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Title: 2001 organic farm management handbook
Contributors: Edited by Nic Lampkin and Mark Measures
Published: Aberystwyth, Wales : Organic Farming Research Unit, Institute of Rural Studies, University of Wales ; Hampstead Marshall, Berkshire, England : Organic Advisory Service, Elm Farm Research Centre , 2001 4th ed.

Summary: This handbook, produced in the United Kingdom, provides business management information for farmers and others concerned with the management of organic farms. There are chapters on marketing, certification, conversion to organic farming, crop production, arable crop gross margins, livestock production, whole farm performance, environmental management and information resources.

ISBN: 1872064329
Call Number: 53 TWO
Subjects: Agricultural ecology , Alternative field crops , Cover crops and green manure crops , Crop production , Economic forecasting , Farm management and decision making , Forage crops , Livestock , Organic certification , Organic farming , Vegetables

Title: International organic inspection manual :
Contributors: Compiled and edited by James A. Riddle and Joyce E. Ford
Second Author:
Published: Broadus, MT : Independent Organic Inspectors Association , c2000

Summary: This copublication of the Organic Inspectors Association and the International Federation of Organic Agricultural Movements is a definitive and comprehensive text on organic inspection procedures and protocols. It contains an overview of organic standards and regulatory frameworks as well as information on inspector qualifications, responsibilities, and ethics, and methods of inspection for specific kinds of organic operations.

Call Number: 53 INT
Subjects: Organic certification , Organic farming

Title: Introduction to certified organic farming
Published: Ottawa, ONT : Canadian Farm Business Management Council , c1999

Summary: This book provides information regarding requirements for organic certification in Canada, examines converting to organic practices, discuss agronomic aspects of organic farming, describes audit trail requirements for organic certification (OCIA transition certification) and explores the marketing of organic products.

ISBN: 1894148231
Call Number: 53 INT
Subjects: Organic certification , Organic farming

Title: Organic dairy farming
Author: Laura Benson
Contributors: Kickapoo Organic Resource Network
Second Author: Robert Zirkel
Published: Gays Mills, WI : Orang-utan Press , 1996, c1995

Summary: There are chapters providing background to organic production, obstacles to conversion to organic production, herd health issues, organic cropping systems, rotational grazing, marketing and certification.

ISBN: 0963798219
Call Number: 71.12 ORG
Subjects: Cattle, dairy , Dairy production , Organic certification , Organic dairy farming , Organic farming


Title: National organic standards : final rule
Second Author:
Published: Washington, D.C. : Agricultural Marketing Service, USDA , 2001

Summary: This rule establishes the National Organic Program of the Agricultural Marketing Service, facilitating domestic and international marketing of fresh and processed food that is organically produced and assuring consumers that such products meet consistent, uniform standards.

Call Number: 86.18 NAT
Subjects: Organic certification , Organic farming , Organic foods , Organic processing and handling materials

Title: Organic certification of crop production in Minnesota
Author: Lisa Gulbranson
Published: St. Paul, MN : Minnesota Institute for Sustainable Agriculture , 1998
Series: Sustainable agriculture information exchange

Summary: This publication includes chapters on making the decision to become certified, the certification process, on-farm processing and livestock production, an appendice of Minnesota statutes and rules concerning organic certification, and samples of forms and records.

Call Number: 86.18 GUL
Subjects: Organic certification

Title: Recent growth patterns in the U.S. organic foods marker
Author: Carolyn Dimitri
Contributors: USDA
Second Author: Catherine Greene
Published: Washington D.C., : USDA , 2002
Series: Agriculture Information Bulletin 777

Summary: a report of the growth pattern of the organic sector in recent years

Call Number: 53 DIM
Subjects: Agricultural research , Organic certification , Organic farming


Title: 1999 Acres U.S.A. Conference : surviving the organic inspection
Author: David Engel
Published: Austin, TX : Acres, U.S.A. , 1999

Publishers Number: 2352
Call Number: 53 ENG
Subjects: Organic certification , Organic farming


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Organic Compliance Checklist for Producers (ATTRA)
Organic Certification of Vegetable Operations (University of Minnesota)
Organic Certification Process (ATTRA)
Organic Certification, Farm Production Planning and Marketing (University of California-Davis)
Organic Certification of Crop Production in Minnesota (University of Minnesota)
Organic Certification (Kansas State University)
Minnesota guide to organic certification (University of Minnesota)
How to Choose an Organic Certification Agency (Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Service)
Guidebook for Organic Certification (Midwest Organic & Sustainable Education Service)
Do I Need To Be Certified Organic? (USDA)
Creating an Organic Production and Handling System Plan: A Guide to Organic Plan Templates (ATTRA)
Becoming a Certified Organic Fresh Market Grower (University of Wisconsin)

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