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Title: Knott's handbook for vegetable growers
Author: Donald N. Maynard
Second Author: George J. Hochmuth
Published: New York, N.Y. : John Wiley & Sons , c1997 4th ed.

Summary: Considered to be a reference tool for commercial vegetable growers. Filled with tables and charts and detailed specifics on planting rates, schedules, and spacing; soils and fertilizers; methods of controlling diseases; greenhouse vegetable and crop production; insect pest identification; harvesting and storage; and vegetable marketing. The fourth edition contains information on drip irrigation, seed priming, seed germination tests, plant tissue testing; petiole sap testing, windbreaks and weed management. There is a revised discussion of allowable pesticide and herbicide use as well worker protection standards.

ISBN: 04711311512
Call Number: 62.08 MAY
Subjects: Fertility , Harvesting , Irrigation , Pest control , Seed storing , Seeds , Soils , Truck farms , Vegetable gardening , Vegetables , Vegetables, greenhouse , Weed management

Title: Sustainable agriculture
Author: John Mason
Published: East Roseville, Australia : Kangaroo Press , 1997

Summary: This book includes explanations of permaculture, biodynamics, organic farming, agroforestry, conservation tillage, and integrated hydroculture and includes coverage of water management, selection criteria for plants and animals, droughts and floods, alternative feeds, pest management, problems resulting from land degradation, climate change and agriculture, and farm management.

ISBN: 0864178654
Call Number: 50.9 MAS
Subjects: Crop production , Farm management and decision making , Irrigation , Livestock , Pest control , Soils , Sustainable agriculture , Water quality , Weed management

Title: Sustainable vegetable production from start-up to market
Author: Vernon P. Grubinger
Published: Ithaca, N.Y. : Natural Resource, Agriculture, and Engineering Service (NRAES) Cooperative Extension , c1999

Summary: This publication is intended to help aspiring and experienced growers to plan and manage profitable and environmentally friendly vegetable production systems. Chapters cover the background of sustainable systems, getting started in vegetable farming, farm business management, marketing, soil management, composting, rotation, cover crops, tillage, seeds, irrigation and spraying, harvesting, season extension, and disease, pest and weed management.

ISBN: 093581745X
Call Number: 62.1 GRU
Subjects: Fertility , Irrigation , Market gardening , Pest control , Season extenders , Seeds , Soil management , Sustainable agriculture , Vegetables , Weed management


Title: Drip irrigation : with Rick Estes
Published: Barre, MA : Northeast Organic Farming Association , c1994

Call Number: 33.43 DRI
Subjects: Drip Irrigation , Irrigation


Title: 1997 census of agricultureVolume 1 : geographic area series
Published: Washington, D.C. : National Agricultural Statistics Service, USDA , 1999

Summary: The census of agriculture is conducted every five years and is a major source of information about production agriculture in the U.S., including data on the numbers of farms, land in farms, land use, irrigation, crops, livestock, poultry, value of farm products sold, production expenses and operator characteristics. The contents of these CD-ROMs correspond to printed reports part 1 through 51 with limited state level data for prior years.

Publishers Number: 1A, 1B, 1C
Call Number: 50 NIN
Subjects: Agribusiness , Crop production , Economic forecasting , Farm labor , Farm management and decision making , Farmers , Irrigation , Land use , Livestock , Poultry , Sales


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Maintaining Drip Irrigation Systems (Kansas State University)
Irrigation for Fruit and Vegetable Production (Penn State University)
Irrigation Cost Analysis Handbook (University of Tennessee)
Energy Saving Tips for Irrigators (ATTRA)
Drip Or Trickle Irrigation Systems: An Outline Of Components (North Carolina State University)
Drip Or Trickle Irrigation Systems: An Operations And Troubleshooting Checklist (North Carolina State University)
Drip Irrigation for Vegetables (Penn State University)
Drip Irrigation for Vegetables (Kansas State University)
Drip Irrigation (Penn State University)

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