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Title: Agriculture fact book 1998
Published: Washington, D.C. : USDA, Office of Communications , 1998

Summary: A quick reference tool for information about U.S. agriculture, rural America, food, nutrition, and programs of the U.S.D.A.

Call Number: 50 AGR
Subjects: Agribusiness , Environmental protection , Farm income , Farm labor , Farm life , Government policy and programs , Land use , Marketing , Marketing law , Nutrition , Rural development

Title: Alternative agriculture
Contributors: Committee on the Role of Alternative Farming Methods in Modern Production Agriculture, Board on Agriculture, National Research Council
Published: Washington, D.C. : National Academy Press , 1989

Summary: This report examines the scientific and economic viability of alternative systems that can help farmers and policymakers keep farm exports competitive, cut production costs and reduce the environmental consequences of farming. Chapter 1 explores the background and structure of conventional U.S. agriculture, chapter 2 discusses problems in U.S. agriculture, chapter 3 examines the basic science supporting alternative farming practices, and chapter 4 analyzes the economic potential of alternative systems. The report finds that alternative agricultural research is lacking and federal farm programs discourage the implementation of alternative practices even though they are economical and more environmentally friendly.

ISBN: 03090393963
Call Number: 50.9 ALT
Subjects: Agribusiness , Agricultural research , Alternative agriculture , Government policy and programs

Title: Alternative agriculture : federal incentives and farmers' options
Published: Washington, D.C. : GAO , 1990

Summary: This report was prepared by the GAO in response to a request by relevant congressional committees to assess how current federal agriculture policies and programs may contribute to, or inhibit, the use of alternative farm production methods.

Call Number: 50.9 ALT
Subjects: Alternative agriculture , Government policy and programs

Title: Bread for the world
Author: Arthur Simon
Published: New York, NY : Paulist Press , c1975

Summary: This books is a general introduction to world hunger and emphasizes the neglected role of public policy. The first two parts explore the depth and breadth of the problem, Part III comprehensively builds a case for the United States to commit to reducing world hunger, and Part IV discusses a program for action.

ISBN: 0809118890
Call Number: 80.4 SIM
Subjects: Food systems , Government policy and programs

Title: The corporate reapers : the book of agribusiness
Author: A.V. Krebs
Published: Washington, D.C. : Essential Books , c1992

Summary: This work seeks to explain the economic, social, political and environmental consequences of corporate agribusiness efforts and how a historically evolving economic and government farm and food policy has furthered such efforts.

ISBN: 0962125938
Call Number: 80 KRE
Subjects: Agribusiness , Alternative agriculture, advocacy , Government policy and programs

Title: Family farming : a new economic vision
Author: Marty Strange
Published: Lincoln, NE : University of Nebraska Press ; San Francisco : Institute for Food and Development Policy , c1988

Summary: This book exposes the bias in American farm policies that encourage expansion, challenges the assumption bigger is better, critiques the technological base of modern agriculture, calls for farming practices that are ethical, economical, and ecologically sound, and recommends alternative policies to save the family farm.

ISBN: 0803291949
Call Number: 80 STR
Subjects: Agribusiness , Alternative agriculture, advocacy , Family farms , Government policy and programs , Small farms

Title: Farmers' research in practice : lessons in the field
Contributors: Edited by Laurens van Veldhuizen ... [et. al.]
Published: London, U.K. : Intermediate Technology Publications , 1997
Series: ILEIA readings in sustainable agriculture

Summary: The includes 17 case studies from around the world. The first part explores how farmers do research, the second shows how technology can be applied to farmer conducted research, the third deals with ways to improve the design of experiments, the fourth with ways to strengthen farmer conducted research, and the last addresses how goverments and aid organizations might help.

ISBN: 1853393924
Call Number: 10.5 FAR
Subjects: Agricultural research , Government policy and programs , On-farm research

Title: Kentucky farms and markets : emerging policy opportunities
Author: James V. Worstell
Published: Frankfort, KY : Office of Environmental Outreach, Kentucky Dept. of Agriculture

Summary: This report discusses the need to develop agricultural policy in Kentucky that supports sustainable marketing opportunities, sustainable development, and locally owned value-added enterprises. It provides summaries of examples of programs from other states and contact information for those programs.

Call Number: 80.61 WOR
Subjects: Alternative enterprises , Government policy and programs , Marketing , Rural development , Sustainable agriculture , Sustainable development , Value-added

Title: Planting the future : developing an agriculture that sustains land and community
Contributors: Edited by Ann R. Bird, Gordon L. Bultena, John C. Gardner
Published: Ames, IA : Iowa State University Press , 1995 1st ed.

Summary: This book is the final report of a multi-state cooperative research effort sponsored by the Northwest Area Foundation. It describes the character of sustainable and conventional farms in the upper Midwest and northern plains, assessing the social and economic impacts of these different approaches to farming, indicating where more research on sustainable agriculture is needed, and providing suggestions for policy.

ISBN: 0813820723
Call Number: 50.9 PLA
Subjects: Agricultural research , Government policy and programs , Sustainable agriculture


Title: The human face of sustainable agriculture : adding people to the environmental agenda
Author: Patricia Allen
Published: Santa Cruz, CA : Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems, University of California, Santa Cruz , 1994
Series: Sustainability in the balance series Issue paper no. 4

Summary: This paper draws attention to the importance of considering social issues in the development of sustainable agriculture in addition to environmentally sound production techniques, including issues of equitable food distribution, race, ethnicity, gender, income distribution, labor conditions in food and agriculture, and the distribution of decision making power in U.S. agriculture.

Call Number: 80.1 ALL
Subjects: Food systems , Government policy and programs , Social change , Sustainable agriculture , Sustainable development

Title: Philosophy and policy of recreational access : federal and state programs
Contributors: Authors, R. Neil Sampson, Herbert E. Doig, James E. Miller ; editors, William N. Grafton, Anthony Ferrise
Published: Morgantown, WV : West Virginia University Extension Service , 1990?
Series: Natural resources management and income opportunity series

Summary: This publication consists of two papers. They explore the need for and impacts of improved public policy programs to assist private landowners in managing recreational access to their property as an income source. R.D. issue no. 761.

Call Number: 83.5 PHI
Subjects: Business, rural , Government policy and programs , Land use , Outdoor recreation , Rural development

Title: State laws accompanied by the Department of Health rule and administrative guidelines governing the manufacture, sale and distribution of foods
Published: Jefferson City, MO : Missouri Dept. of Health, Bureau of Community Environmental Health , 1997?

Summary: The first section consists of the state laws governing the regulations and the inspection of manufacture and sale of food. The Dept. of Health rule establishes food labeling and sanitation standards. Most of the booklet is given over to administrative guidelines for inspecting the manufacture and sale of foods, for examining food labels, and for regulating the inspection, processing, storage, transport and sale of a variety of food, drug and cosmetic products.

Call Number: 86.1 STA
Subjects: Food processing , Food storage and preservation , Government policy and programs , Quality control

Title: Whole farm planning : a survey of North American experiments
Author: Elizabeth Higgins
Published: Greenbelt, MD : Henry A. Wallace Institute for Alternative Agriculture , 1998
Series: Policy studies report no. 9

Summary: The first of two reports that describe the features of nine whole farm planning experiments in the U.S. and Canada. This report briefly describes each of the efforts to draw implications for public policy that supports whole farm planning.

Call Number: 82 HIG
Subjects: Farm management and decision making , Government policy and programs

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