title: Choices for our land
Published: Barre, MA : Northeast Organic Farming Association , c1989

Call Number: 82.2 CHO
Subjects: Farmers , Farmland preservation , Land development , Local food systems , Marketing , Marketing direct to consumers , Organic farming , Small farms

Title: Choosing organic
Contributors: Produced in cooperation with Cornell Cooperative Extension, Maryland Cooperative Extension, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture
Published: Ithaca, NY : Cornell University , c2000

Publishers Number: 63.3 CHO
Subjects: Grains , Organic farming

Title: Common ground
Contributors: National Audubon Society and Turner Broadcasting System
Published: Washington, D.C. : WETA , c1987
Series: National Audubon Society specials

Call Number: 20 COM
Subjects: Agricultural ecology , Environmental protection , Land use , Organic farming , Reduced chemical inputs , Wildlife

Title: Common ground
Contributors: a co-production of the National Audubon Society and Turner Broadcasting System
Published: Washington, D.C., : WETA , 1987
Series: National Audubon Society special

Summary: This video describes ways farmers can reduce or eliminate the use of chemicals, reduce toxic exposure to humans and provide habitat for wildlife while maintaining productive soil and crop lands

Subjects: Agricultural ecology , Organic farming , Reduced chemical inputs , Wildlife , Wildlife, attracting and care

Title: Deep organics : with Stuart Hill
Published: Barre, MA : Northeast Organic Farming Association , c1989

Publishers Number: 8913
Call Number: 53 DEE
Subjects: Organic farming

Title: Extension engaged : national organic standards
Published: Pullman, WA : Washington State University Cooperative Extension , 2003

Summary: A 2 hour video on the National Organic Standards- What do they mean to you?

Call Number: 53 EXT
Subjects: Organic farming

Title: Farm decision making : one family's story
Contributors: Produced in cooperation with Cornell Cooperative Extension, Maryland Cooperative Extension, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture
Published: Ithaca, NY : Cornell University , c1999

Call Number: 63.3 FAR
Subjects: Family farms , Family life , Farm management and decision making , Grains , Organic farming

Title: Introduction to organic farming
Published: St. Paul, MN : Cooperative Development Services , c2001

Summary: This video is designed to be used in conjunction with a curriculum booklet, Organic production and marketing curriculum, which includes the defintion of organic farming, soil tilth and soil management, crop management, livestock marketing, and certification for Minnesota.

Call Number: 53 INT
Subjects: Crop production , Livestock , Marketing , Organic farming , Soil management

Title: Iowa organic farming mentor program
Contributors: Produced by Amalia Bright
Published: [Fairfield, IA : Iowa Organic Farming Mentor Program] , 2000?

Call Number: 10.74 IOW
Subjects: Farmer education , Mentoring , Organic farming

Title: Local vs. organic food : a discussion : with Willie Lockeretz, Bill Duesing, Joan Gussow, Katherine DiMatteo & Jack Kittredge
Published: Barre, MA : Northeast Organic Farming Association , c1995

Publishers Number: 9509
Call Number: 50.9 LOC
Subjects: Alternative agriculture , Local food systems , Organic farming

Title: Making the transition to organic farming : with David Patriquin
Published: Barre, MA : Northeast Organic Farming Association , c1990

Publishers Number: 9005
Call Number: 53 MAK
Subjects: Organic farming

Title: the Organic alternative
Contributors: producer: Grace Gershuny
Published: St, Johnsbury, VA : GAIA

Call Number: 53 ORG
Subjects: Organic farming

Title: The organic backyard orchard : With Bill MacKentley
Published: Barre, MA : Northeast Organic Farming Association , c1992

Summary: This video workshop primarily deals with apple trees. Topics include the size of lot, appropriate sites for planting, number and variety of trees and disease prevention.

Publishers Number: 9202
Call Number: VIDEO 64.1 ORG
Subjects: Apples , Fruit culture , Fruits, tree , Orchards , Organic farming

Title: Organic practices in the Northeast
Published: Barre, MA : Northeast Organic Farming Association , c1988

Publishers Number: 8801
Call Number: 53 ORG
Subjects: Organic farming

Title: Organic seedling production for field crops : with Veet Deha
Published: Barre, MA : Northeast Organic Farming Association , c1992

Publishers Number: 9206
Call Number: 63.011 ORG
Subjects: Alternative field crops , Organic farming , Plant propagation , Seeds

Title: Organic weed control
Published: Barre, MA : Northeast Organic Farming Association , c1990

Publishers Number: 9001
Call Number: 66.7 ORG
Subjects: Organic farming , Weed management

Title: Tour of Caretaker Farm : with Sam Smith
Published: Barre, MA : Northeast Organic Farming Association , c1988

Publishers Number: 8811
Call Number: 53 TOU
Subjects: Farm profiles, demonstration farms , Organic farming

Title: Transition to organic
Contributors: Produced in cooperation with Cornell Cooperative Extension, Maryland Cooperative Extension, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture
Published: Ithaca, NY : Cornell University , c2000

Call Number: 63.3 TRA
Subjects: Grains , Organic farming


Title: 1998 Eco-Ag/East Conference : organic orcharding
Author: Crow Miller
Second Author: Elizabeth Miller
Published: Metairie, LA : Acres, U.S.A. , 1998

Publishers Number: 2212
Call Number: 64.1 MIL
Subjects: Orchards , Organic farming

Title: 1998 Eco-Ag/East Conference : developing & operating a diversified organic farm
Author: Ellen Polishuk
Published: Metairie, LA : Acres U.S.A. , 1998

Publishers Number: no. 2203
Call Number: 53 POL
Subjects: Organic farming

Title: 1999 Acres U.S.A. Conference : large-scale organic success
Author: Klaas Martens
Second Author: Mary-Howell Martens
Published: Austin, TX : Acres, U.S.A. , 1999

Publishers Number: 2350
Call Number: 53 MAR
Subjects: Organic farming

Title: 1999 Acres U.S.A. Conference : surviving the organic inspection
Author: David Engel
Published: Austin, TX : Acres, U.S.A. , 1999

Publishers Number: 2352
Call Number: 53 ENG
Subjects: Organic certification , Organic farming

Title: 1999 Acres U.S.A. Conference : ten common mistakes organic farmers make
Author: Klaas Martens
Second Author: Mary-Howell Martens
Published: Austin, TX : Acres U.S.A. , 1999

Publishers Number: no. 2354
Call Number: 53 MAR
Subjects: Organic farming

Title: 2000 Acres U.S.A. Conference : marketing organic production
Author: William Jackson
Published: Austin , TX : Acres U.S.A. , 2000

Publishers Number: no. 2430
Call Number: 53 JAC
Subjects: Organic farming

Title: Large-farm operators looking into organic farming
Author: Debi Kelly
Contributors: Produced by Debbie Yelton
Published: Columbia, MO : Cooperative Video Group, University of Missouri , 1999

Publishers Number: C-90
Call Number: 53 KEL
Subjects: Organic farming


Title: Organic Farming
Published: UK : CABI Publishing , c2000

Summary: A selection of bibliographic references, published between 1994 and 1996, on organic crop production, organic foods and soil amendments, composting, soil fertility manaagement and conservation, biocontrol and intgrated pest management, organic pesticides, cultural and mechanical control of weeds, and organic animal husbandry, healthcare, and homeopathy.

ISBN: 1470-9635
Call Number: ORG 10.81
Subjects: Livestock, homoepathic veterinary medicine , Organic farming , Organic foods , Organic gardening , Organic horticulture , Organic landscaping


Pursuing Conservation Tillage Systems for Organic Crop Production (ATTRA)
Plant Disease Management for Organic Crops (University of California-Davis)
An Overview of Organic Crop Production (ATTRA)
An Organic and Sustainable Practices Workbook & Resource Guide for Livestock Systems (ATTRA)
Organic Risk Managment (University of Minnesota)
Organic Production Resource Manual (University of Arkansas)
Organic Production of Horticultural crops (Sasketchewan Agriculture and Food)
Organic Production Handbook (Carolina Farm Stewardship Association)
Organic Production (Iowa State University)
Organic Potting Mixes (ATTRA)
Organic Mulches (Iowa State University)
Organic Materials as Nitrogen Fertilizers (Colorado State University)
Organic Livestock Requirements (USDA - AMS)
Organic Livestock Feed Suppliers (ATTRA)
Organic Livestock Feed Processing Basics (Minnesota Department of Agriculture)
Organic Greenhouse Herb Production (ATTRA)
Organic Grain and Oilseed Enterprise (Alberta Agriculture, Food and Rural Development)
Organic Foods: What Do We Mean? (Rutgers University)
Organic Food Production in Washington State (Washington State University)
Organic Farming: Is It For Me? (North Dakota State University)
Organic Farming Information (Iowa State University)
Organic Crop Production: Weed Management (Saskatchewan Agriculture and Food)
Organic Crop Production: Soil Conservation Practices (Land Stewardship Centre)
Organic Crop Production Overview (ATTRA)
Weed Management for Organic Crops (University of California-Davis)
Understanding Organic Pricing and Cost of Production (ATTRA)
Transitioning to Organic Production (SARE)
Suppliers of Seed for Certified Organic Production (ATTRA)
State of Organic Seed Report (Organic Seed Alliance)
Sources for Organic Fertilizers and Amendments (ATTRA)
Soil Management and Soil Quality for Organic Crops (University of California-Davis)
Soil Fertility Management for Organic Crops (University of California-Davis)
Small Scale Organics: A Guidebook for the Non-certified Organic Grower (Kerr Center)
Resources for Organic Marketing (ATTRA)
Resource Guide to Organic & Sustainable Vegetable Production (ATTRA)
Recommendations for Crops Grown on Organic Soils (Michigan State University)
Organic Crop Production: Fertility (Saskatchewan Agriculture and Food)
Organic Crop Production: Disease Management (Sasketchewan Agriculture and Food)
Organic Crop Management - Insect Management (Saskatchewan Agriculture and Food)
Organic Crop Enterprise Budget (Kansas Rural Center)
The Organic Chronicles No. 1: Mysteries of Organic Farming Revealed (ATTRA)
Organic Allium Production (ATTRA)
Organic Agriculture (Iowa State University)
Opportunities for Organic Crop Production (Purdue University)
Manures for Organic Crop Production (ATTRA)
Insect Management for Organic Crops (University of California)
From Conventional to Organic Cropping: What to Expect During the Transition Years (Montana State University)
Economic Feasibility Of A Small Acreage Organic Vegetable Farm (Texas A&M University )
Direct Application of Organic Materials (Kansas State University)
Crop Rotations on Organic Farms (CEFS)
Approximate Composition of Some Natural Fertilizer Materials (Kansas State University)
Alternative Soil Testing Laboratories (ATTRA)

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