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Title: Agriculture fact book 1998
Published: Washington, D.C. : USDA, Office of Communications , 1998

Summary: A quick reference tool for information about U.S. agriculture, rural America, food, nutrition, and programs of the U.S.D.A.

Call Number: 50 AGR
Subjects: Agribusiness , Environmental protection , Farm income , Farm labor , Farm life , Government policy and programs , Land use , Marketing , Marketing law , Nutrition , Rural development

Title: Around the world at Farmers' Market : a guide for small scale commercial grower-vendors of ethnic & heirloom vegetables, fruits, & herbs
Author: Steve Salt
Published: Kirksville , MO : Hagoth Press , 1999

Summary: This book focuses primarily on topics and issues of concern to commercial market gardeners and small farmers, such as farm management, crop selection, raising and harvesting, and marketing of exotic produce. The author explores the ethnic and heirloom vegetables of twelve regions throughout the world, providing information about customer demographics, language and customs, marketing tips, and cuisine.

Call Number: 85 SAL
Subjects: Heirloom varieties , Market gardening , Marketing , Small farms , Specialty crops , Vegetables, ethnic , Vegetables, specialty

Title: Backyard market gardening : the entrepreneur's guide to selling what you grow
Author: Andrew W. Lee
Published: Columbus, NC : Good Earth Publications , c1993

Summary: This book provides information on how to grow and sell vegetables, fruits, flowers, herbs and small livestock from a backyard market garden. Chapters cover sites and soils, tools, marketing strategies, business planning, production techniques and ecofarming.

ISBN: 0962464805
Call Number: 85.2 LEE
Subjects: Fruits, marketing , Market gardening , Marketing , New business management , New businesses planning , Small business , Sustainable agriculture , Truck farms , Vegetables, marketing

Title: Collaborative cause marketing handbook for the specialty food industry : research and recommendations
Contributors: ACEnet's Food Ventures staff
Published: Athens, OH : ACEnet Institute , 2000

Summary: This handbook describes current market opportunities in the specialty food industry, including organic, natural, gourmet, and vegan market niches, focusing on cause or values-based marketing.

Call Number: 85 COL
Subjects: Green marketing , Marketing , Natural foods, marketing

Title: Collaborative marketing : a roadmap and resource guide for farmers
Author: Robert King
Second Author: Gigi DiGiacomo
Published: St. Paul, MN : Minnesota Institute for Sustainable Agriculture , c2000

Summary: This publication discusses the advantages of collaborative marketing groups (CMGs), how to form them, recruit new members, and begin operations. There are ten profiles of CMGs and a resource guide.

Call Number: 85 KIN
Subjects: Cooperatives and cooperation , Marketing

Title: The complete country business guide
Author: Lisa Rogak
Published: Grafton, NH : William Hills Publishing , c1999 1st ed.

Summary: This book is a training manual for starting a business or improving a business in a rural setting. Examples drawn from actual experiences of starting and operating businesses in the country help readers to get acquainted with what it is like. Sections cover preparations, planning, start-up, operations, marketing, finance, and growing the business.

ISBN: 0965250210
Call Number: 83.5 ROG
Subjects: Business, rural , Finance , Management , Marketing , New business management , New businesses planning

Title: Customer winback : how to recapture lost customers and keep them loyal
Author: Jill Griffin
Contributors: foreward by Don Peppers and Marth Rogers
Second Author: Michael Lowenstein
Published: San Francisco, CA : Jossey-Bass , c2001

Summary: This book provides you with step-by-step strategies for keeping your customers and winning abck lost customers.

ISBN: 0787946672
Call Number: 84.2 GRI
Subjects: Marketing , Small business

Title: Developing new food crops for a changing marketplace
Contributors: Aaron L. Brody ; John B. Lord
Published: Lancaster, PA : Technomic Publishing Co. , c2000

Summary: A comprehensive work on food product development. It includes an overview of the food industry and trends impacting product development, policy and goals, new product failure and success, the development process, concepts and concept testing, food science, technology and engineering as related to product development, packaging, organizational development, technical development, product evaluation, shelf life, labeling, and launching the new product.

ISBN: 1556767784
Call Number: 86.1 DEV
Subjects: Food processing , Marketing , Packaging

Title: Direct marketing success : what works and why
Author: Freeman F. Gosden Jr.
Published: New York, NY : John Wiley & Sons , c1985
Series: Wiley series on business strategy

Summary: Topics include understanding direct marketing, basic direct mail principles, why direct mail is growing, formats and design, picking the right mail-order items, audience and mailing lists, telephone direct marketing, testing, editing, order forms, and the relationship between direct marketing and sales force efficiency.

ISBN: 0471513288
Call Number: 84.75 GOS
Subjects: Marketing , Marketing direct to consumers

Title: Do-it-yourself direct marketing : secrets for small business
Author: Mark S. Bacon
Published: New York, NY : John Wiley & Sons , c1997 2nd ed.

Summary: Topics include defining direct marketing, use of the Internet, reaching specific target groups, use of all types of media, dealing with the postal service, time and money saving tips, many examples of direct marketing packages, letters, forms, and checklists, and strategies for identifying market niches, tracking responses, and creating a direct mail database.

ISBN: 0471163848
Call Number: 84.75 BAC
Subjects: Marketing , Marketing direct to consumers , Small business

Title: Establishing a shared-use commercial kitchen
Author: Cameron Wold
Contributors: edited by Cameron Wold
Second Author: Martin F. Sancho, Karen Schubert, John Wojtacha, Laura Hobbs
Published: Denver, CO : Western Entrepeneurial Network , c1997

Summary: This book contains informatin on planning, budgeting, designing, operating, and marketing a commercial kitchen,

ISBN: 1890730041
Call Number: 86.1 WOL
Subjects: Food processing , Marketing , New businesses planning

Title: Fresh grown publicity : an easy guide to getting news coverage
Author: Jane Eckert
Second Author: Diane Kline
Published: St Louis, Missouri : Ekert Agrimarketing , c2002

Summary: A step-by-step guide to getting news coverage "even if you know nothing about public relations or writing".

ISBN: 0-9666168-9-8
Call Number: 84.8 ECK
Subjects: Marketing

Title: Grassroots marketing : getting noticed in a noisy world
Author: Shel Horowitz
Published: White River Junction, VT : Chelsea Green Publishing Co. , 2000

Summary: Intended for use by small businesses, non-profit organizations, and self-employed individuals, this book includes information on creating marketing plans, free publicity, stretching marketing dollars, Internet resources, and evaluating the effectiveness of marketing activities.

ISBN: 1890132683
Call Number: 84 HOR
Subjects: Management , Marketing , Nonprofit organizations management , Small business

Title: Guerilla marketing : secrets for making big profits from your small business
Author: Jay Conrad Levinson
Published: Boston, : Houghton Mifflin , c1993

Summary: Completely revised and updated for the nineties. Chapters include discussions of marketing strategies that are appropriate for small businesses and include developing a marketing plan, developing a marketing program, selecting marketing methods, saving marketing money, obtaining free research, canvassing, personal letters, telephone marketing, circulars and brochures, classifieds, signs, yellow pages, advertising via newspapers and magazines, radio, television, direct mail, outdoor signs, seminars and demonstrations, trade shows, exhibits and fairs, public relations and other marketing tools.

ISBN: 0395644968
Call Number: 84 LEV
Subjects: Advertising , Management , Marketing , Small business

Title: The guerrilla marketing handbook
Author: Jay Conrad Levinson
Second Author: Seth Godin
Published: Boston, MA : Houghton Mifflin , c1994

Summary: The introductory deals with creating a marketing plan. Part I consists of 73 low-cost high impact ways to send your marketing message including traditional advertising, business cards, circulars, newsletters and other "mini-media," inserts, direct mail postcards, customer mailing lists, catalogs, database marketing, promotion techniques, telephone marketing, pricing, word of mouth, logo, choosing a business name and other marketing techniques. Part II is an appendix of resources including sample newspaper ad rates and CPMs, directories for radio, television and cable networks and a bibliography.

ISBN: 0395700132
Call Number: 84 LEV
Subjects: Advertising , Marketing , Small business

Title: Homemade money : how to select, start, manage, market and multiply the profits of a business at home
Author: Barbara Brabec
Published: Cincinnati, OH : Betterway Books , c1994 5th ed.

Summary: The book contains specific how-to information on start-up, management, and successful marketing of a homebased business. Chapters provide and overview of the work-at-home industry, scams and unprofitable ideas, deciding if you are a good candidate for a home business, choosing a home business, planning, marketing strategy, start-up, pricing, publicity, diversification, computers, and management.

ISBN: 1558703284
Call Number: 83.3 BRA
Subjects: Home based businesses , Management , Marketing

Title: How to Direct Market Your Beef
Author: Jan Holder
Published: Beltsville, MD : Sustainable Agriculture Network , 2005

Summary: Everything you need to know about the direct marketing of beef from selling the whole carcass to selling cuts of meat including labeling, packaging, record keeping, marketing and advertising.

ISBN: 1-888626-11-9
Call Number: 84.75
Subjects: Advertising , Agribusiness , Beef , Cattle, beef , Marketing , Marketing direct to consumers , Meat products , Meat products, marketing , Natural foods, marketing , Packaging , Pricing , Sales , Value-added

Title: Kentucky farms and markets : emerging policy opportunities
Author: James V. Worstell
Published: Frankfort, KY : Office of Environmental Outreach, Kentucky Dept. of Agriculture

Summary: This report discusses the need to develop agricultural policy in Kentucky that supports sustainable marketing opportunities, sustainable development, and locally owned value-added enterprises. It provides summaries of examples of programs from other states and contact information for those programs.

Call Number: 80.61 WOR
Subjects: Alternative enterprises , Government policy and programs , Marketing , Rural development , Sustainable agriculture , Sustainable development , Value-added

Title: Making money with goats
Author: Ellie Winslow
Published: Amarillo, TX : Freefall press , c2002 3rd edition

Summary: While containing some basic information on raising goats, this book focuses on the business side of goat production, namely, making a profit. It contains business plans and helpful suggestions on ways to market goats and goat products. It also conatins plans for grain feeders, hay feeders, milk stand, and a portable tack box/milk stand for shows.

Call Number: 71.6 WIN
Subjects: Dairy products , Goats , Goats, dairy , Goats, meat , Handicrafts , Hiking and backpacking , Home based businesses , Marketing , Milk

Title: Making your small farm profitable
Author: Ron Macher
Published: North Adams , MA : Storey Books , c1999

Summary: This book explains how to exploit lucrative niche markets that others overlook, plan for optimal farm efficiency, determine equipment requirements and estimate machinery costs, compare costs against profit for common vegetables and livestock, and sell products in many different ways. There are major sections on getting started, principles of farming, planning and marketing, and management.

ISBN: 1580171613
Call Number: 82 MAC
Subjects: Alternative enterprises , Beginning farming , Farm management and decision making , Marketing , Small farms

Title: Marketing for success : creative marketing tools for the agricultural industry
Author: Robert J. Matarazzo
Contributors: With the assistance of Melissa F. Matarazzo
Published: Belvidere, NJ : Doe Hollow Publishing , c1996 1st ed.

Summary: Chapters cover mission statements, marketing plans, marketing budgets, marketing tools, advertising, press releases, "entertainment agriculture," wholesale marketing, retail marketing, and time management.

ISBN: 0965338509
Call Number: 85 MAT
Subjects: Marketing , Produce

Title: Marketing without advertising
Author: Michael Phillips
Second Author: Salli Rasberry
Published: Berkeley, CA : Nolo Press , 1997 2nd ed.

Summary: The authors outline high-impact, low cost marketing strategies to encourage customer word-of-mouth about your business, attract new customers, improve your business' appearance and accessibility, turn dissatisfied customers into loyal supporters, list your products or services widely and inexpensively, plan marketing events that will keep customers involved, help the media comment positively on your business, and use of the World Wide Web for marketing.

ISBN: 0873373693
Call Number: 84 PHI
Subjects: Management , Marketing , Small business

Title: Marketing without megabucks : how to sell anything on a shoestring
Author: Shel Horowitz
Published: New York, NY : Fireside/Simon & Schuster , c1993

Summary: This book provides specifics on using the local newspaper to receive free publicity, slashing the cost of print and radio advertising, creating and distributing a wide range of effective do-it-yourself promotional materials such as direct mail fliers and brochures, evaluating media buys, public relations or ad agency suggestions, becoming known as an expert in your field, quoted frequently in the media-- at no cost, developing and maintaining a consistent and appropriate image, and tracking the results of a marketing campaign.

ISBN: 067176036X
Call Number: 84 HOR
Subjects: Advertising , Marketing

Title: Metrofarm : the guide to growing for big profit on a small parcel of land
Author: Michael Olson
Published: Santa Cruz, CA : TS Books , 1994

Summary: Given that small farming operations located in or near cities can be very profitable this book presents the technologies used by space-intensive farmers from around the world, and includes chapter length conversations with successful metrofarmers. Topics include understanding agriculture and agribusiness, developing a metrofarm strategy, surveying the market, evaluating and controlling land, selecting crops, organizing a business, establishing production, and marketing.

ISBN: 0963787608
Call Number: 57 OLS
Subjects: Agribusiness , Alternative enterprises , Crop production , Farm management and decision making , Land use , Market surveys , Marketing , Marketing direct to consumers , New businesses planning , Small farms

Title: Pastured poultry profits
Author: Joel Salatin
Published: Swoope, VA : Polyface, Inc. , c1993

Summary: Net $25,000 in 6 months on 20 acres

ISBN: 0-9638109-0-1
Call Number: 74.112 SAL
Subjects: Chickens, free-range, pastured, organic , Chickens, home processing , Marketing , Poultry, pastured

Title: Proceeding of the North American conference on enterprise development through agroforestry : farming the forest for specialty products
Contributors: edited by Scott J. Josiah
Published: St Paul, MN : Center for Integrated Natural REsources and Agricultural Management , 1999

Summary: proceedings of the North America confrence on Enterprise Development though Agroforestry: farming the agroforest for specialty products, Minneapolis, MN October 4-7, 1998

Call Number: 67.5 PRO
Subjects: Alternative agriculture , Christmas trees , Forest management , Forest products , Ginseng , Handicrafts , Marketing , Mushrooms , Native wild plants , Specialty crops , Tree farming , Value-added , Wild plants , Wild plants, edible , Wildcrafting

Title: Proceedings of the Second National Small Farm Conference
Contributors: Edited by Denis Ebodaghe
Published: Sedalia, MO : Inter-State Printing , 2000

Summary: The proceedings of the 2nd National Small Farm Conference held in 1999. Sections include presentations on marketing and value added products, meeting the needs of underserved clients, agroforestry and livestock alternatives for small farms, developing skills, building institutional (research) capacity to serve small farmers, growing the farm business enterprise, and networks that bring together farmers, service providers and consumers.

Call Number: 82.2 PRO
Subjects: Agricultural research , Farmers , Marketing , Small farms , Sustainable agriculture , Value-added

Title: Raising Meat Goats for Profit
Author: Gail Bowman
Published: Twin Falls, ID : Bowman Communications Press , 1999

Summary: Complete book on raising meat goats from facilities, buying your first goat, feeding, breeding, kidding, raising kids, marketing, health needs and potential problems. Includes recipes.

ISBN: 0-9670381-0-3
Call Number: 71.65 BOW
Subjects: Goats, meat , Marketing , Meat products

Title: The real dirt : farmers tell about organic and low-input practices in the Northeast
Contributors: Edited by Miranda Smith and members of the Northeast Organic Association and Cooperative Extension
Published: Burlington, VT : Northeast Region SARE/ACE , c1994

Summary: Based on interviews with more than 60 farmers in 8 states, this book provides an overview of the techniques and systems that organic and low-input farmers relied upon from 1989 to 1991. Sections cover management of soil, pest, crops, livestock and dairy, marketing concerns, transition and whole-farm design.

Call Number: 53 REA
Subjects: Crop production , Dairy production , Farm management and decision making , Livestock , Marketing , Organic farming , Reduced chemical inputs , Soil management

Title: Relationship marketing : new strategies, techniques, and technologies to win the customer you want and keep them forever
Author: Ian H. Gordon
Published: Etobicoke, Ontario : John Wiley & sons , c1998

Summary: Relationship marketing focuses on the ultimate market segment- the individual customer- effectively and efficiently. It enables your company to improve profits , customer by customer, by focusing on the ones who receive, and return, the best value.

ISBN: 0471641731
Call Number: 84.2 GOR
Subjects: Marketing , Small business

Title: Sell what you sow! : The grower's guide to successful produce marketing
Author: Eric Gibson
Published: Placerville, CA : New World Publishing , c1994

Summary: Chapters cover planning, choosing enterprises, deciding what to grow, market research, making a marketing plan, direct marketing techniques, such as farmers markets, roadside markets, subscription farming and pick-your-own, retail marketing, specialty food products, merchandising, customer service, wholesale marketing, pricing, rules and regulations, insurance, promotion, advertising, farm festivals, and resource listings.

ISBN: 0963281402
Call Number: 85 GIB
Subjects: Farm management and decision making , Market gardening , Marketing , Produce

Title: Shared leadership, shared responsibility
Contributors: Heidi Carter and Charles Francis, Editors
Published: Lincoln, NE : Center for Sustainable Agricultural Systems, University of Nebraska-Lincoln , 1996
Series: Extension and Education Materials for Sustainable Agriculture Volume 5

Summary: This handbook includes educational materials and training ideas and materials (articles and handouts) for developing leadership of groups and organizations that work for the implementation of sustainable agriculture programs. There is also coverage of whole farm planning, holistic resource management, entrepreneurship and marketing, group learning methods, and resources.

Call Number: 80.5 SHA
Subjects: Activism , Entrepreneurship , Farm management and decision making , Group meeting skills , Holistic management , Leadership , Marketing , Nonprofit organizations management , Sustainable agriculture

Title: the Soapmaker's companion : a comprehensive guide with recipes, techniques, & know how
Author: Susan Miller Cavitch
Contributors: edited by Deborah Balmuth; indexed by Northwind editorial services
Published: Pownal, VT : Storey Books , c1997

Summary: This books describes in detail the chemistry, making, and marketing of soaps.

ISBN: 0882669656
Call Number: 86.45 CAV
Subjects: Handicrafts , Marketing , Soap making

Title: What customers value most : how to achieve business transformation by focusing on processes that touch your customers
Author: Stanley A. Brown
Published: Etobicoke, Ontario : John Wiley & sons , c1995

Summary: satisfied customers; increased revenue; improved profitability

ISBN: 0471641235
Call Number: 84.2 BRO
Subjects: Marketing , Small business


Title: Advancing sustainable agriculture through small group discussions : a guide for groups leaders and members
Author: Duane Dale
Second Author: Deborah Cavanaugh-Grant
Published: Urbana, IL : University of Illinois

Summary: A collections of articles and case studies dealing with sustainable agriculture from throughout the US and compiled by the Illinois Department of Agriculture and University of Illinois to aid small discussion groups.

Call Number: 50.9 DAL
Subjects: Marketing , Sustainable agriculture

Title: Alternative markets for the individual producer :
Author: David G. Kraenzel
Second Author:
Published: Fargo, ND : North Dakota State University Extension Service , 1997

Summary: A brief presentation of alternative wholesale and retail markets options.

Call Number: 85 KRA
Subjects: Marketing

Title: Building a sound organic marketing strategy
Author: [Richard Graham]
Published: 1997

Summary: A handout for the author's presentation at the Growing the Organic Market conference held at the University of Guelph in Guelph, Ontario, Jan. 27-30, 2000.

Call Number: 85 GRA
Subjects: Marketing

Title: The business and marketing of premium quality farm products :
Author: Herman Beck-Chenoweth
Second Author:
Published: Creola, OH : Resilience, Inc. , c1999

Summary: This publication is an excerpt from the author's book of the same title and consists of a section on advertising and public relations and a section on marketing venues such as roadside stands, farmers market, home delivery, buying clubs, CSAs, mail order, etc.

ISBN: 0918779022
Call Number: 85 BEC
Subjects: Marketing

Title: Echinacea 2000 : technical crop report
Author: Richard Alan Miller
Contributors: Richters Herbs
Published: Goodwood, Ontario, Canada : The Herb Specialists , c2000
Series: Herb Farming Series 2

Summary: Valuable tips on marketing, field production, chemistry, quality control, and botanical species.

Call Number: MIL 65
Subjects: Alternative field crops , Herb gardening , Herbs , Marketing , Quality control

Title: Elk Farming Handbook
Author: Ian Thorleifsom
Contributors: Bruce Friedel
Second Author: Tony Pearse
Published: Platte City, MO : North American Elk Breeders Association , c1998

Summary: a book of information on the principles of successful elk farming: farm production and practice, handling facilities, herd management, herd health, breeding and calving, nutrition, elk products, and marketing.

Call Number: 73.23 THO
Subjects: Elk , Marketing , Meat products, marketing

Title: Emerging markets for family farms : opportunities to prosper through social and environmental responsibility
Author: Kelly O'Neil
Second Author:
Published: Walthill, NE : Center for Rural Affairs , 1997

Summary: The purpose of this publication is to provide insights in developing market-based approaches to supporting sustainable agriculture, family farms and rural opportunities. Included are sections on opportunities and barriers to value-added processing and marketing, products with greatest market potential, market development, cooperative relationships among agricultural enterprises, and activities to foster family farms and rural communities.

Call Number: 85 ONE
Subjects: Family farms , Marketing , Rural development , Value-added

Title: Farm you forestCircular 1219
Author: Theodore W. Curtin
Published: Champaign, IL : University of Illinois , 1989

Summary: This book discusses forest farming, including management and marketing.

Call Number: 67.5 CUR
Subjects: Alternative agriculture , Marketing , Tree farming , Tree planting

Title: Food processing and marketing
Contributors: Jerry Cash ... [et. al.]
Published: East Lansing, MI : Michigan State University Agricultural Experiment Station , 1992
Series: Status and potential of Michigan agriculture-- Phase I SR 37

Summary: This report is one of a series that provide general background information on the future economic, social, political and technical environment for Michigan agriculture. The food processing paper includes sections on product trends and the status of a variety of processing technologies such as are related to ingredients and food components, packaging, preservation and storage along with an economic summary, and comments on international and environmental issues. The food marketing paper includes coverage of purchasing behavior, a discussion of major directions for change impacting food marketing and distribution, and describes fresh prepared foods as a major growth opportunity.

Call Number: 86.1 FOO
Subjects: Food processing , Marketing

Title: Free-range poultry production and marketing : a guide to raising, processing, and marketing premium quality chicken, turkey, and eggs
Author: Herman Beck-Chenoweth
Published: Creola, OH : Back Forty Books , c1996

Summary: Marketing, raising, and processing free-range poultry

ISBN: 0-918779-00-6
Call Number: 74.112 BEC
Subjects: Chickens, egg production , Chickens, free-range, pastured, organic , Chickens, home processing , Marketing , Poultry, pastured , Turkeys

Title: Fresh produce marketing :
Author: Charles R. Hall
Second Author:
Published: College Station, TX : Texas Agricultural Extension Service, Texas A & M

Summary: Sections discuss product identification, buyers and sellers, quality, production and harvesting considerations, cooling, packaging, volume requirements, transportation to market, selling fresh produce, financial arrangements, setting prices, relations with buyers, and types of risk.

Call Number: 85 HAL
Subjects: Marketing , Produce

Title: Making it on the farm : increasing sustainability through value-added processing and marketing
Author: Keith Richards
Second Author: Deborah S. Wechsler
Published: Elkins, AK : Southern Sustainable Agriculture Working Group , c1996

Summary: This publication is the product of an interview process whereby 21 farmers offered information about their value-added enterprises. It includes a wide variety of stories about some of the farmers and a discussion of key points that contributed to their success. There is also a list of resources for getting support in exploring value-added enterprises.

Call Number: 82 RIC
Subjects: Farm management and decision making , Food processing , Marketing , Value-added

Title: Marketing sustainable agriculture : case studies and analysis from Europe
Contributors: Edited by the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy
Published: Minneapolis, MN : Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, Environment and Agriculture Program , 1999?

Summary: This publication stems from the Marketing Sustainable Agriculture Tour and Symposium held in 1998. It contains many examples of innovative marketing initiatives from England, France, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland and the Netherlands. Many of the projects reported here aim to stimulate or rebuild local markets for regional food, especially by incorporating aspects of ecology, animal welfare, traceability and food safety. Also featured are some successful examples of retailers who differentiate their products with green marketing, and many case studies of farmers and community groups organizing themselves to take greater control of the food marketing chain.

Call Number: 85 MAR
Subjects: Activism , Alternative enterprises , Green products , Marketing , Sustainable agriculture

Title: Marketing sustainably produced foods : international examples and lessons for the United States
Author: E.G. Nadeau
Second Author:
Published: Madison, WI : Prepared by author , 1998

Summary: This publication provides a review of ecological and sustainable marketing programs in Europe and the United States and includes examples of marketing organizations from each region.

Call Number: 85 NAD
Subjects: Green marketing , Marketing , Sustainable agriculture

Title: Marketing ways to grow : a marketing workshop for specialty and value-added crops
Author: John Vann
Second Author: David Ferguson
Published: Muncie, ID : Ball State University , c2000

Summary: This workbook is intended to help growers prepare marketing plans that incorporate an awareness of the different tasks and concepts of the marketing process. A sample marketing plan is included along with worksheets for the details of marketing.

Call Number: 85 VAN
Subjects: Marketing , Specialty crops , Value-added

Title: the Organic decision : transitionaing to organic dairy production
Author: Department of Applied Economics and Management
Second Author: College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Published: Ithaca, NY : Cornell University , 2002

Summary: A step by step book to help you plan for transitioning to organic dairy production.

Call Number: 86.2 ORG
Subjects: Alternative agriculture , Dairy production , Dairy products , Farm management and decision making , Marketing , Milk , Organic farming

Title: Selling produce to restaurants : a marketing guide for small growers
Author: Diane Green
Published: Sandpoint, ID : Greentree Naturals , c1999

Summary: This book discusses the principles Ms. Green has learned on working with restaurants, operating a market garden, selecting produce, pricing produce and marketing produce to local restaurants.

Call Number: 85.6 GRE
Subjects: Market gardening , Marketing , Marketing to institutions , Sales

Title: To market ... to market : seven steps to a marketing plan for horticultural products
Contributors: Karen Mundy, Charles W. Coale, Jr., and Susan Sterrett
Second Author:
Published: Blacksburg, VA : Virginia Cooperative Extension, Virginia Tech , 1997

Summary: The seven steps are setting goals, objectives and plans, identifying customers and their needs, deciding on market outlets, attracting customers, realistic pricing, and the evaluation and revision of the market plan.

Call Number: 85 MUN
Subjects: Marketing

Title: Video resource & viewing guide
Contributors: Produced by Rooy Media
Published: Emmaus , PA : Rodale Institute
Series: Farmer-to farmer : strategies for sustainable agriculture

Summary: This booklet is intended for individual or group use (and follow-up discussion) with any of the six videos of the Farmer-to-farmer series, titled Field crops, Rotational grazing, Vegetables, IPM for vegetables and small fruits, IPM for apples, and High-value marketing. The booklet contains sets of questions related to each video topic and resources that can help find answers to any additional questions of viewers or group participants.

Call Number: 50.9 VID
Subjects: Alternative field crops , Apples , Fruits , Fruits, small , Grazing , Integrated pest management , Marketing , Pasture management , Sustainable agriculture , Vegetables


Title: Alternative cropsPart II
Published: Stillmore, OK : Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service, Oklahoma State University

Publishers Number: TC 47
Call Number: 60.8 ALT
Subjects: Fruits , Marketing , Risk assessment , Vegetables

Title: Choices for our land
Published: Barre, MA : Northeast Organic Farming Association , c1989

Call Number: 82.2 CHO
Subjects: Farmers , Farmland preservation , Land development , Local food systems , Marketing , Marketing direct to consumers , Organic farming , Small farms

Title: Cooperating for sustainability
Contributors: The Northeast Center for Sustainable Agriculture Education and Research, Cornell Cooperative Enterprise Program, Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture
Published: Ithaca, NY : Cornell University , c1997

Summary: This video teleconference examines three cooperatives. Highlights include understanding the role of advisors, adopting cost cutting practices, developing marketing strategies, and adding value to farm products.

Call Number: 83.4 COO
Subjects: Cooperatives and cooperation , Cost effectiveness , Extension programs , Marketing , Sustainable agriculture , Value-added

Title: Direct marketing
Published: Vancouver, WA : North American FArmer's Direct Marketing Association , 1997
Series: North American Farm video

Subjects: Marketing , Marketing direct to consumers

Title: Farmers and their diversified horticultural marketing strategies
Contributors: Produced by Vern Grubinger
Published: Burlington, VT : University of Vermont Extension , 1999

Call Number: 85 FAR
Subjects: Community supported agriculture (CSA) , Cooperatives and cooperation , Internet , Marketing , Marketing direct to consumers , Marketing to institutions , U-pick

Title: Free-range poultry production and marketing
Contributors: Resilience, inc.
Published: Creola, Ohio : Pesilience, Inc. , c1999

Summary: producing and marketing free-range poultry

Call Number: 74.112 FRE
Subjects: Chickens, free-range, pastured, organic , Marketing , Poultry, pastured

Title: High-value marketing
Contributors: Produced by Rooy Media ; presented by Rodale Institute
Published: Frederick, MD : Rooy Media , c1991
Series: Farmer to farmer, strategies for sustainable agriculture

Call Number: 85 HIG
Subjects: Cooperatives and cooperation , Marketing , Roadside stands , U-pick

Title: Introduction to organic farming
Published: St. Paul, MN : Cooperative Development Services , c2001

Summary: This video is designed to be used in conjunction with a curriculum booklet, Organic production and marketing curriculum, which includes the defintion of organic farming, soil tilth and soil management, crop management, livestock marketing, and certification for Minnesota.

Call Number: 53 INT
Subjects: Crop production , Livestock , Marketing , Organic farming , Soil management

Title: Producer cooperatives : Diana Endicott, Rainbow Organic Farms (Kansas), Feb. 23, 1999
Published: Lincoln, NE : Cooperative Extension Division, University of Nebraska , c1998
Series: Small farming systems seminar series

Call Number: 83.4 PRO
Subjects: Cooperatives and cooperation , Marketing

Title: Ways to grow : alternatives for small farmers : know your market-- first
Published: Greensboro, NC : North Carolina N & T State University, Agricultural Communications , c1992

Call Number: 84 WAY
Subjects: Advertising , Farm management and decision making , Marketing , Pricing , Sales


Title: Reap new profits : marketing strategies for farmers and ranchers : a Powerpoint Presentation for Educators
Contributors: Valerie Berton ... [et. al.]
Published: Beltsville, MD : Sustainable Agriculture Network , 1999

Summary: This PowerPoint presentation, intended for the small or medium-sized farm, includes information on farmers markets, pick-your-own, farm stands, entertainment farming, subscription marketing/CSA, cooperatives, restaurant sales, mail order and Internet, direct marketing of meat, and new farm enterprises.

Call Number: 85 REA
Subjects: Marketing , Marketing direct to consumers


20 Tips for Successful Marketing (Flordia A&M University )
A Systematic Approach to Produce Wholesaling (University of Maryland)
Steps to Marketing Your Product (University of Illinois)
Strategies to Attract and Keep Customers (University of Wisconsin)
Smart Marketing Publications - article archive (Cornell University)
Smart Marketing Includes Services and Relationships -- Not Just Products (Cornell University)
Selling Fruits and Vegetables (Iowa State University)
Resources for Organic Marketing (ATTRA)
Pricing Your Products for Retail and Wholesale Markets (Univ of Wisconsin Extension Agricultural Innovation Center)
Pricing and Production Management (University of Florida )
Niche Marketing (Texas A&M University)
Methods to Price Your Product (Alberta Agriculture, Food and Rural Development)
Market Your Product (University of Missouri)
Marketing: What Needs to be Done? (Kansas State University)
Marketing Strategies for Vegetable Growers (University of Florida)
Marketing Strategies for Farmers and Ranchers (SARE)
Marketing Specialty Forest Products (University of Minnesota)
Marketing for the Small Farmer (University of California )
Marketing Organic Grains (ATTRA)
Marketing Options for Commercial Vegetable Growers (University of Kentucky)
Marketing New Crops (Purdue University)
Marketing Alternatives for Specialty Produce (Oregon State University)
Market Gardening: A start-up Guide (ATTRA)
Iím Right and Youíre Wrong: Doís and Doníts in Customer Service (University of Wisconsin)
Helpful tips for improving the visual appeal of marketing materials (Oklahoma State University)
A Guide to Marketing Organic Produce (Texas A&M)
"Green" Markets for Farm Products† (ATTRA)
Examples of Marketing Alternatives for Small Farmers (University of Florida)
Emerging Ecolabels for Food Products (Washington State University)
Direct Marketing Today: Challenges and Opportunities (USDA)
Direct Marketing of Farm Produce and Home Goods (University of Wisconsin)
Direct Marketing (ATTRA)
Direct Farm Marketing and Tourism Handbook (University of Arizona)
Developing a Strategic Marketing Plan for Horticultural Firms (Cornell University)
Developing a Sensible and Successful Marketing Attitude (Purdue Univeristy)
Developing and Implementing a Successful Marketing Plan (Purdue University)
Considering Selling Value-Added Products at Shopping Malls: Not a Straightfoward Issue (University of Tennessee)
Collaborative Marketing for Small Farms: Selling and Working Together for Profitability (Cornell University)
Collaborative Marketing, a Roadmap & Resource Guide for Farmers (Minnesota Institute for Sustainable Agriculture)
Business Plans and Marketing (University of Florida)

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