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Title: Intensive grazing management-- forage, animals, men, profits
Contributors: Burt Smith, Ping Sun Leung, George Love
Published: Kamuela, HI : Graziers Hui , c1986

Summary: Chapters include an introduction to intensive grazing, getting started, financial analysis, basics for soil, plants and animals, animal health, ecology, electric fencing and design, grazing unit design, basic grazing, forage conservation, uses of "hi-tech" equipment and intensive grazing management.

Call Number: 70.51 INT
Subjects: Agricultural ecology , Animal health , Cattle , Fences , Forage crops , Grazing , Intensive grazing , Pasture management , Soils

Title: Pasture management guide for livestock producers
Contributors: Prepared by Steve Barnhart ... [et. al.]
Published: Ames , IA : Iowa State University Extension

Summary: This guide provides pasture and livestock management information applicable to whatever grazing management system is currently being used. It includes an introduction to rotational grazing, and intensive grazing and suggestions for those making grazing management changes or who have just begun an intensive grazing management program. Chapters cover managing pasture plants, managing livestock, planning for improvements in grazing systems, monitoring and evaluating the grazing system and managing risk.

Call Number: 70.51 PAS
Subjects: Grazing , Intensive grazing , Livestock , Pasture management


Title: Close to the ground : a team approach to on-farm monitoring
Contributors: Blue Moon Productions
Published: Lewiston, MN : Land Stewardship Project , c1997

Summary: Monitoring to evaluate changes in management practices is primarily demonstrated in the context of management intensive grazing operations.

Call Number: 82 CLO
Subjects: Farm management and decision making , Intensive grazing

Title: Organic lamb through intensive grazing : with Dale Perkins
Published: Barre, MA : Northeast Organic Farming Association , c1996

Publishers Number: 9601
Call Number: 71.71 ORG
Subjects: Intensive grazing , Lambs


Why Make the Transition to Grazing? (CIAS - University of Wisconsin)
The Social Implications of Management Intensive Rotational Grazing: An Annotated Bibliography (University of Wisconsin)
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Number and Size of Paddocks in a Grazing System (West Virginia University)
Multi-Species Grazing (ATTRA)
Matching Livestock and Forage Resources in Controlled Grazing (ATTRA)
Knee Deep in Grass: A survey of twenty-nine grazing operations in Minnesota (University of Minnesota)
Introduction to Paddock Design and Fencing for Controlled Grazing (ATTRA)
Guidelines for Describing Grazing Management and Utilization when Conducting Botanical Surveys (University of California-Davis)
Grazing Systems Planning Guide (University of Minnesota)
Grazing Networks for Livestock Producers (ATTRA)
Getting Started Grazing: Paddock Layout and Water System Example  (Ohio State University)
Getting Started Grazing: Paddock Layout And Design (Ohio State University)
Getting Started Grazing (Ohio State University)
Creep Grazing (West Virginia University)
Assessing the Pasture Soil Resource (ATTRA)

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