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Title: Building your own greenhouse
Author: Mark Freeman
Published: Mechanicsburg, PA : Stackpole Books , c1997 1st ed.
Series: Greenhouse basics

Summary: This book includes information on site selection, laying a foundation, framing, glazing, ventilating, insulating, plumbing, and wiring and provides eleven specific examples from simple cold frames to large free standing and attached-to-the-house structures.

ISBN: 0811727750
Call Number: 32.3 FRE
Subjects: Greenhouses, construction

Title: Four-season harvest : organic vegetables from your home garden all year long
Author: Eliot Coleman
Published: White River Junction, VT : Chelsea Green Publishing Co. , 1999 Revised and expanded ed.

Summary: Building on the author's earlier work, this book shows how to produce organically grown vegetables throughout the coldest seasons. Chapters cover compost, planning, preparing, planting and cultivating the outdoor garden, cold frames, tunnels and the covered garden, root cellars and the underground garden. There are new chapters on seeds, ducks in the garden, winter gardens and plant protection.

ISBN: 1890132276
Call Number: 62.05 COL
Subjects: Cold frames , Compost , Garden structures , Greenhouses, construction , Organic gardening , Root cellars , Season extenders , Vegetable gardening , Vegetables

Title: Greenhouse basics : building your own greenhouse
Author: Mark Freeman
Published: Mechanicsburg, PA : Stackpole books , c1997 first edition

Summary: Specific examples include simple cold frames to large free- standing or attached-to-the-house structure with instructions to guide you through the processes of selecting a site, laying a foundation, framing, glazing, ventilation, insulating, plumbing, and wiring.

ISBN: 0811727750
Call Number: 32.3 FRE
Subjects: Greenhouses, construction

Title: Greenhouse gardener's companion : growing food and flowers in your greenhouse or sunspace
Author: Shane Smith
Published: Golden, CO : Fulcrum Publishing , c2000 Revised and expanded ed.

Summary: This edition features preparation in advance of buying or building a greenhouse, details of greenhouse construction, including heating options, interior design, and adding solar heat, pest control, glazing, venting, misting and watering devices, and profiles on more than 300 plants, including a section on orchids.

ISBN: 1555914500
Call Number: 61.05 SMI
Subjects: Fruits , Greenhouse gardening , Greenhouses, construction , Greenhouses, diseases and insects , Greenhouses, home/hobby , Greenhouses, management , Greenhouses, production , Herbs , Ornamental plants , Vegetables, greenhouse

Title: Greenhouses for homeowners and gardeners
Author: John W. Bartok
Published: Ithaca, NY : Natural Resource, Agriculture and Engineering Service, Cooperative Extension , c2000
Series: NRAES 137

Summary: This book is written as a reference to help in the selection and design greenhouses to suit particular needs and provides guidance for choosing a location, do-it-yourself and contract construction, glazing and framing materials, space utilization, interior design, heating and cooling systems, lighting, watering and fertilizing systems, and permits. There are ten do-it-yourself plans for home greenhouses and season extenders. There is also coverage of other season extenders such as cold frames, hot beds, and tunnels and a list of equipment suppliers and a maintenance checklist.

ISBN: 0935817514
Call Number: 32.3 BAR
Subjects: Greenhouse gardening , Greenhouses, construction , Greenhouses, home/hobby

Title: An introduction to greenhouse production
Author: Robert W. McMahon
Published: Columbus, OH : Curriculum Materials Service, The Ohio State University , 2000 2nd ed.

Summary: This book is a basic text for those preparing for greenhouse and floriculture work. Chapters cover the greenhouse industry, greenhouse structures, controlling the greenhouse environment, greenhouse equipment and lighting, greenhouse irrigation systems, root media and containers, nutrition, integrated pest management, controlling plant height, and production of bedding plants, potted plants, cut flowers and perennials.

ISBN: 1565020154
Call Number: 61.05 MACM
Subjects: Greenhouses, construction , Greenhouses, management , Greenhouses, production

Title: Secrets to a successful greenhouse and business : a complete guide to starting & operating a high-profit business that benefits the environment
Author: T.M. Taylor
Published: Melbourne, FL : GreenEarth Publishing Company , c1997 4th ed.

Summary: This 11-section guide was written by one of the nation's quality growers to inspire and explain, step-by-step, how anyone can profit from a wholesale greenhouse business. Information provided includes a list of plant buyers, use of videotapes, telephones and brokers, which plants sell best and how to grow them, selling to the largest national chains, and local markets, growing herbs and vegetables organically, using starter plants, growing vine-ripe tomatoes, annuals, ferns, foliage plants, holiday flowers, trees and tropical fruits, building plans, a wholesale plant price guide and directory of the best growers.

ISBN: 0962867802
Call Number: 61.05 TAY
Subjects: Greenhouses, construction , Greenhouses, management , Greenhouses, production

Title: The solar greenhouse book
Contributors: Edited by James C. McCullagh
Published: Emmaus , PA : Rodale Press , c1978

Summary: The first part of this book provides information on the design of solar greenhouses, dealing with climate control, collectors, heat retention, glazing, heat storage, and weather considerations. The second part provides information on building freestanding, attached and pit greenhouses as well as solar cold frames and other season extenders. The third part discusses greenhouse production and management.

ISBN: 0878572228
Call Number: 32.3 MACC
Subjects: Greenhouse gardening , Greenhouses, alternative energy , Greenhouses, construction , Greenhouses, home/hobby , Greenhouses, management


Title: Building a solar-heated pit greenhouse
Author: Greg Stone
Published: Pownal, VT : Storey Communications , c1980
Series: Storey/Garden Way publishing bulletin A-37

Summary: The sections discuss heat conserving characteristics of this kind of greenhouse, design, size, foundation, framing, glazings, walls and roof, ventilation, heat storage, and growing in the pit.

ISBN: 0882662112
Call Number: 32.3 STO
Subjects: Greenhouses, alternative energy , Greenhouses, construction

Title: Greenhouse barns for dairy housing
Contributors: Authors, David Kammel ... [et. al.]
Published: Ames, IA : Midwest Plan Service , c1996

Summary: This publication summarizes information about greenhouse barn design. It discusses economic factors that can be used to analyze layouts and construction alternatives and compares costs with those of conventional post frame structures.

Call Number: 71.103
Subjects: Barns , Dairy production , Greenhouses, construction

Title: Salad gardening for profit
Author: Susan Moser
Published: Morton, WA : Susan Moser , c1996 2nd ed.

Summary: The booklet describes a small-scale commercial growing operation for salad greens with information on timing, seeding, plant care, descriptions of the greens, harvesting, a list of necessary equipment and costs, marketing and a few pages on greenhouse construction.

Call Number: 62.3 MOS
Subjects: Greenhouses, construction , Greens , Salad Greens


Title: Selecting & building a greenhouse : with John Bartok
Published: Barre, MA : Northeast Organic Farming Association , c1995

Publishers Number: 9505
Call Number: 32.3 SEL
Subjects: Greenhouses, construction


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